Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Incredible sale

We have started an incredible sale this morning.

I'm not Drunk, I have MS tshirt is on sale ...
Shirts start at $9.99 a savings of $5.00 Wow !

Stop by the website at http://www.themsshoppe.com/

Don't miss this opportunity !!

Have a great day everybody !


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The Final touches

Today they are finishing up on the cabinets,installing lazy Susan's in two of them.

This will help me stay organized. haha !

They are also prepping to install the backsplash, which has finally shown up.
They were suppose to start he backsplash tomorrow but called and asked if they
could do prep work today.

Tomorrow we will have the backsplash day 2, the mural, and now my new fridge
will be delivered.

The doggies are going to doggie daycare. I plan to sit on the couch  and drink wine.
Anybody want to join me, email me. LOL

The entire project should be done this week. I'm am more than streesed.

It looks amazing and it is my dream kitchen.

Now I just want to enjoy it and cook in it and entertain in it.

Have a great day everybody


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kitchen remodel progress

The past couple days things have been really busy and progressing quickly.

The installed and rearranged the cabinets. Built the pantry..
Built the island and installed the countrtop.

Wow ! it is my dream kitchen and it is in my home...

I am however tired of take out food and eager for a good healthy meal.

Not going to happen tonight though. I am not surewhat time they will
be done and the dgos are coming home so I'm going to order a pizza.
This is the best pizza place since we discovered pizza in Venice. haha !

I'm sure it is the healthy low calorie version too but it is so good.

I will post new pics of the progress soon.

Next we get the water turned back on in kitchen, the backsplash installed,
paint and our beautfiul italian mural...i'm sure I am missing some of the other
details but that is all MS brain can handle for right now.

Have a great day everybody !


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Sunday, June 19, 2011

MIA Father

Today is Fathers Day and somewhat sad.

Last year when I was so sick my hubby called my family to ask for
their support.

They, of course, said NO. In fact my brother in law, left a message on our
voice mail laughing that I was so sick. Still have it so no denying it....

My dad ended our last conversations with " when you come to California
we don't want to see you"

Wow ! Straight out my my Mothers mouth. Just like the little puppet
he has always been.

It is a sad day for Mark because his dad passed away a few years ago after
a long battle with cancer.

He was probably the closest thing I had to a dad, next to my grandfather.
I will always cherish the memories of him. We had this incredible conversation
when I was first diagnosed. He was so supportive and truly was one of the few people
who really "got" being sick.

Miss you dad..Especially after the Superbowl....

Have a great Father's Day everybody !

And to my wonderful hubby, Mark, who is the best darn "Dog Dad" ever.
Love from your fur kids...Noelle and Arod.. Woof ! Woof !
And those at the Rainbow Bridge..Rascal, Munchkin, Goldie and Ripley....


remodel update

The windows are done...yea !!

They fiinshed the floor and installed the lghting...

The kitchen looks so much better already..

The cabinets and the countertop are being installed Monday andtuesday and possibly Wednesday.

Heres a pic of the lighting...Pretty cool..

Have a great day everybody !


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Thursday, June 16, 2011

MS BS Tshirt


We recently held a contest for our new shirt saying...

We had so many suggestions but the one that won is
MS BS There is not much difference...

Our winner Tammy, got a freee tshirt.

The shirt is purple with white imprint and I have to say
my Graphic designer, also named Tammy, did a wonderful job laying this out.
Thanks Tammy,

So the shirt went on sale and this morning I had to place a reorder. LOL

Stop by the website or our facebook page http://www.themsshoppe.com/
and say hi and dont forget to pick one of these shirts up...

Iff you are not a purple fan we wil lbe adding a ladies style in aqua very soon...


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day 2

Yesterday was day 2 of the kitchen remodel...

They finished putting the floor down and it looks amazing...
I was a little concerned when it first started to go down and the color looked
darker than I had remembered it. But when it was all done it looked amamzing.

They also finished the windows.

Today we had our new washing machine delivered. The dryer will come later as it is
at another store and had to be transfered.

Well, the delivery didnt go as planned. Honestly, do they ever?
It seems our new big washer wouldnt fit in our 1895 old Victorian home.

And then it wouldnt go up the stairs...This process started at 10:30 am and didnt end til 2:15 pm

Needless to say I was beyond stressed and didnt make it to my horseback riding lesson.

I am so bummed. I even bought a new riding helmet. Oh well, I hated the
thought of being so stressed while riding Smokey, my horse.

Now I have to wait a week to see him...I guess I'll do laundry seeing I am a week behind. LOL

Have a great day everybody.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

kitchen remodel day 1

Today they started to put the floor down.

Our home, an old Victorian built in 1895 doesn't have a level square inch so we knew it
would be quite the challenge to get a floor down.

Brett, the installer, and a former marine, whooya, looked ready to take on this project.
He rolled up to the house in a truck that said Semper Fi on the side.
I guess once a marine always a marine.

