Wednesday, January 16, 2013

fluff and fold

Today my dog's are getting groomed.

A friend of mine owns a mobile pet grooming business.
I love it. How convenient plus she does a great job.
My dogs arent exactly cooperative participants in the process.

They are rescue dogs. They have an undercoat that I just cant keep
on top of. I brush it and an hour later its back...Yikes !

They always look and smell so pretty afterwards plus they sleep.
haha !

Prayers go out to a friend who starts chemo today...I'm here if you need

Working on thank you note for my birthday gifts. I'm a little old fashioned and
I always like to handwrite a note.

Have a great day everybody !


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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Birthday

Yesterday was my 50th birthday !! Woohoo !!

It's been a rough MS year for me and there were many of us who didnt think I would make it to 50..
I actually put it on my bucket list. Pretty sad..

Last night was a way for me to say thank you to the people in my life who have supported us.

We had great food and my cake was a screened picture of the horse I have ridden for 2 years and have fallen in love with.

Thank you to everybody who came last night and especially to Mark for being there for me..Always..I love you with all me heart..

And despite my parents attempt to sabotage my happiness I had a great birthday..

Have a great day everybody everybody


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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Prison break LOL

Today I left the house for the first time in 32 days.

Between Mark having surgery and generally not feeling well I was so excited to leave.

We went grocery shopping. Who knew I could be so excited about it.

My scooter battery died, probably from no use, so we opted for the maunal wheelchair.

When we got into the store I let out a sigh..Excitement and potential exhaustion.
There was a young lady giving out samples and she asked if I needed help. She said she could ask her manager and push me in the store if I needed help.
I almost started to cry. Wow ! What a sweetie

I was tired at one point so I parked my chair to wait for Mark. An older lady came up and asked me if I needed help. Could she find an item for me. Double Wow !

I bumped into the manager, who I know well. He said they missed seeing me in the store. Okay now I'm blown away by all this kindness. I mentioned to him about his kind employee. He told me he ws not surprised. She is a wonderful employee.

Said hello to everyone. I had such a great time...

Have a great day everybody !