Monday, October 7, 2013

Go Pack Go

Spent Sunday at the Packer game at beautiful Lambeau Field..

Went with a friend from Illinois ( a Bears fan- yikes) and we decided the
weekend in Green Bay.

I hope he enjoyed himself. Lambeau Field is an awesome stadium.

Wisconsin people are the best. It was raining and getting in  his vehicle was a problem (SUV with no running boards) and although Im almost 6 ft we both knew my MS was going to be a problem.

Thanks Kat ( also for taking care of my kiddos), to the 2 ladies at the hotel ( who were obviously in the healthcare profess ion ) and to the army soldier and his wife who lifted me into the truck

This is  why I chose to stay in Wisconsin

Since I have season tickets  to the Packers this scenario will happen again.

I gave some tickets away and donated some..

Have a great day everybody !


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Im a happy camper

So you may have noticed I've been gone awhile.

Well lots going on in my life but I'm doing okay

Struggling to get my business back on track as well as my life

Thanks for all the support and kind emails...

As in the words of that infamous girl anthem "I will Survive"

Please stop by and check out all the great clearance items on my website

Yesterday my dogs got groomed and they look soooooo cute.

Have a great day everyday