Friday, July 31, 2009

more family ???

Yesterday I got a " friend" request on Facebook from someone with the same last
name as mine.
Now granted this is my married name but still it is pretty funny.

Since I joined this family, they all believed the name was very rare. A few
years ago we were asked to provide info for a Geneology book and were given it
but I guess we didn't really take it seriously because we didn't know any of these people.

So last night I accepted the friend request and we started chatting on facebook. He asked
if any of the the family was from a certain area and I said NO as far as we knew.
Later Mark and I found the geneology book and low and behold that is where so much of the family is from.
So I think Mark and this guy are related. Too funny.

The geneology book is difficult to read. Especially since it is not my family.
We do know there is another man with the same name as my husband and he actually lives in Wisconsin also.
He is the president of the Beef council, or something like that.
My Mark was out of town when I got an irate call one night from somebody fuming
about a beef recall. Ha ????
That's when we figured out the other Mark existed. I told the fuming woman on the phone that unless it has to do with a boat it wasn't my Mark you wanted.
We laughed so hard when I told him about it.
His mom didn't believe another one existed.
So I guess we will read this book a little more carefully and figure out if we are related.
If not, maybe we can all be friends anyway. I wonder if anyone ever spells his name right. I will read the book Scott and figure out if we are related. Thanks for friending me.

Have a great day everybody !


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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Post vacation cleanup

Still doing laundry. Although today I ran away from home for a bit to get my nails done.

I lost a nail the other. Just flew off when I was doing laundry found it before the dog did.
Noelle is feeling better but Mark is still having throat problems. We figured we better check that out so he went to the clinic to be tested for H1Ni. He doesn't have a fever just an awfyl sore throat.
The minute they saw him they were convinced he didn't have it so they didn't even test him. He had a strep test and it came back negative. Thank god.
Just posted some pics on my facebook page of our trip. I have so many to choose from.

I did post a bikini shot. I might really regret that one.
Got my Green Bay Packer tickets today. At least we won't have to see Favre. Yeah !
They are really good seats and we are both very excited. Go Pack !
Packing up a few orders and will start to get organized shortly and get the suitcases off the guestbed. In case somebody suddenly stops by.
The pictures of of Mark in Athens, Greece and me wearing my cooling vest in Venice Italy in a water taxi on our way to Murano Island.
Have a great day everybody !

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Back

We arrived back in the States on Monday, with our luggage. Then headed out to pick up the dogs at the kennel.

Noelle wasn't feeling well. She is a "sensitive" dog and missed us alot. She gets very moody which in turn makes her sick.

So we ended up taking her to the vet yesterday after she threw up all afternoon. Yuk

She is feeling better today. Yeah !

So we had a great time. Some things we will probably do differently if we ever get the chance to do it again.

We actually flew to Venice and spent two nights there and then boarded a cruiseship for some other ports. While we were in Venice we took the water taxi over to Murano Island. Very pretty.

We stopped at many ports on the cruise so I'll go in order. First was Ancona, Italy.

Then Santorini, Greece where we took a cable car up the side of the mountain. What a spectacular view. We are both afraid of heights so it was an interesting ride. I rearranged the contents of my purse for a while so I didn't have to look up. But it was breathtaking once I did look.

Then we went to Mykonos, Greece. This was without a doubt my favorite stop. I wanted to send a postcard to the family saying we had a bought a villa and we weren't coming back.

Next stop was Athens. I didn't get off the ship because all there was to do was excursions climbing rocks. Mark had a great time with some friends we made.

Then we went to Corfu, Greece. Another beautiful place.

Last stop was Croatia. Awesome beaches and fabulous ice cream. yum

Then we arrived back in Venice where we spent one last night. Flew to Germany the next morning. Stayed in Frankfurt for the night and flew home to Wisconsin the next day.

Had a great flight home from Frankfurt to Chicago. Thanks to the flight attendants who took such good care of me, especially Ron. It was wonderful meeting you. People like you inspire me to push my body to the limit.

It was well into the 90-100 degrees in every port except Venice the second time where it was a beautiful 75.

Needless to say my cooling vest got a workout and it literally saved my rear. I am so glad I brought it with me.

I'll post more pics as the week goes on. Doing laundry for 2 weeks and getting caught up on orders for the business. My friend took care of the business while we were gone. Thanks so much Barb I appreciate it more than you know. It takes a very special person to do that for someone so I could enjoy myself and not worry.

Have a great day everybody !


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Sunday, July 26, 2009

arrivederci Italy

We just left Venice and arrived in Germany.
Haven't been able to get a signal in paradise so I couldn't blog.

Italy, Greece, Croatia and Germany were all great to visit.
Will post pics and write more when we get back home.

Miss the dogs terribly but we got an email from them telling us they missed us and we even got a pic. They didn't look like they mssed us though. LOL

Sorry I haven't gotten back to anyone during my "holiday". I sound so European.
I can't say Ciao anymore.

Have a great day everybody and we'll talk more soon. I can't wait til I start two weeks of laundry.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

vacation to do list

OMG I am so excited about this trip.

