Friday, December 31, 2010

Crazee Burger- San Diego

Mark & I at Crazee Burger in San Diego, California.

We found out about this place on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-insand Dives.

Thye serve unusual ostrich, kangaroo, etc.

Mark had a venison burger with pears ( oh yum) and I had a Santorini Burgers ( gound lamb.beef combo)
 Santorini is the town we both loved when we visited Greece a year and a half ago.

If you headed west check this place out. It was fantastic

Havea great day everybody


our vacation

So our vacation was at the beginning of the month to the middle of the month and I'm just getting around to writing about it. Well,noto so fast. I've been fighting a cold and let's just say the cold won...

so I'll pick up the story where  we left.

My cell phone rang about 8:30 am. It was my cousin. We had plans to meet for lunch but he had
spent most of the night in the ER with an elderly woman he takes care of. What a guy.
Nothing personal cuz but you sounded like shit. Get some sleep and let's do dinner.

Mark and I decided to go visit the ships across the street from our hotel. I used to sell to the military
and they have a special place in my heart. I am also in love with aircraft, espcecially military.
We went to the USSMidway, which is now a musuem. Awesome planes and helicopters.

We also went for a walk along the water. Too beautfiul albeit a bit chilly. We went to Crazee Burger for lunch. Mark and I saw this place on the TV Food network on diners, drive ins and dives and had to try it.
What a crazee place. Great great food.

We met up with my cousin, Jeff about 5 pm. We hadn't seen each other since we were teenagers.
After a nice embrace in the hotel lobby we headed to dinner, sushi. I was so excited I talked and talked.
I really do earn the "chatty Cathy" title sometimes. LOL.
Jeff had never met my husband, Mark. We couldn't find him to invite him to our wedding. Long story but it has to do with my DNA mothers lies.

We had a wonderful dinner. Great choice of restaurants, Jeff.  We had an early night. I think all of us were exhausted.
Thanks for accepting me the way I am now Jeff. It means alot to me. As my parents and all my siblings have chosen to "walk out of my life" (pun intended) it is a blessing that you have remained.
Next time you come to Wisconsin just not in the winter...Summer, or fall is better. We can go out on the boat and not deal with the snow. .See ya soon and love ya.

Have a nice day everybody !


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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our vacation

So depsite United Airlines crashing my wheelchair into the jetway, a practice they don't seem to be bothered with, we had a wonderful vacation.
After the past six months we both really needed time away to think. we still have some major medical situaions to sort out.

We headed to San Diego thru Denver International Airport. Don't use the wheelchair service because they just crash you into walls.

It was a little chilly in San Diego. Our hotel was on the water so I'm sure thats what made it feel chilly.

We checked into our hotel and the valet brought our luggage up to the room. Mark opened the door to
find clothes on the bed and shoes. Oops I think the hotel made a boo boo I think someone else is already there. Thank god they were not doing anything. LOL

Anyway, we switched rooms and then headed out to dinner. They had an English Pub/Restaurant and we both ordered fish and chips. Yummy !
We were pooped so we went to bed early. I was sore and was still having problems breathing after my crash into the wall thanks to United Airlines. 

More later as our vacation continues.

Have a great day everybody !


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Oh United Airlines

OMG United Airlines !!

You tracked me down at Denver International Airport and forced me to file a claim.

Within hours you made me "an offer" to make this situation go away.

I countered. With a very respectable offer I might add. An offer
that would have cost you NOTHING financially. And although I was the one injured and humiliated
I asked you to honor my husband's commitment to your airline and take care of him.

Please do the right thing and contact my husband ( a current 1K member) and myself.

If the media knows what happened it would be a shame. A UTbue Video recreation of
the event would be even more shameful.

United Airlines, Denver International Airport please make this sutation right.

You forced me to file a claim while I was injured, humiliated and in tears.

United Airlines- Do the right thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving sale is having a huge Thanksgiving Weekend sale.

Lots of stuff on sale. Too big to even talk about. So exciting !!!

Remember Orange is the new Pink !!

Bring your holiday list and we make a donation to NMMS and MSF.   Tell your friends !!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NMSS Fundraiser

This is the fundraiser The MS Shoppe is doing with the National NM Society  NMSS.

The MS Shoppe is donating $2.50 for shirt sold directly to NMSS.

Tshirts are available in orange and pink with a 2 color imprint of either orange and white or
pink and white.

We all know what the color pink represents. Lets paint the world orange
and raise awareness for MS and the color orange.

a NMSS fundraiser   

Please stop by and visit our store

Owned and operated by a person with MS.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

my mentoring

Many of you know that I became a patient advocate for Biogen Idec
 and the drug Tysabri for many years.
I began my journey as a speaker in the program and last June I switched
to the mentoring program. With running a business it just seemed to fit my
life better but I am really enjoying it more.
I get to really connect with people. I really only share my experience with
Tysabri but it makes me feel so good to be able to help others.

I was told I could go back to the speaking side anytime I want but
I think I am pretty comfortable on the other side. This week I have gotten
4 new mentees. Two a day apart with almost identical names. That
was a challenge to keep their situations straight but I managed.

The other day I got an update from one mentee and a thank you.
Don't get that everyday and that is what makes this program a win win for
both sides.

Thanks for the opportunity BI. I will do my best to make you proud.

Have a great day everybody


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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So Busy

Hi Everybody

Sorry I haven't been around much. Been so busy with the business
that I run out of energy to write my blog.

Lots of stuff on sale so please stop by and check it out. One of my crafters has reduced her bracelets almost 50 %. Beautiful items made with love and a donation made to MS with every sale.

Have a great day everybody.


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Friday, November 5, 2010

happy days

Been a real couple  of busy weeks. Marks been traveling alot, busy business, and a sick dog.
Things are working themselves out. Dog is feeling better (I think). He's been waking me up in the middle of the night to go outside.
I've made so much ground beef and rice I may never be able to look  at rice again.

Today I got an email and a phone call that made me so happy. It is so
unbelievable to be able to help someone. To have someone appreciate you.

It was an unbelievable feeling honestly made my day.

It's been cold here. Starting to feel alot like winter. Brrr!
Sweatshirts are selling well.

Still haven't heard from my "family" of deadbeats. I actually had a month with
NO collection calls for my brother in law. No I am sure he didn't get a job I think they just finally gave up on me paying their bills. Aint gonna happen.

Been working  on my book. The one I'm reading and the one I'm writing.

Today just got caught up on stuff. Laundry, paperwork. You know stuff.

Have a great day everybody. Help a friend or a stranger and pay it forward. The feeling is incredible


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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

bye bye Russ

Hey Russ Can I help you pack your office?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

and we are up...

This has been a crazy week. Didn't get any orders and was quite confused.

It seems our web host was having problems and 90% of their clients sites
were not working. Ouch ! is now back up and running.

I was impresed how quickly they fixed it once I brought it to their
attention. Don't find customer service like that much these days.

Thank you for fixing it so quickly.

If anybody was trying to order something on sale and you couldn't do it, please email us and we'll make it work.

Thanks to our customers for being so patient.

Have a great day everybody !


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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Orange is the new Pink

Let's raise awareness for MS and the color Orange...

The shirt is to honor our friends with breast cancer ( breast cancer awareness month) and show the world what orange means.

Make them ask what the shrt means... Let's turn the world orange....

Shirts are part of a fundraiser with NMSS. $2.50 for each tshirt sold will go directly to NMSS.

Shirts are available in orange and pink. Get yours today. This is the only time this shirt will
probably ever go on sale. to order go Buy one for every member of the family...

Think ORANGE, not pink.

Have a great day everybody


getting a head start

I have been trying to get a jump start on my holiday shopping and I have to say
I am in really good shape.
Of course as my family walked away from us our list grew much smaller. Not a big
deal we never got nything from them they ust expected presents from us. I think
I'll adopt a family on one of the christmas trees in the mall instead. They will appreciate
what they get.
And I ca nspoil my adopted soldier in Iraq. Sorry folks just can't seem to spend money
on "family" that treated us so badly again when we needed them. By the way, they
still haven't called like they "promised" they would. It must e tough being retired and
deciding which channel to put the TV on. Decisions decisions ?

