Tuesday, August 30, 2011

one ringy dingy

Yesterday I made 6 phone calls, left 6 messages and today, a full day later,
I am still waiting for a return call from ALL 6 ofthem.

The economy sucks, or so I have been told,  and a business is not
returning a phone call to a customer ready to buy.

One of these people actually has my down payment and I still can't get a return phone call.

Now, I realize customer service is somewhat non-existent anymore but come on
people you can't possibly have soooooooooooooooooooooo much business
you can't return a phone call.

I actually get emails from my customers thanking me for my customer service. I guess
I'm the only one who provides it still. I send every customer an email , not a form letter ( you can tell by the typo's) thanking them for their order...

Sad. A woman with MS and I'm the only one who provides customer service..

Have a great day everybody !

I'll be sitting by the phone waiting for a call from someone...


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Monday, August 22, 2011

Packers visit the Whitehouse

This post is about a week late...Too busy...

The Packers visited the Whitehouse recently as the current Superbowl champs..

It had so much media coverage because it is tradition for the superbowl
champs to visit the Whitehouse.

This year nobody was sure it was going to happen becaue of the labor dispute
in the NFL and nobody was  sure what would happen in lieu of Obama's
snide remarks about the Packers.

Obama is a Bears fan ( need I say more) and the teams have always hated each
other.  Obama made the comment "hewouldn't go to the Superbowl (something Presidents usually do) unless his Bears were there. A total snub to the Packers.

Well the Packers gave Obama a jersey when he visited Wisconsin and signed on
it was " see you at the Whitehouse"

Everybody behaved themselves and all joked about the incident but it does
make you wonder about "foot in mouth syndrom"

Go Pack ! It's too bad everybody couldn't be happy for a team that was so
banged up and still reached the ultimate goal.
It's a football game, let's keep politics out of it. Okey dokey

Have a great  day everybody


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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

recall election

Today is the big recall election of several State Senators.

This entire situation was a fiasco from the start when Madison, the state capital,
allowed all of those protestors in the building 24/7.

And the sad part is that most of the protestors weren't even Wisconsin residents.
Most of them ,as finally admitted by President Obama, were from his group he
founded and supports.


Don't we have enough problems in this country without the President of the United
States interfering in a State's politics.

Didn't this country just LOSE our AAA credit rating?
Millions of people are out of work. The economy well, it just plain, sucks.

Come on...focus on this country like you promised.

I, for one, am very dissapointed...What happened to all those promises?..
Maybe we as a country need to do some more recalls?????

Have a great day everybody ! And BTW we bought a bunch of stock yesterday
and I smell vacation coming on...



Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So our wonderful leaders finally pssed a bill to make sure the United States
doesn't end up defaulting on our debt.

Now as I watch TV all I hear about is jobs,jobs, jobs.

With that said I have to point out that Harry Reid said We are
going to tax millionaires, billionaires and people who own yachts.
WTF ? You asshole. Do you know that the boating industry was
at 75 % unemployment just a short time ago?

Do you know they are finally rebounding and starting to rehire

Thank you doofus Harry Reid because you just slammed the enitre
boating industry. People who work for that already unstable industry.
Innocent people who mfg. these boats and yachts and provide jobs.

Next time. Harry Reid, think before you speak. You have now jeopardized
an entire industry...

You can sign me as " wife of a boating industry employee"

Have a great day everybody !! If you live in Harry Reid's area please
tell him to shut the F up.