He laid down a compound to level the floor and as I predicted the dogs
had to go outside. I think they have a bladder like mine.LOL
Anyway, he had to pick up Noelle so she would not step in anything and I tossed Arod
to him. Both went out but because I couldn't see them and they get easily distracted I was unsure if they had done anything.
A few hours later it was obvious Noelle had not because she was whining to go out.
Not that easy, my dear furball,. The gate was open, the panel in the doggy door
and I couldnt find anybody so we went back upstairs.

Frustrated I turned my attention to laundry. Clunk,clunk, clunk and the machine stopped.
I was unable to get it started. What the heck?

We just looked at machines over the weekend and decided to wait a few weeks.
Oh, we thought so.

Tonight we went back to the store and bought a new washer and dryer and the
new fridge for our newly remodeled kitchen to be..
Over the weekend we bought a dehumidifier and a TV . I think we single handed
are keeping this store in business. 

Tomorrow I am sleeping in. Dont really care if they all show up and I am in my jammies.
I am mentally and physically exhausted.

Tootles everyone, I am turning in. It's nine oclock.


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Monday, June 13, 2011

RX finally

I finally got my new prescription filled on Friday.

Last week I called every pharmacy in our small town to
try and find someone who could fill this. No luck !

One pharmacy explained to me it is a "specialty med". WTF?

Walgreens said they could do it but amazingly ten minutes later when Mark arrived
suddenly they couldn't do it..Treated Mark, my hubby, like dirt so I called Walgreens corporate and reported that one !!

Called the RX insurance company and they advised me mail order was available and
probably my best option. So I signed up...

Signed up on Monday, they finalized everything with my dr on Wednesday..They called
me at 7:30 pm ( I was impressed) and I had my meds in hand on Friday. ( I was even more

Wow ! sorry folks but if this is what Obamacare is going to be like, count me out.

There was nothing wrong with the insurance until someone got involved.
now the "responsible" people who have always provided for themselves are getting

Leave my stinkin insurance alone. I pay for mine, I buy the best... I have MS, had cancer, have severe
asthma, half of a hip, and various complications from MS,  and is blind as a bat. Leave my stinkin healthcare alone !! 

Have a great day everybody and welcome to socialist America !


Friday, June 10, 2011

no construction day

Yesterday I had a no construction day...They had another project to finish up
so I was informed I could sleep in.

Well, it seems the dogs had other plans...In fact they woke us up an hour early.
Really kids, you couldn't just let me sleep in.

Got caught up on a nuch of paperwork for the business so it was a productive morning.

The afternoon was my horseback riding lesson. We went out onto this path thru their fields.
Although the fields didnt seem to have much growing I was informed it was soybeans that
had been planted.

It was a little chilly between the wind and the sudden change of temp from the previous day.
We made a shorter walk than my horse wanted to. After we turned around and were headed
back, he got spooked by something and suddenly went into a gallop. Caught everybody off
guard but I was so proud of myself for hanging on and not overreacting.

Everything was fine. I'm sure there a bunches of critters out in the field. Something Smokey
saw and we didn't. My walkers were great. They handled the situation wonderfully and as
odd as this sounds it really boosted my confidence. I knew how to react and didn't fall off. LOL

Came home, fed the dogs, made dinner, finished up the orders from the morning. Went to sleep early because  I knew construction would start this morning early. 

Adding a new shirt later on today, hopefully.

This afternoon we have Culligan coming to install a water purification system in the house.
Sorry Fondy still dont like the water, even after you spent all that taxpayer money to install the latest and greatest water treatment plant.
We also have our contractor coming over to go over the schedule of whats happening when.

Then we have a wallpaper installer coming to give us an estimate on putting up our wallpaper mural
of Venice we bought. Dont tell him but I think he already has the job, regardless of cost. I truly liked
him over the phone..Great work ethic..:-)
and finally we have a painter coming over to give us an estimate of painting the walls before the mural goes up. 
Then I'm having a drink and parking myself on the couch.

Have a great day everybody


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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

lesson # 3

Last Thursday was my third horseback riding lesson...

Do you think my horse is a "ham"? Every time we go over  the bridge
he stops and poses...Too funny

This lesson we even went outside and rode..
I am really enjoying this experience...

Have a great day everybody !


batter up

Sunday we went to the Donald Driver Softball game.

For those of you who dont know Donald Driver is player on the world champion
Super Bowl Packers. ..

He hosts a softball game every year..the offense vs the defense...

And this year the defense won...

Great game..the stadium is great (first visit for us) and very handicap accessibile.

We had a great time..The weather suppose to be about 77 degrees and it ended up being 84 degrees.

Have a great day everybody !


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

and the winner is...

Thanks to all of you for voting for our new shirt saying....

Shirts have been ordered and I will announce all the details and the winner shortly.

Off to the Dr. and I dont want to be late....They can keep me waiting but I have to
be on time, bring my insurance info and a list of meds.
Sounds like a double standard to me, just saying !

Have a great day everybody


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