Mark and I decided earlier in the year we really didn't want to do a big holiday card. Ok, so maybe I
decided it. I usually make, we take a photo and then include a letter.

I got this adorable card sale in the mail yesterday and we decided to buy cards, use a photo
from one our vacations this year and then I'll write a letter to include.

So here's my question to you....Do I send a card to the family?  Could really use your input.

Have a great day everybody


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

what balls?

Just recieved a call from Palm Beach Cruise/Travel. They are the travel agent for the MSF Cruise for a Cause.
Last year they marked up the cruise tickets and then had the balls to "donate" the money to MSF.

Hey, we all figured out your donation was really our money. I could have used that $100 donation for my taxes. Instead this ballsy travel agent is claiming a whopping $20,000 donation. Must be nice to have morals
like this.

DO NOT understand any circumstances book a cruise with these people. They are unethical and don't know how to book anything let alone help a person with a disability.

I will NEVER go on another MSF cruise. I paid more for the l;ast cruise then I did for our
cruise to Europe. Tell me there was no markup in those tickets. Give me a break.

I will do eerything I can to make sure they don't take advantage of another person with a disability.
They should be ashamed.

They are also known as Get in the game. In Florida. If you need a good travel agent let me know and i'll refer you mine.

Have a great day everybody


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

another trip to the neuro

Yesterday Mark & I went to my neuro. Been waiting for test results forever.
Some of which we've been waiting 2 months.
Well ,as I figured the biggie was positive. Which means  my treatment plan is
upside down right now. Or maybe not...
I have the utmost respect for my neuro and I trust him. As many of you know
trust is not easy for me as I am a product of major screwed up childhood.

I do trust him and we will respect his treatment plan.

Next week I'll go back in the hospital. It'll be allright.

I have so much support from my friends. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
I have no family support. My family bailed a long time ago.

Don't worry about me. I am strong. Stronger without the dysfunctional "family"
I was born in to.

Our actual anniversary is Monday. Fun way to spend our anniversary.

Have a great day everybody.


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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Mark & I just got home from a wonderful dinner celebrating our anniversary.

We've been married 23 years. Wow ! He got screwed when he married into
my F'd up family. A mother who lives her life on an imaginary pedastel. Somehow believing the world revolves around her. My brothers are spoiled brats and my sister
and her obese husband who live the life of deadbeats and mooch off everybody.

I on the other hand lucked out. Marks mom is the best. I call her mom because let's face it
she is my mom. She may not have given birth to me but she is my mom in every way.
His dad was the best and fought so hard to beat his cancer until he had nothing left to give.
His brother and family are wonderful.

Mark and I went to a japanese restaurant/sushi bar we have wanted to go to for a long time.

There are no decent restaurants where we live so we got on the highway to enjoy a
good meal. The sushi was incredible. I am so stuffed. I want to go back...

This restuarant is known to have special patrons the night before the game. Yes, the
Packers are known to go there (probably the one in Green Bay) but we had no Packers
The place was so busy. We went early thinking we would have a quiet meal but it
was so busy so early and now we can see why.

Can't wait to celebrate our 24th. We have plans to renew our vows for our 25th in
some wonderful destination with family and friends.   Join us...

Have a great day everybody


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Had a wonderful day till....

Although the day started off badly with not being able to get out
of bed it improved greatly.
The dogs needed to go out but my legs were just not working. Especially
since our bedroom is upstairs. So I walked the hallway til they felt better
and I felt comfortable with the stairs.

I fed the dogs and went back to bed. I then exercised,ate breakfast and
slowly started to feel great.
I had so much energy I wore myself out. And then I had a second cup of coffee.

By early afternoon I wanted a nap. I think I did way too much. I always do
that when I feel good. Then I crash.

I didn't nap but I did take a time out and relax.

Talked to a few friends. Got another "nasty gram" from my DNA mother.
I was in way too good of a mood tolet evenher bother me.

Got a call from my dad. Very confusing situation. I  think my entire family
should be committed, starting with DNA Mom.

ATalked to mother in law later tonight. She always makes me feel so good.
Thanks Mom...

And just now I got another call about "lard ass", my obese brother in law who
can't understand if you don't have a job, deadbeat,stop buying stuff !! Duh !!
I gave everybody's phone number this time because it's time someone else
take his collection calls.

I'm not even going to let that bother me. I feel like Tony the tiger I feel great.

Have a great day everybody


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Pay Attention

Yesterday as you may have heard President Obama was once again here
in Wisconsin. Our Senator is running for re election and struggling.

This would be the 4th visit by the President of the United States for this piece of sh*t
senator. OMG.
So at the same time another major manufacturer is threatening to leave
Wisconsin,. having major union problems too. A strike may take place this week.more
people out of work.

And where was our Senator? The same Senator who walked away from my husbands employer
when they were having problems. The same Senator who let everybody else deal with  the problem.

Both sides, democrats and republicans worked together to solve that problem. When I met with
our state Senator Randy Hopper, a truly honorable guy, last March we both agreed congress
could have learned so much about the way this was handled. Everybody worked together
to solve the problem. red, blue it didn't matter.

Last night was a dissapointment that this major manufacturer( who was so nearby ) was struggling and they were all in Madison. Sad Sad sad.

This is the first time I have ever had a political sign in my front yard. And I have three...
We need to get rid of Senator Feingold. You are a sad excuse for representing Wisconsin. 
I personally don't care if you are a democrat or a republican. Just pay attention to the problems
here at home.
Our unemployment in this state is awful.

Have a great day everybody


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Sunday, September 26, 2010

a nice thank you

Yesterday I recieved a thank you note in the mail.

I love sending them ( I'm a little old fashioned, I love snail mail)
but I rarely recieve them.

It was from the group that organized the NMSS event in Green Bay
a few weeks ago.
They thanked Mark and I by name for participating in the event.

Very nice finish to a wonderful event.

Thanks to you also. We had a nice time.

Have a great day everybody.


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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The MS Shoppe

Getting a little nippy out there.

I do the MS Walk Every Day sweatshirts went on sale today and so did the
Multiple smiles MS Hug bear.

Please check them out at

Family Day at the Zoo

On Saturday Mark and I had a table for the business at the National MS Society's
Family day at the zoo in Milwaukee.

It was a cold rainy day and yes we were uncovered (except those nasty tree's that kept
dripping on everybody ) It was okay because we really only had one downpour.
Of course we weren't at the table at the time ( someone had to go to the bathroom) so the
guys at the next table grabbed our tarp and covered everything. Thanks
Adam and Andrew, the brain guys. They had a new MRI service and were giving out stress
balls shaped like brains. I love these guys.

Mark and I had a great time and enjoyed meeting some of our customers. One lady said she
showed up for the event just to meet us. I'm humbled by that and thanks so much

I think I picked up a little cold. Have the sniffles and a sore throat but I'm tough so I'll
keep going strong.

Sold lots of stuff. We had a great time. I slept 9 1/2 hours that night.

Thanks for inviting us NMSS to be  part of this wonderful event. The zoo in Milwaukee is
spectacular. To Ruth and Patty, our next door table friends, thanks for everything. It's a merry
go round, not a carasuel.

Thanks to Jeremy at NMSS for putting on such a wonderful event. And where's lunch?
Just kidding, Jeremy you did a fabulous job.

Have a great day everybody.


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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OMG what next?

In case you haven't heard, the White House crasher Salahi now claims she has MS.

WTF? Wasn't she wearing a long gown and stiletto heels in the infamous photo?
Is she really going to tell us real MS er's she can wear a heel like that, run all over town
creating havoc and still has the energy to pose for playboy.

And honestly is anybody out there skinny with MS? The disease makes you gain weight,
the drugs make you gain weight and the lack of activity makes you gain weight.

I'm thin but not skinny. I can and do out eat anybody. And  I like to eat.

This kind of nonsense should not be tolerated. Hopefully someone like the NMSS
will ask for a DR's confirmation. Who would lie about such a thing?
Oh wait, I think my mother pretended to have MS when I told her I had it.
I guess there are sicko's out there that would use it as a publicity stunt. 

