Wednesday, February 27, 2013


we just introduced our new tshirt.

It simply reads : Inspire

Order yours today at www,
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

MS Awareness

I read about a new PSA involving the cast from The Young and the Restless
and Sharon Osbourne and her son, recently diagnosed wit MS, Jak.

Wow ! What a great thing to do.

Does this mean we as MS er's actually have a role model to raise awareness for MS?

We really need someone to help bring attention and dollars to finding a cure.

Too bad Montel is too busy pimping blenders and other crap.

Thank You Jack Osbourne for being the one. We truly appreciate your efforts.

Have a great day everybody !




Friday, February 22, 2013


Spent the morning to re-route a UPS package...

I ordered it last night and it is scheduled for delivery on Monday.

It is a really large package and I am unable to manage it myself. I dont
want it put on the porch because we are suppose to get a big snow storm Monday.

UPS wanted me to set up an account ( for a mere $40) wtf? so they could email me when I have a package. Wow ! What a bargain !!
This after spending 230 minutes on Hold.

Try customer service first before ou charge $40 to do your job. Just saying !

UPS your new system stinks. Been a business customer for over 10 years.
Your welcome for my business howeve2r you can take your $40 and shove it up
our ass.

Have a great day everybody


Monday, February 18, 2013

Hey Bloggers

Hey bloggers this one is for you.

I am so blogging about this
Get yours today !!
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

changes changes changes

We just made some changes to the home page on our business website

There are now 2 boxes on home page..

One will offer Sales or specials and the other box has news.

If you are doing a fundraiser for MS let us know and we can post it on news.

Or if you are doing a MS walk we can post a link to your fundraising page.

Let's find a cure together !!

Have a great everybody.


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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another nasty gram !!

Well not really a nasty gram but a nasty voice mail.

Recieved yet another cazll from the "mother" who thought it was okay to leave a nasty voice mail.

Does she really think I would return a call like that?

Anyway, since I finally finished reading this book her comments dont bother me as much.

In fact I find the "family" quite pathetic. Time to move on.

By the way, I'm reading a great book now titled " The Happiness Project"

Have a great day everybody !


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Thursday, February 7, 2013

We Love you Donald !!

Yesterday my favorite football player retired.

Donald Driver with the Green Bay Packers

Unlike other former Packers Donald retired with grace and dignity. The Packers put together a wonderful tribute to him and of course it pre-empted everything on TV.

You might remember Donald from Dancing with the Stars. He was so hot !

Donald is the ultimate role model our kids should have in an athlete. He is a great husband and father and a generous guy with all of his foundations he has set up.

Every year he has a charity softball game with the Offense vs defense players. Last year they called his son "mini me"
We have tickets again this year.

We will miss you Donald. Enjoy spending time with your beautiful wife and kids.

I'll still wear your #80 jersey.

Have a great day everybody


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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Where does the day go ?

It's been so busy lately in my life.

I've been working on some year end stuff for the business. It takes me longer to do this than most people. Ususally because my fingers hurt but I'm slowly making progress..

We have had alot of orders lately. I'm ready to put the dogs to wrok. Also, a few Post Office problems. It doesnt seem difficult to deliver the mail but they have managed to lose a few packages..They eventually show up but I feel like a fire chief putting out the fires.

It's also been snowing alot. I love the snowbut I think  I've had my fill. Spring where are you ?

Dealing with the sleepies again..I've been feeling so tired again. And with no warning. I'm starting to think I have narcolpsy. I get so tired so suddenly I just have to lay down.
Mark has been in town so that helps with meal preps..He made a big pot of stew over the weekend. Man, I love a man who can cook.

Check out the new clearance items at and the sale thru tomorrow on the MS Walk items. $2 off each item. We'll credit your account back

Have a great day everybody


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