Here is my vacation "ToDo" list:

First, I want to go on a Gondola ride thru the canals of Venice.
Visit Murano glass factory ( could be expensive)
Have lots of Capuccino's, maybe a glass of chianti or two
Have a really good Margherita pizza
Eat Gelato
Visit the gym on board the ship ( Yes, Jeff I plan to work out)
Walk with my hubby on the beach, feel the sand between my toes
Get a super tan
Shop, shop, shop
My friends wants me to bring her home a cute Italian guy ( I'll see what I can do)
Send postcards, take pictures and take even more pictures

I'll try to touch base as much as I can but don't be surprised if I forget. Those little drinks with umbrella will make your memory disappear.
And yes, somebody is running my business while we are gone. So keep those orders coming ! Somebody is staying at the house and I have two other people popping in and out for us. Such wonderful neighbors and friends. I love you guys. Thanks or should I say Grazie !

Ciao Have a great day everybody !


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Sunday, July 5, 2009

We made it thru

We made it thru the fourth of July fireworks although technically they went til about the 5th of July 2:00 am.

I had NO sleep again while I took care of my beloved rescue dog.

Don't get me wrong. I love him with all my heart. I wouldn't trade him for anything. I just need my sleep. Ya know, MS equals sleep or no walkin. Get the picture !

We rescued this dog about a month after I was diagnosed with MS. His entering our life was a gift from God.
Our job as rescuers is going to the humane society pick them up and then the rescue comes by our home to get him. Well, when we got there they were walking him outside. I sat down on the bench because I was tired.
Then out of nowhere, The dog started to run towards Mark and Mark ran to him. It was like the movie 10 and the beach scene with Bo Derek. Hearts started to fly and I realized I had adopted a new dog. Geez !
We called the rescue and told her not to rush over to pick him up because we are thinking of "dog napping ". something we rescuers do often. LOL

These big brown eyes looked so sad and all he wanted was a family. It wasn't his fault his family didn't want him. Boy, I can relate to that.
Suddenly, I was out of work, had MS ( I didn't even knowwhat is was) and this beautiful dog needed me and I needed him.
He had so many issues. He was scared of squeaky toys. Plus I already had two. We welcomed him into our home and dealt with his odd behaviors. Corrected most of the them. He still has some food bowl issues. We both have a scar to prove that one.

He came with the name. We sent out an announcement to our family and friends that read
" It's a boy ! His name is Ripley, believe it or not"

Ripley became my listener. He never judged me and nenver treated me like I had cooties. He was always there for me. When so many people ran for their lives after my diagnosis, Ripley stayed by my side.
When we first brought him home it was obvious he was a daddy's boy by the way he ran to Mark. But he is a mommy's boy and I don't think it bothers him one bit.

When Mark is out of town, Ripley always jumps in bed with me. Ok, he sleeps on Mark's pillow but he snuggles with me.
Rescue a dog. It is the best feeling you can ever have. Even if they are afraid of fireworks and they keep you up all night.

Have a great day everybody


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Friday, July 3, 2009

fireworks and a scared dog

It's 6:20 pm and the fireworks are already going off next door at the park by some kids playing around.
Last Sunday morning at 9:00 am we were eating breakfast to the sound of them going off.

This community is so obsessed with fireworks it is sad.

I am not a fireworks fan ( probably a result of 9/11 and having a front row seat that day) but loud noises and certain smells ( fireworks burining) bring back that horrible time in my life.
But I'm okay with a fireworks show down by lake put on by the city. I'm not okay having to put up with fireworks 9 months of the year.

One year Mark was out back trying desperately to get the dog to go to the bathroom when a flying firework came hurdling thru my neighbors very dry tree and landed an inch away from Mark and the dog.
That year many of the residents referred to the fireworks as being in Baghdad. It was awful and it was all night long for many nights.
The police have no control over the situation. If they busted a few people early then things would go alot smoother but our police dept led by Chief Lazy Ass are pathetic.

When we first moved to this town I worked about 20 minutes away. My coworkers all laughed when I told them where we lived. I guess this town has the reuptation that if you want to get away with someone then come here.
After meeting the police chief the first time I could see why. The other joke is if you do get caught make them chase you on foot. Our police chief weighs about 400 lbs. I could outrun him and I use a walker. LOL

Anyway, I am trying to get ready for this weekend. Took a nap, have all the music ready to play very loudly to help with the noise. We will try and take the rescue dog out early and then I'll probably pull an all nighter with the dog. Get that ice cream and sugar high ready !
We have tried every medication and nothing works but because I don't know his background I never know what I am in for.
I hope he doesn't try to wedge himself into a small space.
Happy fourth of July everybody ! Enjoy the fireworks. If you can't find me look under the bed. I'll be hunkered down there with the dog.


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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today I got an email from my hubby that the company he works for is closing a location in Oklahoma and moving it to Michigan.
It was a small company with only 61employees. This whole thing is making me crazy.

I also just got off a Tysabri advocates conference call. They discussed a new program they are going to introduce shortly and wanted our opinions on it.

It sounds like a fun program and hope it actually comes out my way.

I forgot Mark & I had plans to go to the DMV today so I could renew my driver's license.
We will have to wait til next week probably. I wasn't up to going this morning.

Kind of taking it easy today. my mind is going non stop but motivation and organization seems to be lacking today.

Have a great day everybody.


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