Salahi, you are a piece of sh*t. I think you got your letters mixed up. I believe what you
have is a big case of BS not MS.

Have a great day everybody


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Sunday, September 12, 2010

I left the house...

Yesterday being Sept. 11 Anniversary I found myself in my usual funk.
Not as bad as years past but still I get into a zone I can't seem to shake.

As some of you know, I had a "front row seat" on Sept. 11.

I don't talk about it much  and tried to yesterday before I completely lost
it. (sorry Mary and Kim) .
It is a day that affects us all but I really can't explain my feelings.
Sometimes I feel like it is post traumatic stress syndrom.

Last year was the first time in 9 years I actually left the house. Okay
so I got my nails done but I left the house.
This year I was asked to participate in the NMSS event and not thinking it
through very carefully I said yes.

I found myself really stressed and anxious in the crowded room so I sat
with Mark outside the room.

I am proud of myself for leaving the house and taking on a big event like
the one I did.
Each year it  will get easier ( or so they say). I am not sure I will ever enjoy
fireworks again (loud noise scare me now). I can deal with sirens again (which
is good because we  live a few blocks from the hospital) 
Helicopters still bother me (flight for life ) and certain smells (which I dont
really want to share what I had to smell that day)

I will go forward and deal the best I can. God Bless America and please
don't ever forget 9/11.
Have a great day everybody.


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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ugly politics

Our primary is next week and things here are getting a little ugly.

President Obama has been to Wisconsin 3 times in the past 2 months
because they are all afraid they will lose their senate seat.

He talked about our train to nowhere. I am all for a train in Wisconsin but
how about from Green Bay to Milwaukee. Maybe a stop in my town?
I would ride it   all the time. Go shopping in Green Bay and go shopping
in Milwaukee.

Our Governor also is not running for re-election (thank god) so that election
is getting ugly too.

Every year it seems things get uglier and uglier for elections.

Unemployment in this State is one of the  highest  in the country.
The street we live on is full of empty homes where people just walked away
after losing their jobs.
I really hope things get better in this country soon.

I'm not a political person but I'm tired of witnessing this country's downfall.

Should be an interesting next few days. I wonder just how much mud
they can sling at each other.

Have a great day everybody.


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Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Labor day weekend

Hope everyone has a nice safe holiday. Relax, spend time with friends...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

good morning everyone

Had a great nights sleep. For the past month or so I've been living on 2-3
hours a nights so I love love love when I have a great night and I wake up feeling

Got a great email today about an wonderful opportunity with NMSS.
Had another great email from aneager crafter. ( some of my crafters
have turned into flakes) so I'm very excited about this email.

Business is going well and I have to admit it is keeping me sane during
this medical stuff I have been going thru. My customers are the best
and I appreciate your kind words and patience in getting orders  out.
Although my husband tells me I put way too much pressure on myself
getting orders out so quickly.
Some people never knew I was sick because the flow was never interrupted.
I tried very hard to keep on top of everything.
I think I'll find my boo boo's when I do inventory and realize I did a bad
job and am out of stock of a few things. haha

Had a very wierd phone call last night. Too early to tell what that was about
but Mark thinks they want us to give them money. I love when you dont hear
from people except when they need something.
Have I not been sick the past month? Where were you then?

Please stop by and visit our website when you have a chance. Lots of new products and
don't forget the fundraiser for NMSS.  The Orange is the new Pink tshirt is the fundraiser
available in both an orange shirt and a pink one.

Love you all and thanks so much for your support while I wasn't feeling well.

Have a great day everybody


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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Health update

I am finally feeling better although I have been hit hard by fatigue.

I haven't had a fatigue problem since I went on Tysabri so it
kind of caught me offguard.

I also feel the stress caused by my family is not helping my
MS at all.

It has been 8 days since my husband called my parents asking for  their support.

8 days since they said NO. 8 days of heartbreak for me.

The last time I spoke with my sister was 2 days before her deadbeat husband was
coming home from his one month vacation in California. Paid for by his mommy.
He is going back to California Sept 1 for 3 months. Mommy is giving him a car.

He hasn't worked in over a year and hasn't looked for a job to support his
wife and child. They lost their home and their cars and still he milks off the
State of Arizona.  $400 a month in food stamps you guys are  paying for. Ouch !

Free health care to somebody who has never paid into the system. Ouch !

He was just diagnosed as diabetic and yet eats ice cream for lunch and weighs 400 lbs. Ouch !

Isn't life fair? My SSDI gets taxed. Did ya know that? Yes, I pay taxes on my disability.
And to make matters worse they tax it at my husbands rate. Ouch !
I pay my own health care, my neighbors mortgage and if we have money left over, we eat !

Got the bills for my medical situation on Friday so I got to look at them all weekend.
Should be fun figuring this whole mess out. Have some beautiful flowers on my kitchen
table from the Riechers clan. Thanks guys, I love you !

Mark and I cooked all weekend. Ok, I sat at the kitchen table and chopped because I didn't
have the enregy to stand but all of our projects worked out wonderfully except the pudding.
Note to everybody, Rice milk does not work in Jello pudding mix. It was more of a smoothie made of water. Who knew? Trying to use things  from the pantry.

Mark picked up tomatillo's at the farmers market so we expereimented. Wow was that good.
Our new favorite veggie or is it a fruit?

Have a great day everybody.

Thank you all for your support and your kind words. Waiting for the results of the medical tests
and it might not be til Ocober we find anything out.


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Sunday, August 22, 2010

DNA downers

This has indeed been an incredible weekend. Saturday I finally started to feel better.
Not great but not worse so in my book that's better.
I don't know maybe it's girl logic. haha !

The past few weeks have been scary. Mark has been by my side the entire time (even
when I wasn't very nice) I've been a terrible patient because I have never felt so awful. My "high pain tolerance" I always claim to have has either left home or never really erxisted. 
I thank you, my faithful friends, for being there for me and encouraging me. I don't ever want to go thru
this again or have anyone else go thru it.
The next few weeks will be just as scary as we wait for the results of several tests and then make decisions accordingly.
My parents claim they never got my email I was sick. Ha ??? Did you think my MS was going to go away?
There is no cure,

In the past month Mark and I have been planning a trip to Cali and we thought of a way to surprise my parents. We were even going to pick up the tab for their transportation because they "promised me " in June the would support me and my MS. . What the heck was I thinking?

Saturday my husband called my parents and asked them ( or told them ) they need to support their daughter or lose me.
And surprise, surprise guess what their reaction was. They walked away AGAIN. Can't do it. Can't support

What a big giant piece of sh*t they are. My sibllings aren't much better. They are all members of the freeloaders and mooch club. What can I get for free.
Well, this is your lucky day, my F'd up family because today you should learn a lesson in how to be a family
And it's free ! I'm teaching it. For free !!!
My husband was shocked at their respnse but I unfortunately was not. Been there done that My whole damn life.
Grow up you lousy excuse for breathing humans, Grow up !

I'll gett thru this medical crisis without you and every one in the future.  And you kno wwhat DNA does not make a family. So stop calling me your daughter, or sister. You don't deserve me in your life.

Have a great day everybody !


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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Extreme Home Makeover

Yesterday was the big reveal of the newly built Extreme Home Makeover home
built just a short distance away.
This is actually the 2nd build here in Wisconsin in the past few years.

Kind of fun to know someone's life will be changing in a matter of a week.

Also fun to see the updates on the news and how a community hurting with this
economy was still ble tostep up to the plate and helpthis family with an extra purchase of a piano.

Can't wait to see it on TV. Derek and Anna from Dancing with the Stars were on set.

Have a great Day everybody.


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Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 5

This should be day 5 of this horbbile torture treatment.

I have been awake for hours and I'm already bored with facebook.
I thought I could get caught up on some stuff but realized I am not very coherent.

We can all laugh tomorrow at how bad this post is.

Anyway, thank you all your thoughts and prayers thru this ordeal. I didn't even think I
would make it thru day 1 let alone day 5. But I did it/ I really did it.

It is with this special support team we MS er's have formed that get us thru this kind of stuff.
As many of you know my family walked away from me and my MS. This time I really thought would be different but I was again wrong.

