Monday, April 26, 2010

MS Walk

Yesterday was the MS walk here in town. A cold rainy and yucky day but it still brought out the determined to find a cure for MS.

I think the turnout was a little low. After all the economy is still hurting and this town has one of the hgiest unemployment rates in the State. Regardless of what our President says things here are really really tough. Our unemployment numbers keep going up.

I know for myself raising money this year was one of the hardest years. The positive thing is that so many people were raising money, which is great.

We had a table set up to show off the business and sell some stuff.

We did indeed do that. It was a nice profitable day. I placed reorders this morning on some stuff for next weeks MS Walk at Summefest.

We had the most adorable kids next to our table. They had volunteered for the event and assigned to the table next to us. It was a pleasure to be around such nice polite kids.

All in all the day was alot of fun. We were exhausted when we got home but had credit card orders to process and had other orders while we gone.

I need to add all the orders to my sales list and then I will be done.

Sold out of my blue bracelet so I have been focused on making some for next week.

Hope everybody is having a great day.


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Saturday, April 24, 2010

good morning sunshine

Good morning sunshine or should I say rainy, somewhat cold and dark morning.

Tomorrow is the MS Walk and like last year I have a feeling the weather is going to suck.

Last year it was so cooooold and rainy. This year I am hoping maybe, just maybe the sun will make an appearance. Although we have alot of MS Walk sweatshirts to sell. LOL

We are packed andready to go. Combining 10 tubs of merchandise into 7 tubs. The tubs are jam packed. Mark's trip to Europe got cancelled ( something about a volcano, haha) so he will be able to help me.

His birthday is today but we chose to celebrate last night by going out to dinner.
I bought a cheesecake that was delivered yesterday and I parked it in the freezer. It is from Junior's cheesecake and we both wanted to try it so I thought this was a perfect occasion.
Juniors, you might try actually slicing it like other companies do. It makes it a whole lot more user friendly. For that reason alone, regardless of taste, I will never purchase one again. :-(

I'm glad I never sent one to my mother in law ( who I send cheesecakes to all the time) because she would NEVER have been able to slice it.

We had a nice dinner. We live in a small town where almost everything is fried and unhealthy.
Look around we could be an advertisment for The Biggest Loser. Our only upscale restuarant got run out of town. Long story. But this place we went to last night was a mexican restaurant that reminds us both of California. The cook is actually from the same part of California I grew up in. Incredible authentic mexican food.

After dinner we had cheesecake. I started to feel like this cold was coming back so I took nyquil and went to bed.

I am excited about the MS Walk tomorrow. It is always inspiring. Nobody from old my old support group will be there. Not volunteering, not raising money, not walking. And people wonder I left the group. They will have their hands extended the next time freebies are given out though while the rest of us are trying to cure this disease.

Have a great day everybody. Make a difference ! Change the world ! Find a cure !!!!


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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Construction and our city

Today the construction was at the corner. They turned off our water and it was suppose to be back on at 4:00 pm. It is now 5:45 and guess what no water.

We called to check on it and they said they got a late start. Sooooo did you think about telling the neighbors who are paying your salaries??????

It's dinner time, people. In this world of rudeness their are people that still want their kids to wash their hands before dinner.

I haven't washed my hands (other than with a bottle of water and soap) since noon. Yuck !!

For those of you who don't know me well, please know that I am a bit of a germophobe.
Washing my hands is a routine. And we all know how often you have to pee when you have MS.

So, they are telling us it will be sometime soon. Somehow I think I am going to wake tomorrow without a shower. And the city doesn't want me to show up on the doorstep without a shower.
Can we all say B#%ch ???

Stay tuned, folks. I may be going to the Holiday Inn.

Have a great day everybody and don't forget to wash your hands. !!!
See I still have a sense of humor. Dirty hands but a sense of humor.


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Monday, April 19, 2010

Europe Ash cloud

Today Mark, my hubby got an email canceling the their event in Europe. He was suppose to go to Portugal Although he could make it there many of the others couldn't.

I know I should have said something like I'm sorry yourtrip got cancelled but I kind of jumped for joy instead.

You see Saturday is his birthday and we NEVER get to spend birthdays together so I am happy his trip got cancelled.

The only problem is I had his birthday celebration planned for Monday, the day after he was suppose to get home and now I am scrambling to get everything rearranged for Friday or Saturday.

