Thursday, December 31, 2009

last call

Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of my New Years Special.

Order any tshirt or sweatshirt and you will recieve a MS Bear FREE.

Limit one bear per order. Offer good thru January 1, 2010.

Order yours today.

Happy New Year

As I sit here on the eve of the New Year I ponder many thoughts.

Resolution or no resolution?

Goals..for myself and my business

What will the New Year have in store for my health?

Will 2010 be the year we find a cure?

I will ponder these questions and get back to you. I'm sharing a glass of champagne with my hubby. Albeit a few hours early, please don't call the New Years police. If you do I will greet them at the door with a glass of bubbly. Probably staggering, oh wait that will be the MS.

If you don't already know it, I love champagne. I almost always have an open bottle of bubbly in my fridge. tonight I am going pink.

Enjoy everybody. Have a wonderful celebration. Be safe. Please don't drive if you have been drinking.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Free MS Bear

Now through January 1 ,2010 all orders for t shirts or sweatshirts will receive a MS Bear FREE.

Limit one bear per order. Order yours today. !!!

Owned and Operated by a person with MS.

A portion of all proceeds goes to MS charities !!

We made it !!!

The Packers made the playoffs !! Here we are decked out in our new Packers shirts. Even the dogs got bandanas for Christmas.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Years Special ! !!!

New Years Special....
Order any TShirt or Sweatshirt and you will recieve a MS Bear FREE.

Offer good through January 1 ,2010. Limit one bear per order.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

what a day

Yesterday I felt like if it could go wrong it would.
It was a frustrating day.

When I took the dogs out about 5:15 am I realized the doggie door was
frozen shut. Well, technically Ripley figured it out when he bopped his head on it.
It was beloew zero and it had become so stiff it wouldn't bend. argh !

Then Noelle didn't want breakfast. ( she does this alot only when Mark is gone)
So I fed her Ripleys food. argh !

I had two orders from the day before I was still trying to get out the door.
Of course, the printer decided it was time for for the Christmas holiday.
It wouldn't print anything. ( did I mention I have four printers ) argh !

Nobody shoveled me out so my porch, steps and driveway looked like nobody was
home. Great ! I'm home alone, have a disability and it looks like my house is empty.
I had a complete meltdown by this point. argh !

I had to send someone to the Post Office for me to ship some orders. Gave complete
instructions and money. So they decided to send it priority ! Well, there goes my profit.
I had a special price for shipping tshirts of 99 cents each but I paid $8.00. Ouch ! Argh !

I have this filter on my washing machine. It blinks blue when it needs to be changed.
Of course, it always needs to be changed when Mark is gone. I had to figure how to get it
to stop blinking before I went to bed or upstairs would blink blue all night. As if the very colorful
lights across the street weren't enough. (they look great but please turn them off when you go to bed) argh !

Went to the run the dishwasher last night and found the Cascade liquid detergent had frozen
solid. Sat on the floor holding the bottle close to me to warm it up so it would soften and I could get it in the machine.
Now thats a Utube video. Warming up the dish soap. argh !

Took the dogs out last night for final pee of night when I found a box on my trashcan.
Guess the mailman thought it was an appropiate place to leave it.
So I came back in the house, shoved my recovering broken toe in a boot and walked down
the snow packed stairs to retrieve the box. I guess the sign on the front porch telling
all delivery people to please leave the package on the front porch didn't register with this mailman. Its always better to have a woman with a disability to retrieve a box at 9:00 pm.
aargh ! double aargh !

I was ready to open some wine, forgo the glass and drink directly from the bottle.

I also realized I forgot my nieces birthday. guess what I'm doing this morning?

Have a great day everybody.


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Monday, December 14, 2009

Our holiday card 2009

This is our holiday card we sent out this year !

Wow ! What a crazy year !

As you can tell from our cover picture we spent two weeks in Europe

enjoying Italy, Greece, Croatia and Germany. It was alot of fun and

we made some wonderful friends. We both developed a love for Chianti.

Cathy had her first relapse in 2 1/2 years a month before our trip but

we decided to go anyway. The dogs went to the best kennel ever and

had a wonderful time playing with 25 other shelties.

We also had the opportunity to see first hand why unions don't work in

this country when Mark's employer had major union problems. We

thought we would end moving to Oklahoma.

Everything in the end worked out.

Mark also became Chairman of an International Engine Organization. This is the

first time an American has held this position.

Mark has been traveling alot. Ask him about the food in Shanghai. Ugh !

I'm sure he prefers the pizza we discovered in Venice. Yummo !

Cathy also went on a cruise to the Caribbean in February by herself with

an MS organization. Ask her about her psycho roomy. Mark was at the Miami

Boat Show and we met up in the Miami airport to fly home together.

Cathy became an Ambassador with a Multiple Sclerosis Organization.

She also wrote numerous articles for various magazines and was interviewed

twice. Many joked she needed to hire a publicist.

We both became Crackberry addicts and love/hate our Blackberry's.

Our small online business in going well and

we are enjoying being business owners.

Here's to a great 2010 full of Chianti, a better boating season, and the

Packers winning the Superbowl. Go Pack

Cathy & Mark

& our fur kids-Noelle and Ripley

Happy Holiday Everybody !