I had Mark pick up some cookies for me to bring to my nurses tomorrow. They never get enough

They have also seen me go from "perky Cathy" to the sobbing idiot I was yesterday. I don't know
how they do it but I hope they know how grateful I am.
Speaking of cookies, I'm hungry but I'm too tired to go downstairs. They would probably
notice one was missing. haha !

Have a great day eerybody. My goal today is to pass this on. You have done for me what I needed so badly and I intend to do the same for someone else. Now if I could get this dam room to stop spinning.


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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 3

Here's me and my Multiple Smiles MS Hug bear (available on
He's keeping me company because he is so huggable.
I can't believe how well I am doing on this stuff. Not to say I feel
good by any
stretch of the imagination.
Got up at 3:00 am this morning hungry. I ate a granola bar and went on facebook and
tried to play games.
I'm not having hallucinations as I have had in the past but still feeling pretty awful.

Nauseous and  hungry at the same time. I have no appetite. Food tastes metallic and
stale. I'm trying.

I am sleeping some but I feel like a truck ran me over and is dragging me down the highway.

Have orders to process and a ton of paperwork to do but taking it slowly.

This laptop does alot but not as much as my mainframe. I'll do what I can. I know my
customers will understand. Mark is running himself ragged trying to do everything
else including taking care of the dogs.
Wish I was at the PGA Game. Its so close but yet so unreachable.

have a great day everybody. Enjoy a great meal for me. Everything tastes awful to me.


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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

roids tomorrow eek !

Tomorrow I begin a five day IV steroid program. Something I am not looking forward to.

The last time I was on steroids I had hallucinations. While sitting on the couch I fell off because
I was ducking the lamp which was flying thru the air.
I know funny now but not at the time.

Thank you to all of you who shared your similar stories with me. Thank you all for being there for me.

As we all kow, my family has run for their lives AGAIN. So sad, I really thought this time
was different. But so many of you warned me it may not be.
Ok, you were right and I was wrong. I just so wanted to believe they would finally be
there for me.
So I am going into this event tomorrow scared and my family cant even call me.

I'll post how I'm doing tomorrow.  I know you feel my pain. One MSer to another.

Have a great day everybody.


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Monday, August 9, 2010

Tysabri day but for how long?

Last week when I was at my new neuro's office I was asked if I wanted to become a part of a research study and was tested for the JC Virus.
I'm pretty sure it will come back positive as I have had funky blood test results my whole life.

Anyway, because I have had about 47 tysabri infusions my chance of PML is greater if I test positive.

It will take 4 to 6 weeks to get the results so in the meantime  I will continue with my infusions.
today was my tysabri day and I have to admit I always feel better after my fix.

I'll keep you posted on the results. This will be a crazy week. Thank you all for your encouraging words on facebook. 
I'll get thru it.Of course it is much better to know you ladies are all behind me.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Visit to a new neuro

Yesterday my husband and I went to a new neuro. He is actually the neuro I have spoken with many times before so I know him well and he knows alot about my history so I wasn't nervous about meeting him.

I was however nervous about his response to my condition and how it has worsened over the past year.
He's not a "beat around the bush" kind of guy so I knew he would have something to say.

For the past year my previous neuro just seems to have given up on me. It took him 8 days to return my call. I don't call often but wierd things were happening and I was concerned.
Mid conversation my previous neuro said " I've got to go" and hung up. WTF? Did he really hang up on me?

Normally I would have gotten upset but I took it as a sign for me to move on. It's not the first time he has acted or said something inappopiate. Two years ago when my dog was so sick I told him at my appt that I hadn't slept in weeks because I was up all night with my sick dog. He told me to "get rid of the dog". We had to put her down just a short time later. His words still haunt me.

Anyway, I realized a while ago it was time for me to stand up for myself and change neuro's. So I did.

My nervousness yesterday was that I was knew my neuro was neglecting me and I was not getting the care I needed or deserved for that matter. But I didn't realize or maybe wouldn't admit (denial) that my condition had worsened. Now I am concerend the damage is done and I will just get worse.

I am bordering on depression this week. Its that time of the month and that's not helping my mood.

Next week we have tests and stuff I have to undergo. I will keep you posted.

I know I am strong ( as many of you have reminded me today) when I reached out to my blogging friends and once again they were there.

Thank you ladies. You are the best. I am crying as I write this thinking of all the situations we have gotten each other thru. Thisi tme its me that needs thesupport and as I knew you would lift my spirits.

It's gonna be a rollercoaster for me the next few weeks. And of course, where is my "supportive family? If you find them let them know they dropped the ball once again. :-(

Have a great day everybody ~

Cathy & the wonder dogs-Ripley and Noelle ( who give the best darn hugs when you need them)

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Orange is the New Pink

This shirt is part of a major fundraiser for the National MS Society. We will  donate $2.50 from each tshirt sold to  NMSS.

Tshirt is available in Orange with Pink and white imprint or in Pink with orange and white imprint.

Shirts are $15.99 ea S-XL
                $17.99 ea 2XL
                $19.99 ea 3XL
               $22.99 ea 4XL

Order yours today and lets find a cure !!!  Order one for every member of your family

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If you name me, you'll win me !!

Today on my facebook page for the business I posted an adorable picture of a bear I just bought for the website.

The bear itself is not for sale yet. It should be here in the next few days.
I am holding a "name me" contest. You can post a suggestion or two or twelve on my blog here or my facebook page.

The winner, in addition to bragging rights, you will recieve a " big white fluffy bear" .

So the bear is our newest addition to our MS Hug Bears. I sell so many bears I am constantly running out of stock and because our MS is always changing I like to also change the bears.
I also buy closeouts in large quantities.

This MS Hug bear is 18 inches, white, fluffy and super soft. But it needs a name.

So, please please please tell your friends and families about this bear's dilemna and help us name it.

My first suggestion was Marshmellow Fluff Bear. Put your thinking caps on and I am sure you can do better than me.

Have a great Day Everybody


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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lunch out, walking the walk !!

Today I went to lunch with my friend Barb. She is one of those people that can always pick you up no matter what kind of mood you are in.

I felt good today so I didn't need too much uplifting. We just both needed a chance to talk.
She has a family and I have a husband who is never in town and both of us never treat ourselves to lunch. 

Mark was in town so he was able to drop me off and then come pick me up. We split lunch so we had some leftovers which we both decided we should give to Mark.
Like I said I am walking pretty good today so I decided to just bring my cane. Asked for help when I needed it ( I couldn't manage the cane, the stairs and the precious box of leftovers for Mark) all at the same time. I was so happy with my progress walking.
As many of you know I gave up ( ok fired) my personal trainer. And physical therapists out here couldn't spell MS let alone know what to do with a person who deals with it. so I decided I would be my own physical therapist and personal trainer.

I have doing alot of research on walking and gait problems and my plan is to walk better.

When I think of how much money I have wasted paying someone it makes me sick.

I am already walking better. Today proved my efforts are working. Im proud of myself and I will keep you updated on my progress.

Have a great day everybody. Storms are coming ourway again for tonight.( surprise surprise)   


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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Still deciding what to do today. Had coffee, breakfast, checked my facebook pages ( one for the business), played some games while I was there.
Still have a long to do list but of items that really wont take a long time.
We will probably head out on the boat for a while. Weather is nice but the dark clouds appear to be looming a short distance away.

The Fair is this weekend so we have been going to sleep with the sounds of free concerts... I think one night was Neal McCoy and last night was defintely Ted Nugent.

Monday starts the EAA. I love when they are are in town. EAA is Experimental Aircraft Association. their headquarters are in Oshkosh, not too far away. Every year it brings the greatest planes and airshows plus tons of vsitors ( good for the economy). The show is probably next weekend but I love to watch the arrival of all the planes.
Unfortunately, every year there is always a crash or two. Often it sounds like a little plane is running out of gas over your home.
I will get a free airshow though and I love planes so I'll be very excited to sit and watch it.
I suppose I should get in the shower and look presentable for the boat. See ya later.

Have a great day everybody.


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Saturday, July 24, 2010

shovel anyone?

I am in the middle of cleaning our home office which also is the office of our business
The past few months have been so busy with the business it seems everything else got put on the back burner.