I don't even have his gift wrapped and I'm dreading it. I am the worlds worst gift wrapper. ( don't ever ask me thru my business to wrap a gift)
I do have this funky box I think I will put it in. I have a cake being delivered Friday that I was going to toss in the freezer but I guess we will just eat it.

Everytime I try to plan something it goes wacky. Oh well, its the thought that counts.

Have a great day everybody


Friday, April 16, 2010

ms walk shirts and sweatshirts

Don't forget your I do the MS Walk every day t shirt or sweatshirt for your upcoming MS Walk.

They are all still no sale so you ca nwear it with pride.
go to to order yours today.
Thanks a bunch

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Iss this cold finally going away?

I have been fighting an awful cold going on three weeks. And as we MS er's know a cold is one thing but a cold is whole different thing when you have MS.

Wow to say I got knocked on my rear would be an understatement.

I have cut down on the meds but I am not willing to part with my nyquil just yet.

A day or two and I should be good to go. It was crazy because I refused to touch any of the products we sell. I would do the envelopes, emails etc and Makr had to stuff orders when he got home from work. Of course this is our busiest time of the year because of MS walks all over the country.

I got an email the other day from a man who was upset that I showed happy people on our website He went on to say that he thought it was a "poor choice" to show people engged in happy activities when they are struggling with this devastating disease.

Well, doofas, we are NOT all going to crawl into a hole and die. Some of us, with MS ( yes, doofas I do have MS), plan to have an active fun filled life and I PLAN TO DIE WITH THE BIGGEST SMILE LINES A PLASTIC SURGEON HAS EVER SEEN.

So doofas, go ahead and feel sorry for yourself while the rest of us live life to the fullest.

Anybody who wants to get smile lines then keep smiling. And anybody who needs a stick removed from their behinds, I'm sure there are a few good doctors who can help you with that also.
In the meantime, don't rain on my parade (although I even smile when its raining). I will laugh, I will will smile and I will spread my distastful smiley attitude everywhere I go. So there !!

hahahahahahahaha! Now I feel better. It's amazing how a good laugh can make you feel better.

Have a great day everybody and don't forget to SMILE !


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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Special Sale for us special MS er's

Car Magnet price recued thru 4-4-10.

Regular price $4.25 sale price $3.50 ea.

Lets raise awareness and put these on the cars of everyone who has MS in their life !!

Friday, April 2, 2010

a fun day with hubby

Mark & I set off this morning for Milwaukee. Its about an hour and fifteen minutes each way.

Although I still wasn't feeling one hundred percent ( this cold is lingering) we decided
top head out there anyway.

Our first stop was West Marine so Mark could pick up a few things for the boat.
He's like a kid in a candy store when he goes to a boat shop so I am glad I went with him. haha !

Our next stop was Whole Foods. OMG I haven't been to a whole foods since we lived in Chicago ( a long time ago)
And although as I stated earlier I wasn't feeling all that great I was determined to check out all their food.
We did some research beforehand so we knew theuy had a sushi bar. Yippee yippee real sushi.
And wow what a spread of already made stuff ( they were really cranking it out and people were buying it up the minute it hit the shelf)
We enjoyed and I do mean enjoyed the sushi. In some cases it was so beautiful I didn't want to eat it. They even made it with brown rice. Yummy !!!

We shopped the store. The fresh fish, the meat selection, the veggies.

We brought a cooler filled with ice for the return trip so thingsdidn't spoil. It was over 80 degrees today.

When we got home ( despite our stop on the way home for coffee) I was exhausted.

I headed for the office and filled my orders. Mark made dinner ( fish we purchased at Whole Foods) and I am ready for an relaxing night of doing nothing.

Hope everybody is having a great day. Its suppose to rain tonight and drop about 25 degrees.


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Thursday, April 1, 2010

We designed our website

We made some changes to our website last week so it is easier to navigate thru and find you size.

We have also added some great new products.

Please take a minute and check it out. I'd love to know yourthoughts.

It is because of all my friends that this business is successful. I'm so grateful. Love you all.

Have a great day everybody !
Itssupposeto be close to 80 today, this cold is finally going away and I have an appetite again.
Lets eat !!!


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Made some changes

Due to some people taking advantage of my blog I have changed it back to my review before posting. I know its a pain but I am gonna win this battle with the hackers. So there !!!!! LOL