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A very talented MSer

Here is a picture of Tim submitted by his wife Janet.
Tim has MS and was diagnosed in 2000.
Janet submitted this photo to me to put on my website under
"Community Page" but I am having some difficulties with that so until I figure it out ( it must be an MS thing, haha) I thought I would also share it with my readers.
Ya know how much I love these kind of stories.
Tim built this bookrack for his local MS Support group.
He recently switched to Tysabri and since doing so he has been able to resume past activites like carpentry. He is in the process of remodeling their basement. Wow ! come to my house !
Janet, thanks so much for sending this to me. I will figure out to get it on my website eventually. My brain hurts to much to figure it out right now.
By the way, Tim and Janet are fellow cheeseheads and reside a short distance from me.
Nice to meet you. Next time I am in the neighborhood ( Mr. Rodger's neighborhood)
I will buy you a cup of coffee.
Thanks again. Tim, great work. Love the color red but especially love the T shirt.
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Don't buy overpriced MS products

Today I got a google alert for MS Walk and to my surprise
when I opened it there was an ad for my shirt saying listed at CafePress.

Wow ! Now that takes balls. For all I know you could be a friend of mine.

Cafepress sells shirts one at a time. People can submit their slogan in this case
my slogan) and Cafepress will produce one shirt at a time for a whopping
price of $28.00. no ifs ands or buts. Always a
whopping $28.00.

Ok so my shirts ( the original "I do the MS Walk Every Day") start at $14.99
and has a two color imprint. A cost I don't pass on to my customers.

Ladies styles shirts are available but I have found that most women prefer a
standard cut. ( info based on me being in the screen printing business for 8 years. )

Their ad reads like mine. How creative. A portion of the proceeds goes to NMSS.
Yeah right.

So if you want overpriced shirts go to cafepress. Obviously I have intimidated someone
because they chose to copy my business.

I figured it would start at some point but it really hurts to see my ideas being
marketed by soeone else. is a small business owned by someone with MS. Cafepress
is not. You choose.

I donate a portion of all my proceeds to my local chapter of NMSS and to MSF. Check my bank records for proof of that. This year alone we have donated close to $500 and year end we will be making another donation.
And that doesn't count for the money donated to MSF.

I thought I should clear things up. I created "I do the MS Walk Every Day"
and I at least want credit for it. Or maybe a cut of the profits for my idea. And that's my final answer. LOL

Have a great day everybody ! Watch out for the imposters.


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Saturday, December 5, 2009

the meaning of the holiday

Tonight Mark and I got the feeling of what the holiday should mean and not what it has turned into today.

I'm so tired of these kids who start every sentence with "I want" and then they get it.

They are ungrateful and rude. You could write some of these kids a check for a million dollars and it still wouldn't be enough.

I have a 45 year old brother who is one of those.

Tonight after months of planning Mark & I made a little girls dream come true.

She fell in love with playing the flute and was really good at it. Her teacher loaned her her personal flute over the summer so she could play. Recently this family fell on rough times. Both of them losing their jobs and ultimately losing their home to foreclosure.
It got us thinking we really didn't need any gizmo for the holidays so I suggested we buy her a flute of her own. It would have broken my heart if she had had to give it up because something happened to the teacher or the borrowed flute and she was unable to play.

Ok, so I know nothing about buying a flute but thanks to my friend Lisa at Brass and Ivory she was able to answer all of our stupid questions and point us in the right direction. Thank you so much Lisa for all your help. We really appreciate it.

I got a call last week that my worst fear had happened. The teacher needed her flute back.
So I wrapped up the flute we had bought her and popped it in the mail.
We couldn't decided if we wanted to wait until Christmas but I think we got a message loud and clear from above.

The flute arrived today to a joyful and grateful little girl. We got a phone call tonight and I kid you not I had to fight back the tears.
Thanks for being a caring, grateful wonderful little girl.
Thanks for restoring my faith that not all kids are spoiled but thanks most of all
for making this our best holiday ever.
It is true what they say" It is better to give than receive"

Have a great day everybody


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Thursday, December 3, 2009

super duper sale

Shipping on all tshirts has been reduced to just 99 cents a shirt for limited time.

We have a great selection of holiday items and now it will cost less to ship it. Yeah !

Have a great day everybody.


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The for the holidays

Looking for that special gift? Check out the site for the holidays.

Remember a portion of every sale goes to MSF and NMSS.

brrr. Its cold outside

It's starting to feel like winter outside. Yeah ! I really do like the colder weather.

We took our holiday photot the other day and then re took it a few days later.
I have this unusal bruise on my thigh and I couldn't figure it out. It is in a strange pattern.
I told someone abot our holiday picture and she thought the bruise was from the dog. Oh great ! I have a bruise on my thigh in the shape of a dog paw. Stop laughing. It's not that funny.

I changed the times I am taking my muscle relaxers to see if I feel less sore all thru the day.
The only problem, and it is a major problem, is I have to take a nap i nthe afternoon becausethe pills make me so fuzzy and tired.
So I will get less stuff done around here. I have to mute my phone so it doesn't ring and I answer sounding drunk.
will let you know in a few days how the change is working out.

Have a great day everbody.


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