I am trying to get caught up with tax stuff and general paperwork, inventory, donations, etc.

It seems when you start a cleaning project it gets worse before it gets better. It will get better. I need the office a little more organized. I know where things are I just have to move 8 things to get to them. haha !

So if anybody has a spare shovel and time on their hands I'd love some help. If not I'll crank up my tunes and do it "one step at a time" Now where have I heard that saying before?

Have a great day everybody ! Hug a dog, a friend, your spouse.


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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun things happening at The MS Shoppe

Things here at the business have been crazy. Busy busy busy.

Mark flew home from Australia on Saturday and I was so busy with orders. I always like to stay busy when he travels back from home across the pond and I did.

Mark had to use our big tub ( from the post office) to carry all the orders to the post office on Monday.

If you haven't checked out the website recently, please stop by and visit us

We added a bunch of new orange ribbon lapel pin, a car magnet, new shirts, the handiplac and bears, bears and more bears.

Have a great day everybody.


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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Relying on people? NOT

I am completely dissapointed in the people who I thought I could rely on.

Two nights ago we had a horrible storm. We were under a thunderstorm/lightening warning, a flash flood warning and a tornado watch.

I was up all night with the dogs. I think I fell asleep about 4:30 am.

I was so terrified during the night I changed into clothes, complete with my shoes on, incase I had to take cover quickly. I can't remember ever feeling that afraid.

By morning I took the dogs out and was so wobbly from no sleep I fell and injured the infamous toe( I think it will be broken for the rest of my life ) I was like a walking zombie I had to cancel my plans.

Before Mark left for Australia I asked him to let a few extra people know I would be home alone for 9 days. In case something broke (my house was built in 1895) and it is confusing sometimes trying to fix something. Or in case I needed something from the grocery store.

So the day after this horrible storm and guess how many people called to see if I was okay? To see if my basement flooded? That would be zero !

People don't say you will be there if you have no intention of doing so. For all you know I fell on the stairs and I'm still laying there.

Take a minute and give a dam about someone other than yourselves you selfish people.

I have a disability and HAVE to rely on people so decide if you are one of those people I can rely.
In the words of my grandmother "shit or get off the pot"

Either your in or your out. We seem to be everybodys best friend when the weather is beautiful and you want to go out on our boat.
Let's see, NOT !

Have a great day everybody.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family search update

I'm having a great time researching the families. There is alot of info out there that is truly mind blowing that someone has kept these records all these years and yet I can't find my own birth records.
If anyone out there has any expereince with I'd love to hear from you. Any pointers or tips that might help.

I seem to stumble across info and not know how to get their again.

I was able to add my grandmothers siblings but it won't let me add my grandfathers.

I have cousins and family emailing me non stop info. sometimes it all confuses me more than helps me. i cant seem to connect the dots yet. It is like a ginat puzzle to me. The kind of thing I crave to keep my brain functioning.
I also want to see just how far back we can and of course I wouldn't mind being relatedot someone famous.

Have a great day everybody


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who's dog is that?

Last night or should I say this morning I was awakenend by the sound of my neighbors dog barking frantically.
This is a low key mellow rottweiller ( a real beauty and a gentle cuddly dog) so to hear all that barking at exactly 2:14 am I was surprised. I rarely hearthis dog bark, even when he plays wit hthe kids and is having tons of fun.
So I attempted to jump out of bed. I don't know about anyone else but jumping out of bed ended when I got MS. I also wake up a little groggy.

I noticed thru the wood min blinds there was a flashing blue light. Thats what got the dog up.

By the time I walked all theway aroundthe bid, tripping over my sleeping dogs and their dog beds I could see a police car drive away.
My guess is they pulled someone over in front of my house AGAIN.

It seems my home is the place to stop in the middle of the night. I guess I should feel comfort knowing the cops are right outside my door. Here's a tip...shut off the flashing blue lights in the middle of the night.

I couldn't get back to sleep after that..
With all the construction going on ours is one of the few streets open. It has turned into a dragstrip. But it appearsthecops are on top of it.

Have some errands to run today. Got a handi van ride so I'm going to get caught up on stuff.

Have a great day everybody.


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Sunday, July 11, 2010

finding the lost family?

Yesterday we joined Both Mark & I have questions and gaps in our family history and we are both anxious to fill in those gaps.
It is not as esy as the commercials indicate but it is truly exciting when you find even a nibble of information.
I put in my married name allowing me to research both my family and Mark's. So far I haven't found any royalty we are related to ( although the queen of England looks alot like some members of my british family) and we have not found out we are related to Brad Pitt (thank god)
but we will continue to search for those missing holes and enjoy the clues we get tossed our way.

It is truly intriguing and we are looking forward to finding some more family.
Wish us luck we don't find an axe murderers. LOL

Have a great dayeverybody.


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Friday, July 9, 2010

ssshhh the dogs are sleeping

I've been tiptoeing around the house this morning because the dogs have been sleeping. They didn't sleep well last night for whatever eason. I know this because they kept me up all night.

So they are sleeping (and snoring rather loudly) and I'm trying to get things done around the house and office.

My goal this week is to try and get the office organized. We have been so busy the past few months things just got dumped anywhere.
In amongst my cleaning I found an envelope of cash so I more inspired to clean. haha !
I'm sure it was from an event where we sold things and never put it back into the bank.
You know what they say..finders keepers.

Been getting alot of emails from people we met on the cruise. That is always alot of fun. I figure you can never have too many friends.

Its already so hot outside so I am going to hang out in the a/c except when I have to take the dogs out.
If you live in an area thatsgettingthis awful heat, please try to stay indoors. Go to a mall, the library, even a grocery store. As a person with MS we need to remind each other not to overheat.
And drinks lots of water.

Have a great day everybody.


Saturday, July 3, 2010


My new kindle arrived the other day.

I couldn't decided between a kindle or a nook. Kindle is by Amazon and Nook is by Barnes and Noble ( I Believe)
I am a huge reader and paperbacks are hard for me to read. I have a hard time with newsprint so I always opt for a hardback book because it is usually whiter paper and much easier on my eyes.

I met a few people on the cruise that had one or the other. Most people had a kindle. I met a woman who was using a nook and she showed me all the features. She was sitting in the quiet corner reading when I walked over and intrduced myself. She was very sweet.

Mark set up the whole thing. Registering it and then showing me the short version how to operate it.

I was so excited to download my first book when he announced he accidentally downloaded one. I guess the one click download option really worked because I got a book I know nothing about. I am enjoying the book and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kindle.
I just ordered a pretty pink case for it.

Reading again. I am so excited. Now I can't wait to download my second book. This time I think I will do my own downloads.but I think I will do it online and not on the kindle. God only knows what I'll get next time if Mark helps me. LOL


urgent care trip

Yesterday afternoon Mark & I spent hours at urgent care and for once it wasn't for me.

Mark went running yesterday morning and twisted his ankle on our wonderful city streets that are always under construction.

He came home limping trying to deny it hurt but a wife can tell these things. Besides the fact his foot was several colors. I finally talked him into going to urgent care.

He was with the doctor for a long time. Finally the nurse came out said he wouldn't be much longer. When he came out of the room he was wearing a ankle brace. He refused the boot.

You know one could make alot of jokes here about getting hurt exercising. I prefer the sit on the couch exercise plan .Just kidding.

He will be all right and is already saying the ankle feels better. We went shopping this afternoon so he got a workout.

Geez our lives have been full of so much drama lately.

Have a great 4th of July everybody


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Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Spill in Alaska

This story has gone viral so I thought I'd clear up a few things...

On our cruise last week I had spill while in Alaska.

It was our first port of call. We had just gone to the most fabulous Salmon Bake set in the hills with a beautiful waterfall and music and tons of great salmon.
We met up with some friends from the cruise and enjoyed the perfect weather.

We were stuffed with salmon and other wonderful food when we left. We took the bus back to town and decided to go shopping.
As many of you are aware my legs don't work well on the ship ( the vibration turns my legs to jello) so we opted to "be safe" and use my manual wheelchair.

We were at the far end of town beginning our shopping journey. Mark was pushing me in the chair when all of a sudden we hit a crack in the sidewalk. At least we thought it was a crack but it turned out to have a 2 in drop on the other side of the crack that neither of us saw.

