Monday, June 28, 2010

After the cruise

We spent an extra night in Seattle the day after the cruise. It was a nightmare trying to get off the dock because the incompetent travel agent used by MSF ( sorry MSF but she doesn't get disabilities) had us running all over the dock looking for our prepaid transportation. The travel agent didn't know what our transportation looked like, she told us to ask for Nick. Ha????

So, MSF still think she's competent??? We finally found Nick after I spent an hour sitting in the rain and made it to our hotel.

We were so exhausted but it was our last night in Seattle and we really wanted to spend one night at a table for two instead of a whole group. Don't get me wrong I loved our dinner companions but it was nice to spend a quiet night together.

Mark discovered the train station was behind our hotel so we hopped on it and went Downtown.
First stop was Macy's ( because thats were the train dropped us). Wow! What a beautiful old store. Seattle I am sooo jealous !
We then went to Pike's Place Market ( which was packed). We found an information booth and he showed us where a sushi bar was. We had an early dinner. In fact I think we qualified for happy hour prices.
We then went back to Pike's and bought cannoli's. Yummmmm !
We coludn't find any napkins so I ended up wearing mine. haha ! honestly, who is surprised by that?

I'm so jealous about their pulbic transportation system. I wish we had a train. I was like a little kid. I had so much fun. People are so helpful there. We have been to Seattle many times before and every time we have such a good time. It is so diverse and people are so accepting of each others differences. Seattle I think you are a perfect example of what cities should be. You should be proud.

I'm walking better today. Probably because that annoying vibration ofthe ship makes it impossible for my legs to stop shaking so bad. I'm going to have to ask my neuro about that. It happens every time we go on a cruise. Confusing ! I used my wheelchair most of the time because my legs were so spastic I could hardly stand up.

As I sit typing this I have no idea where my cane is. I've been running all over the house, upstairs, downstairs so it could be anywhere. Too funny. I can't walk on a ship to save my life but I never use anything at my home.
I hate this disease !!

We are going to download or upload? pics tonight from the cruise and I'll try and post some tomorrow.

Beep ! The laundry's done. Bye for now !

Have a great day everybody !


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Post vacation overload

So I spent most of yesterday doing laundry, housework, processing orders and then a quick errand. It is amazing that two people can make so much laundry for a 10 day trip.

I have piles all over the guest room, sorted and ready to go. Slowly but surely it will all get done.

Yesterday afternoon Mark & I needed an escape so we set off to investigate buying me a laptop computer.
The folks at Staples were wonderful and we ended up buying not one but two laptops Mark is frustrated with his work laptop so we decided to just replace his so he can be in 21st century.
He is always on the road and his was way more important than mine but we decided to purchase both.
We both got a Dell (maybe it will help our stock go up). Mine is larger because I needed a larger screen.
Another toy to play with ( after laundry).

The orders all went out this morning. Mark had a large check to deposit for the business and I had to call him and ask him to pick up more laundry detergent. Poor planning on my part.

Hope everybody is having a great day.


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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back from vacation

We just got back ( last night) from our vacation with the MSF Cruise for a Cause to Alaska. We also spent some time before and after in Seattle.
We had a great time. et some wonderful people and made some new friends.

Probably the most exciting for me was to be able to meet two fellow MS bloggers in person for the first time. I met with Jen and Lisa who also write MS blogs. i'll write more about that later.

Alaska is as beautiful as we remember it. This was our second cruise there. We also went with MSF in 2007.

I have tons and tons of laundry and stuff to get caught up on for the business. I'll write more later I just wanted to pop in and say hi. And I'll post some pics later also.

Have a great day everybody.


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Friday, June 11, 2010

Rude awakening

This morning I woke up to the sound of thunder and lightning. A sound a rescued dog is not a big fan of.

Mark was also leaving to catch the train to Chicago for a business meeting so the dogs were already anxious.
Between the barking and the sound of my walls rattling I jumped out of bed. I had taken my musclerelaxer about 30 minutes prior so I was a little out of it.

My rescue dog is so afraid of thunder and lightning. He physically tries to hurt himself by crawling in very small places. Once he crawled behind the treadmill and I had to move it to get him free.
So I decided to close the bedroom door with the dogs in it with me. He was shaking like a leaf as I talked softly to him.
I also found that turning up the TV to ultra loud helps keep him calm. Keep in mind it was 6:30 am. I'm not much of a loud TV person at that hour.

It took me an hour or so to calm him down and for the weather to calm down so I could take them outside.
Both dogs and I are like sleepy zombies right now.
I could use a "cat" nap or maybe a "dog" nap. See ya later. zzzzzzz

Have a great day everybody


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Sunday, June 6, 2010

what a difference a year or two makes

Two years ago today we started our business
I remember sitting in our attorneys office having just signed papers
to make our business official with the State of Wisconsin.

Elation is the only word that comes to mind as we realized we were starting a whole new chapter in our lives and of making our dreams come true.

We were both beaming when we left the attorneys office. But our happiness lasted only a few hours before we realized we would be making one of the most difficult descions anybody has to make. It's such a personal decision and yet so devastating.

Later that evening, a few hours past our elation we had to make the decision to put our beloved dog Goldie down.
After being sick for 5-6 weeks we realized it was time. So, our morning of elation quickly turned to an evening of devastation.

Needless to say moving forward with the business was one of the most difficult things I encountered. We finally went live on the internet in September.

We have a page dedicated to Goldie called Goldies Goodies. Just all the odd ball and unsual stuff we carry.She was indeed an oddball. A perfect place to show offf those adorable stuffed bears. One of which is also named Goldie.

I think about that little Golden Bear ( named after my favorite golfer Jack Nicklaus whose nickname was the Golden Bear) everytime I get an order. Her smile makes me smile and I know with all my heart we made the right decision that day. She is probably up in heaven picking a fight with all the big dogs.
Rest in peace, my little angel. We love you and miss you.

Have a great day everybody


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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day

Hope everyone had a woderful Memorial Day weekend and had the opportunity to reflect on what the holiday really means. Not just BBQ's and family and friends but to our soldiers who have fought for this country and who are still fighting for this country.

Regardless of your opinions of the war, it is still important to support our troops any way you can. They are doing their jobs and a damn good one.

Having spent so much time on military bases, many of you know that our military ha aspecial place in my heart.
I'm in the process of adopting another soldier. That will bring my total to about 14-15 over the years.
Thank you to our military men and women who serve everyday for the great Uited States and a bigger thank you to the families of these service people.

Have a great day everybody


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