Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Officer down

Sunday one of our police officers was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Another officer is in critical condition and his K-9 is also in critical condition.

The office who died was only 28 years old. His birthday would have been next week. He was
a veteran and served two tours in Aghanistan and Iraq. And yet he was killed at home.

This is something that hits a small town very hard. although I did not know him personally my
heart and prayers go out to his family, especailly his wife.

This is a pretty safe town. Our police department is small and this town is like a family. Typical midwest.
That's a compliment. People here just do things for each other and really don't expect anything
in return. Like I said Typical midwest. I love living in the midwest.

Please say a prayer for this officer who lost his life just doing his job. His family, our police department.

Please also say a prayer for the officer still recovering and his beloved dog and partner.
Both of which remain in critical condition.

Be safe everybody. Have a great day !


Saturday, March 19, 2011

a little play time

Now that the snow has melted we took the dogs out back for some major play time.

Well, really only Noelle and ARod. Ripley, is older and he parked himself on the couch.

The doggies played for quite a while. The big one chased the little one, the little one chased the big one.

Every once in a while one would hide behind the gas grill and sneak up on the other.

It was so funny. They barked and yelped. and we all had a great time.

Afterward, they slept on whatever piece of furniture they could find, Noelle is limping a bit.
She's 8 and ARod is 2 1/2. Do the match .

Noelle is also 39 lbs and ARod is 11 lbs.

It was alot of fun.

Have a great day everybody.


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sneaker pins-let's go MS Walkers


Hey all you MS Walkers...

Did you get your sneaker pins for your team?

Clcik the link and it should go directly to page or
go to http://www.themsshoppe.com/ to check out 'all MS Awareness items
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a portion of all sales goes to NMSS

Let's find a cure.

Have a great walk everybody.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A special prayer

Anne, we are sending our thoughts, prayers and love your way....

You are a special lady and we're here for you, Always . Like a sister DNA or not !  Love you

MS Awareness Week

This week I sent emails to about 25 friends & family that simply said
"Happy MS Awareness Week , I'm sure you are all doing your part to raise awareness
and help find a cure"

I recieved about 10 replies of  "Yes, I am doing my part and we will find a cure...together",
"Believe", " stay strong", "you inspire me" "Let's find a cure" etc.

And of course, I recieved one negative reply. Anybody want to guess who?
My "family" of course. Sheesh. They made my MS about them again.
Wasn't going to even mention it because I'm sure they are excited it is being written about.
Whatever !

Been a rough week. Neuro appt ! Love my dr's. Having some MS Complications
as many of you probably know from my facebook page.
Dr's visits lined up in the next few weeks. Eeek ! I can get through this.

I have a great support system. Thanks Mark, his family, great friends and even my
customers and vendors.

One day at a time ! Thanks for the flowers----(you know who you are) They were perfect !

Thanks for the support for the MS Walk......I am overwhelmed by the support...Go Team !!
By the way if you want to donate...email me or post and I'll give you instructions. :-)

Have a great day everybody !!! 

MS Awareness items-Orange ribbon merchandise

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Todays the Day

Today is going to a difficult day....We have been putting this off for so long
and now that it is here ...I am soooooo nervous and anxious.

I tried not to think about it last night so I colud get some sleep and for the most
part I succeeded.

Will keep you posted...I rarely ask but a prayer would be great :-)

Thanks everybody for your support.

We will get through this....

Have a great day everybody


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Friday, March 11, 2011

yummy yummy yummy

check out my chicken recipe on my other blog....yummy


goodbye blackberry

Yesterday I traded in my blackberry for a iphone 4G. And although
I have only had it for a few hours. I love it already.

Wow ! what a difference. It is much easier to use. Apple actually has a tutorial for alot
of stuff. Stuff I haven't gotten to yet..
I set up two email accounts, have 2 to go. Set up my voice mail. Transfered my calendar, photos, and contacts from the blackberry and I'll work a little on it every day.

It has a touch screen and I wasn't sure if I could use that but I am really enjoying it.

Goodbye blackberry, FLUSH !! Just kidding. I am going to donate it to the soldiers once I
am sure everything is off of it.

Have a great day everybody !


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Friday, March 4, 2011

how much damage?

7 million dollars damage at the State Capitol.

Most of which is the result of protestors who don't even live
in our State.

It makes me sick. If I went to the Capitol and made a mess I would be arrested.

So who is going to pay for this? Our out of town visitors at the Capitol?
NO that would be me. The Disabled chick who doesn't have a job but gets
her disability check taxed.

Good grief. Does anybody else want to move out this country?

Have a great day everybody. It is MS Awareness month so let's paint the town ORANGE


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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

teacher accused of assault

A Wisconsin teacher has been accused of sexually assaulting a ninth grader... OMG

Really, a ninth grader. what is that 13 or 14 years old?

And you know what he is on PAID leave, can't get fired, protected by the union.

OMG a ninth grader...

Seems wrong. Just saying... a ninth grader

The MS Shoppe

I have neglected my blog lately and I am sorry.

Our business The MS Shoppe has been so busy. Lots of new products and tons of orders have
kept things popping.

Plus I am working on building my team for the MS Walk and raising money....

Stop by and visit http://www.themsshoppe.com/ to check out all the new items and the familiar
MS Awareness items.

This is MS Awareness month and if we can raise awarenss one person at a time maybe we will
find a cure.

Have a great day everybody !!

Home of the MS Awarenesss items you have been looking for...:-)

The Wisconsin Uproar

In case you haven't read about it, Wisconsin is in a fight with passing the Governors Budget,

14 cowardly Senators ran across the border to Illinois. In the meantime our beautiful State Capitol
building is being thrashed by protestors.

My question is why? This building is a gem. A beautiful piece of architecture that now has taped signs
on the woodwork. The marbles floors are covered with litter. People were bringing their pets there.

I can only imagine the stench in the building. This building belongs to the residents of Wisconsin.
Not the protestors being bussed in from every state.
So who is going to clean our building? And will it ever be the same? I see the pictures on TV and
I am sickened at how bad it looks.

Will I ever get to meet with my Legislatures again? I know of many groups that had to cancel their
events to meet with their legislature because it is unsafe for them to attend.

Oh cowardly Senators come back home. If you don't like the bill just vote. Take your stand there. Do
you job you were elelcted to do so we the people of Wisconsin can have our legislators back.

We have issues too. It's not about you, its about us. Every taxpaying citizen of this great state.
The state with the Super Bowl champions ( thanks for poo poo ing that victory).
This is a State of so many things and we the public are sick of the protestors who don't even live here.

Grow up people, give us our state back........

Have a great day everybody