The wheelchair's wheels got stuck, locked up and stopped. Well I didn't stop. I shot like a cannonball thru the air and landed several feet away.
I laid on the sidewalk looking up at Mark who was in total shock. All these people staring at me and I was struggling to fight back tears.
I couldn't believe how many people watched me lay there and nobody came to our aid. Finally a woman appeared and asked "what can I do to help?" The perfect thing to say to someone who just fell out of a wheelchair. I was glad she didn't say" do you need help? duh !"

Anyway Mark went to one side of the chair and she went to the other. I got on my knees and was propping myself up with the help of the chair (Keep in mind I knew my knees were bleeding.) when all of a sudden the Juneau fire department showed up. I was so embarassed. They were great. It took 3 of them to lift me. I am like dead weight when I fall. Two of them propped me up and the third literally forced my foot into a standing position.

Thank you so very much to the Juneau, Alaska fire department. You guys are the best. And thanks for not making me go to the hospital.

It was not the way I wanted to meet you but I am grateful you came. Now, please have someone fix the sidewalk.

I must have landed on my four prong cane because I have a strange group of bruises on my leg. My knees are healing. I wouldn't wear the little black dress I brought for formal night.

We had fun shopping in Juneau, spent lots of money and took lots of pictures.

Hope everybody has a great day and watch those cracks.


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Monday, June 28, 2010

After the cruise

We spent an extra night in Seattle the day after the cruise. It was a nightmare trying to get off the dock because the incompetent travel agent used by MSF ( sorry MSF but she doesn't get disabilities) had us running all over the dock looking for our prepaid transportation. The travel agent didn't know what our transportation looked like, she told us to ask for Nick. Ha????

So, MSF still think she's competent??? We finally found Nick after I spent an hour sitting in the rain and made it to our hotel.

We were so exhausted but it was our last night in Seattle and we really wanted to spend one night at a table for two instead of a whole group. Don't get me wrong I loved our dinner companions but it was nice to spend a quiet night together.

Mark discovered the train station was behind our hotel so we hopped on it and went Downtown.
First stop was Macy's ( because thats were the train dropped us). Wow! What a beautiful old store. Seattle I am sooo jealous !
We then went to Pike's Place Market ( which was packed). We found an information booth and he showed us where a sushi bar was. We had an early dinner. In fact I think we qualified for happy hour prices.
We then went back to Pike's and bought cannoli's. Yummmmm !
We coludn't find any napkins so I ended up wearing mine. haha ! honestly, who is surprised by that?

I'm so jealous about their pulbic transportation system. I wish we had a train. I was like a little kid. I had so much fun. People are so helpful there. We have been to Seattle many times before and every time we have such a good time. It is so diverse and people are so accepting of each others differences. Seattle I think you are a perfect example of what cities should be. You should be proud.

I'm walking better today. Probably because that annoying vibration ofthe ship makes it impossible for my legs to stop shaking so bad. I'm going to have to ask my neuro about that. It happens every time we go on a cruise. Confusing ! I used my wheelchair most of the time because my legs were so spastic I could hardly stand up.

As I sit typing this I have no idea where my cane is. I've been running all over the house, upstairs, downstairs so it could be anywhere. Too funny. I can't walk on a ship to save my life but I never use anything at my home.
I hate this disease !!

We are going to download or upload? pics tonight from the cruise and I'll try and post some tomorrow.

Beep ! The laundry's done. Bye for now !

Have a great day everybody !


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Post vacation overload

So I spent most of yesterday doing laundry, housework, processing orders and then a quick errand. It is amazing that two people can make so much laundry for a 10 day trip.

I have piles all over the guest room, sorted and ready to go. Slowly but surely it will all get done.

Yesterday afternoon Mark & I needed an escape so we set off to investigate buying me a laptop computer.
The folks at Staples were wonderful and we ended up buying not one but two laptops Mark is frustrated with his work laptop so we decided to just replace his so he can be in 21st century.
He is always on the road and his was way more important than mine but we decided to purchase both.
We both got a Dell (maybe it will help our stock go up). Mine is larger because I needed a larger screen.
Another toy to play with ( after laundry).

The orders all went out this morning. Mark had a large check to deposit for the business and I had to call him and ask him to pick up more laundry detergent. Poor planning on my part.

Hope everybody is having a great day.


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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back from vacation

We just got back ( last night) from our vacation with the MSF Cruise for a Cause to Alaska. We also spent some time before and after in Seattle.
We had a great time. et some wonderful people and made some new friends.

Probably the most exciting for me was to be able to meet two fellow MS bloggers in person for the first time. I met with Jen and Lisa who also write MS blogs. i'll write more about that later.

Alaska is as beautiful as we remember it. This was our second cruise there. We also went with MSF in 2007.

I have tons and tons of laundry and stuff to get caught up on for the business. I'll write more later I just wanted to pop in and say hi. And I'll post some pics later also.

Have a great day everybody.


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Friday, June 11, 2010

Rude awakening

This morning I woke up to the sound of thunder and lightning. A sound a rescued dog is not a big fan of.

Mark was also leaving to catch the train to Chicago for a business meeting so the dogs were already anxious.
Between the barking and the sound of my walls rattling I jumped out of bed. I had taken my musclerelaxer about 30 minutes prior so I was a little out of it.

My rescue dog is so afraid of thunder and lightning. He physically tries to hurt himself by crawling in very small places. Once he crawled behind the treadmill and I had to move it to get him free.
So I decided to close the bedroom door with the dogs in it with me. He was shaking like a leaf as I talked softly to him.
I also found that turning up the TV to ultra loud helps keep him calm. Keep in mind it was 6:30 am. I'm not much of a loud TV person at that hour.

It took me an hour or so to calm him down and for the weather to calm down so I could take them outside.
Both dogs and I are like sleepy zombies right now.
I could use a "cat" nap or maybe a "dog" nap. See ya later. zzzzzzz

Have a great day everybody


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Sunday, June 6, 2010

what a difference a year or two makes

Two years ago today we started our business
I remember sitting in our attorneys office having just signed papers
to make our business official with the State of Wisconsin.

Elation is the only word that comes to mind as we realized we were starting a whole new chapter in our lives and of making our dreams come true.

We were both beaming when we left the attorneys office. But our happiness lasted only a few hours before we realized we would be making one of the most difficult descions anybody has to make. It's such a personal decision and yet so devastating.

Later that evening, a few hours past our elation we had to make the decision to put our beloved dog Goldie down.
After being sick for 5-6 weeks we realized it was time. So, our morning of elation quickly turned to an evening of devastation.

Needless to say moving forward with the business was one of the most difficult things I encountered. We finally went live on the internet in September.

We have a page dedicated to Goldie called Goldies Goodies. Just all the odd ball and unsual stuff we carry.She was indeed an oddball. A perfect place to show offf those adorable stuffed bears. One of which is also named Goldie.

I think about that little Golden Bear ( named after my favorite golfer Jack Nicklaus whose nickname was the Golden Bear) everytime I get an order. Her smile makes me smile and I know with all my heart we made the right decision that day. She is probably up in heaven picking a fight with all the big dogs.
Rest in peace, my little angel. We love you and miss you.

Have a great day everybody


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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day

Hope everyone had a woderful Memorial Day weekend and had the opportunity to reflect on what the holiday really means. Not just BBQ's and family and friends but to our soldiers who have fought for this country and who are still fighting for this country.

Regardless of your opinions of the war, it is still important to support our troops any way you can. They are doing their jobs and a damn good one.

Having spent so much time on military bases, many of you know that our military ha aspecial place in my heart.
I'm in the process of adopting another soldier. That will bring my total to about 14-15 over the years.
Thank you to our military men and women who serve everyday for the great Uited States and a bigger thank you to the families of these service people.

Have a great day everybody


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Thursday, May 27, 2010

New MS Hug Bears

Haven't shown new product in a while so here is a picture of our new MS Hug Bears.

They are tye dyed. One is blue tye dye and the other is orange tye dye. I knew they were a perfect fit because our colors are blue and orange. Wow what are the chances of that?

I will have another crew of bears being added this weekend. They are so adorable too !!

and the new set comes with names !!
Have a beary great day everybody
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my to do list

My to do list is growing and growing. I seem to knock a few things off and then add a dozen. Sheesh am I ever going to get caught up?

Mark's been gne for 9 days and came home today. He was supposeto be home last night but as usual I got the phone call "I'm stuck in Chicago". If I had a nickel for every time I got that call. haha !

Anyway, he spent the night at the Hyatt while I dragged my exhausted butt around the house.

He was in London, then Switzerland.

The dogs missed him alot and when they do they don't want to do anything. One gets so nervous she can't eat. At this moment she hasn't had breakfast and it is almost 3 in the afternoon. I have tried a few times to feed her but she just keeps walking away from her bowl.
The other one develops "male selective hearing" when Mark is gone and I feel like I am yelling at him the whole time. He is old and he does have a hearing problem but I feel like I yell instead of talk to him. Mark bought me a shirt that says "I'm not much of a whisperer, I'm more of a yeller".

The business has been so busy. If you are one of the people that placed an order in the past few days, I apologize I never made it to post office. It's been 90-95 degrees and I did the post office a few times and just about died from the heat.

My office looks like a bomb dropped on it. New products, Shirts to add to inventory, projects I am working on. Anybody have a shovel?
If you have ever met somebody that said working from home is a 9-5 job they are not successful. I worked til 10:30 last night just packing orders.

I could really use a nap or maybe just a glass of wine. Is it five o'clock somewhere?

Have a great day everybody


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

new vitamin regimen

Recently I started a new vitamin regimen with the help of a nutritionist who also happens to have MS.

I have never been much of a vitamin person because I am not too good with routines but I am proud of myself for sticking with this. I actually feel better.

We are probably going to add some stuff or go to the next step as my friend put it.

So I will wait to hear what's next and slowly work it into my schedule .

Thanks for all your help, Kay. It is soooo hard to find any medical people who really understand MS.
I have given up on the PT thing or personal trainer. I will figure it out on my own because it is obvious nobody wants to listen to me. i would be better off throwing the money out my window. And don't ask where I live.

Have a great day everybody !


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8 year old raises money for MS

I ran across this story the other day. You know how I love these stories.

An eight year old in CT raised hundreds of dollars for the National MS Society in honor of her grandmother.

She first began selling fresh eggs, (she raises chickens) then realized that her bedroom was full of toys from when she was younger so she decided to also sell those.

She made several hundred dollars and her parents matched her donation. all in honor of her grandmother.

Wow ! There are adults who aren't this generous and compassionate. Thank you from all of us with MS. Your parents should be proud of you.
Thank you for helping us find a cure.

Have a great day everybody.


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Friday, May 14, 2010

Hi Y'all

Oh no the southern girl in me is coming out. I tried so hard to stop using y'all but once it is in your vocabulary it is hard to kick it out so I guess I'm stuck with it. haha !

Been a little busy lately. We had two MS Walks, the business was really busy, Mark's been out of town, etc.

This is a slow week but I think it is going to get crazy busy again since my ad in the MS focus just came out. Speaking of the MS Focus, I wrote an article for them on our summer trip to Europe. If you haven't recieved a copy you may be able to view it online or call them and ask for a copy.

I was also on the front cover ( which surprised me). I am an Ambassador with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF). They are a great organization really helping those of us with MS. NMSS has their purpose of raising money and finding a cure but MSF really works with us to make our lives better.
The annual MSF cruise is coming up to Alaska this year and we are very excited.
I hate the packing part and the laundry when it is over but I love theexperience of beingwith so many MSer's who get it. Ya know what I mean.

Because things have calmed down ( even if only for a day or two) I am going to try and clean and organize the office a bit. Try to get those small projects done aorund the house.

Have a great day everybody.


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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Busy .....

Last Sunday we had a table at the MS Walk Summerfest in Milwaukee for the business. It is the largest MS Walk in Wisconsin with approx 2500 walkers.
It was the first time Mark and I had been to the Summerfest grounds and we were like little kids looking at all the rides. We might have to check it out this summer when the music festival starts.
Needless to say it was a crazy busy day. Thanks NMSS for the table and your support of our business. Your donation is forthcoming.

We decided to spend the night in Milwaukee Satruday so we could set up at 7:30 am. We went to a great sushi restaurant, Sake Tumi. Say it fast and you'll get it. Stayed at a great Hilton that must have been over a 100 years old. The room was enormous and beautiful. I love old historic buildings.

We had the best taxi driver on the way back. He insisted I sit up front with him because it would be easier for me to get in and out. What? A person that gets a disability??? Thanks.
We all had the giggles for some reason. Me, because I had some crazy alcholic drink and I'm a cheap date. haha !

Somehow we started talking about the volkwagon commercial and I said "red one" and lightly punched the driver. All three of us burst into hysterical laughter.
Something so silly and we would have great memroies everytime we recalled that night.

Hope everybody who particpated in a MS Walk had a wonderful time. We, the people with MS, their friends and families, will find a cure someday and we will all join together in the largest group hug ever. Someone call the guiness world records I feel a cure in our horizon.

Have a fabulous day everybody.


Stop by and visit the site. Lots andlots of new products and sales !!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

MS Walk

Yesterday was the MS walk here in town. A cold rainy and yucky day but it still brought out the determined to find a cure for MS.

I think the turnout was a little low. After all the economy is still hurting and this town has one of the hgiest unemployment rates in the State. Regardless of what our President says things here are really really tough. Our unemployment numbers keep going up.

I know for myself raising money this year was one of the hardest years. The positive thing is that so many people were raising money, which is great.

We had a table set up to show off the business and sell some stuff.

We did indeed do that. It was a nice profitable day. I placed reorders this morning on some stuff for next weeks MS Walk at Summefest.

We had the most adorable kids next to our table. They had volunteered for the event and assigned to the table next to us. It was a pleasure to be around such nice polite kids.

All in all the day was alot of fun. We were exhausted when we got home but had credit card orders to process and had other orders while we gone.

I need to add all the orders to my sales list and then I will be done.

Sold out of my blue bracelet so I have been focused on making some for next week.

Hope everybody is having a great day.


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Saturday, April 24, 2010

good morning sunshine

Good morning sunshine or should I say rainy, somewhat cold and dark morning.

Tomorrow is the MS Walk and like last year I have a feeling the weather is going to suck.

Last year it was so cooooold and rainy. This year I am hoping maybe, just maybe the sun will make an appearance. Although we have alot of MS Walk sweatshirts to sell. LOL

We are packed andready to go. Combining 10 tubs of merchandise into 7 tubs. The tubs are jam packed. Mark's trip to Europe got cancelled ( something about a volcano, haha) so he will be able to help me.

His birthday is today but we chose to celebrate last night by going out to dinner.
I bought a cheesecake that was delivered yesterday and I parked it in the freezer. It is from Junior's cheesecake and we both wanted to try it so I thought this was a perfect occasion.
Juniors, you might try actually slicing it like other companies do. It makes it a whole lot more user friendly. For that reason alone, regardless of taste, I will never purchase one again. :-(

I'm glad I never sent one to my mother in law ( who I send cheesecakes to all the time) because she would NEVER have been able to slice it.

We had a nice dinner. We live in a small town where almost everything is fried and unhealthy.
Look around we could be an advertisment for The Biggest Loser. Our only upscale restuarant got run out of town. Long story. But this place we went to last night was a mexican restaurant that reminds us both of California. The cook is actually from the same part of California I grew up in. Incredible authentic mexican food.

After dinner we had cheesecake. I started to feel like this cold was coming back so I took nyquil and went to bed.

I am excited about the MS Walk tomorrow. It is always inspiring. Nobody from old my old support group will be there. Not volunteering, not raising money, not walking. And people wonder I left the group. They will have their hands extended the next time freebies are given out though while the rest of us are trying to cure this disease.

Have a great day everybody. Make a difference ! Change the world ! Find a cure !!!!


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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Construction and our city

Today the construction was at the corner. They turned off our water and it was suppose to be back on at 4:00 pm. It is now 5:45 and guess what no water.

We called to check on it and they said they got a late start. Sooooo did you think about telling the neighbors who are paying your salaries??????

It's dinner time, people. In this world of rudeness their are people that still want their kids to wash their hands before dinner.

I haven't washed my hands (other than with a bottle of water and soap) since noon. Yuck !!

For those of you who don't know me well, please know that I am a bit of a germophobe.
Washing my hands is a routine. And we all know how often you have to pee when you have MS.

So, they are telling us it will be sometime soon. Somehow I think I am going to wake tomorrow without a shower. And the city doesn't want me to show up on the doorstep without a shower.
Can we all say B#%ch ???

Stay tuned, folks. I may be going to the Holiday Inn.

Have a great day everybody and don't forget to wash your hands. !!!
See I still have a sense of humor. Dirty hands but a sense of humor.


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Monday, April 19, 2010

Europe Ash cloud

Today Mark, my hubby got an email canceling the their event in Europe. He was suppose to go to Portugal Although he could make it there many of the others couldn't.

I know I should have said something like I'm sorry yourtrip got cancelled but I kind of jumped for joy instead.

You see Saturday is his birthday and we NEVER get to spend birthdays together so I am happy his trip got cancelled.

The only problem is I had his birthday celebration planned for Monday, the day after he was suppose to get home and now I am scrambling to get everything rearranged for Friday or Saturday.

I don't even have his gift wrapped and I'm dreading it. I am the worlds worst gift wrapper. ( don't ever ask me thru my business to wrap a gift)
I do have this funky box I think I will put it in. I have a cake being delivered Friday that I was going to toss in the freezer but I guess we will just eat it.

Everytime I try to plan something it goes wacky. Oh well, its the thought that counts.

Have a great day everybody


Friday, April 16, 2010

ms walk shirts and sweatshirts

Don't forget your I do the MS Walk every day t shirt or sweatshirt for your upcoming MS Walk.

They are all still no sale so you ca nwear it with pride.
go to to order yours today.
Thanks a bunch

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Iss this cold finally going away?

I have been fighting an awful cold going on three weeks. And as we MS er's know a cold is one thing but a cold is whole different thing when you have MS.

Wow to say I got knocked on my rear would be an understatement.

I have cut down on the meds but I am not willing to part with my nyquil just yet.

A day or two and I should be good to go. It was crazy because I refused to touch any of the products we sell. I would do the envelopes, emails etc and Makr had to stuff orders when he got home from work. Of course this is our busiest time of the year because of MS walks all over the country.

I got an email the other day from a man who was upset that I showed happy people on our website He went on to say that he thought it was a "poor choice" to show people engged in happy activities when they are struggling with this devastating disease.

Well, doofas, we are NOT all going to crawl into a hole and die. Some of us, with MS ( yes, doofas I do have MS), plan to have an active fun filled life and I PLAN TO DIE WITH THE BIGGEST SMILE LINES A PLASTIC SURGEON HAS EVER SEEN.

So doofas, go ahead and feel sorry for yourself while the rest of us live life to the fullest.

Anybody who wants to get smile lines then keep smiling. And anybody who needs a stick removed from their behinds, I'm sure there are a few good doctors who can help you with that also.
In the meantime, don't rain on my parade (although I even smile when its raining). I will laugh, I will will smile and I will spread my distastful smiley attitude everywhere I go. So there !!

hahahahahahahaha! Now I feel better. It's amazing how a good laugh can make you feel better.

Have a great day everybody and don't forget to SMILE !


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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Special Sale for us special MS er's

Car Magnet price recued thru 4-4-10.

Regular price $4.25 sale price $3.50 ea.

Lets raise awareness and put these on the cars of everyone who has MS in their life !!

Friday, April 2, 2010

a fun day with hubby

Mark & I set off this morning for Milwaukee. Its about an hour and fifteen minutes each way.

Although I still wasn't feeling one hundred percent ( this cold is lingering) we decided
top head out there anyway.

Our first stop was West Marine so Mark could pick up a few things for the boat.
He's like a kid in a candy store when he goes to a boat shop so I am glad I went with him. haha !

Our next stop was Whole Foods. OMG I haven't been to a whole foods since we lived in Chicago ( a long time ago)
And although as I stated earlier I wasn't feeling all that great I was determined to check out all their food.
We did some research beforehand so we knew theuy had a sushi bar. Yippee yippee real sushi.
And wow what a spread of already made stuff ( they were really cranking it out and people were buying it up the minute it hit the shelf)
We enjoyed and I do mean enjoyed the sushi. In some cases it was so beautiful I didn't want to eat it. They even made it with brown rice. Yummy !!!

We shopped the store. The fresh fish, the meat selection, the veggies.

We brought a cooler filled with ice for the return trip so thingsdidn't spoil. It was over 80 degrees today.

When we got home ( despite our stop on the way home for coffee) I was exhausted.

I headed for the office and filled my orders. Mark made dinner ( fish we purchased at Whole Foods) and I am ready for an relaxing night of doing nothing.

Hope everybody is having a great day. Its suppose to rain tonight and drop about 25 degrees.


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Thursday, April 1, 2010

We designed our website

We made some changes to our website last week so it is easier to navigate thru and find you size.

We have also added some great new products.

Please take a minute and check it out. I'd love to know yourthoughts.

It is because of all my friends that this business is successful. I'm so grateful. Love you all.

Have a great day everybody !
Itssupposeto be close to 80 today, this cold is finally going away and I have an appetite again.
Lets eat !!!


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Made some changes

Due to some people taking advantage of my blog I have changed it back to my review before posting. I know its a pain but I am gonna win this battle with the hackers. So there !!!!! LOL

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Orange is the new Pink

Here is the new shirt we just added to the website

Business is growing thanks to all of you. Too many things going on and I apologize for ignoring my blog.

Have a great day everybody!


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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The MS Hug?

Here is a picture that one of my customers sent to me.

It is our MS Hug Bears she has been collecting. This picture is too cute.

Thanks B (don't want to use your real name) for your support and business and especially for this incredible photo.

If you have a picture of yourself with any of our products please email it to me.

I'd love to see what you all look like in our shirts !!!

Have a great day everybody


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Saturday, March 13, 2010

MS Walk

Friday night I decided I was going to register for the MS Walk in my neighborhood.

This was to be my big walk. I was so committed to finally walking 3 miles to raise money for NMSS but as we all know when you have MS things don't always go as planned.

I have had so many medical problems this year and a major relapse ( first one in 2 1/2 years) that I can't possibly attempt it this year. I will however raise as much money as I can.
I'll try to keep you posted without sounding like I am bragging. ( which is not what I wantto do).

I do want people to know how much I appreciate their support because I know many of you read my blog.
As of this date I have raised $350.00. yippee !

Let's find a cure Everybody.


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If you haven't visited the site lately, please check it out. We have added lots of new products and have many more on the horizon. So very exciting to own a business and Thanks to all of you for your support. !!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

handi plac

This is our newest product.

It is called the Handiplac and it is great for those of who use a blue handi placard.

I don't know about you but when you open the car door on a somewhat windy day the placard blows off the rear view mirror and sometimes out the car.

I'm not into running around parking lots chasing my tag.

This manufacturer approached us about selling this product and we are the only one (besides themselves) representingthem. We are honored to have this product in our line.

Please got to and read all about it.

Legislative Day

yesterday I participated in Legislative Day. An event puttogether by the wisconsin chapter of the NMSS.

I have gone to this event many times and each time I find it so much fun. One of the best events I have ever taken part in.

It was rainy so a few people cancelled. I am sure it nothing to do with the fact that our MS bodies don't budge in the rain.
NMSS organizes several buses so we don't all have to drive there and struggle to find a place to park. The bus I rode in on started in Green Bay, then went to Oshkosh, then FDL.
Last year I was the ONLY one from from FDL. How sad. People want stuff from their legislators but are tooooooooo lazy to do it themselves,

I once again rose to the occasion and stepped forward to do it for them.

I met some wonderful people. And I spent some time with friends.

Thanks Wisconsin chapter -NMSS for putting on such a wonderful event.

Have a great rainy Day !


PS Lots of items on sale, new items and many more new stuff to come