Thursday, May 27, 2010

New MS Hug Bears

Haven't shown new product in a while so here is a picture of our new MS Hug Bears.

They are tye dyed. One is blue tye dye and the other is orange tye dye. I knew they were a perfect fit because our colors are blue and orange. Wow what are the chances of that?

I will have another crew of bears being added this weekend. They are so adorable too !!

and the new set comes with names !!
Have a beary great day everybody
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my to do list

My to do list is growing and growing. I seem to knock a few things off and then add a dozen. Sheesh am I ever going to get caught up?

Mark's been gne for 9 days and came home today. He was supposeto be home last night but as usual I got the phone call "I'm stuck in Chicago". If I had a nickel for every time I got that call. haha !

Anyway, he spent the night at the Hyatt while I dragged my exhausted butt around the house.

He was in London, then Switzerland.

The dogs missed him alot and when they do they don't want to do anything. One gets so nervous she can't eat. At this moment she hasn't had breakfast and it is almost 3 in the afternoon. I have tried a few times to feed her but she just keeps walking away from her bowl.
The other one develops "male selective hearing" when Mark is gone and I feel like I am yelling at him the whole time. He is old and he does have a hearing problem but I feel like I yell instead of talk to him. Mark bought me a shirt that says "I'm not much of a whisperer, I'm more of a yeller".

The business has been so busy. If you are one of the people that placed an order in the past few days, I apologize I never made it to post office. It's been 90-95 degrees and I did the post office a few times and just about died from the heat.

My office looks like a bomb dropped on it. New products, Shirts to add to inventory, projects I am working on. Anybody have a shovel?
If you have ever met somebody that said working from home is a 9-5 job they are not successful. I worked til 10:30 last night just packing orders.

I could really use a nap or maybe just a glass of wine. Is it five o'clock somewhere?

Have a great day everybody


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

new vitamin regimen

Recently I started a new vitamin regimen with the help of a nutritionist who also happens to have MS.

I have never been much of a vitamin person because I am not too good with routines but I am proud of myself for sticking with this. I actually feel better.

We are probably going to add some stuff or go to the next step as my friend put it.

So I will wait to hear what's next and slowly work it into my schedule .

Thanks for all your help, Kay. It is soooo hard to find any medical people who really understand MS.
I have given up on the PT thing or personal trainer. I will figure it out on my own because it is obvious nobody wants to listen to me. i would be better off throwing the money out my window. And don't ask where I live.

Have a great day everybody !


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8 year old raises money for MS

I ran across this story the other day. You know how I love these stories.

An eight year old in CT raised hundreds of dollars for the National MS Society in honor of her grandmother.

She first began selling fresh eggs, (she raises chickens) then realized that her bedroom was full of toys from when she was younger so she decided to also sell those.

She made several hundred dollars and her parents matched her donation. all in honor of her grandmother.

Wow ! There are adults who aren't this generous and compassionate. Thank you from all of us with MS. Your parents should be proud of you.
Thank you for helping us find a cure.

Have a great day everybody.


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Friday, May 14, 2010

Hi Y'all

Oh no the southern girl in me is coming out. I tried so hard to stop using y'all but once it is in your vocabulary it is hard to kick it out so I guess I'm stuck with it. haha !

Been a little busy lately. We had two MS Walks, the business was really busy, Mark's been out of town, etc.

This is a slow week but I think it is going to get crazy busy again since my ad in the MS focus just came out. Speaking of the MS Focus, I wrote an article for them on our summer trip to Europe. If you haven't recieved a copy you may be able to view it online or call them and ask for a copy.

I was also on the front cover ( which surprised me). I am an Ambassador with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF). They are a great organization really helping those of us with MS. NMSS has their purpose of raising money and finding a cure but MSF really works with us to make our lives better.
The annual MSF cruise is coming up to Alaska this year and we are very excited.
I hate the packing part and the laundry when it is over but I love theexperience of beingwith so many MSer's who get it. Ya know what I mean.

Because things have calmed down ( even if only for a day or two) I am going to try and clean and organize the office a bit. Try to get those small projects done aorund the house.

Have a great day everybody.


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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Busy .....

Last Sunday we had a table at the MS Walk Summerfest in Milwaukee for the business. It is the largest MS Walk in Wisconsin with approx 2500 walkers.
It was the first time Mark and I had been to the Summerfest grounds and we were like little kids looking at all the rides. We might have to check it out this summer when the music festival starts.
Needless to say it was a crazy busy day. Thanks NMSS for the table and your support of our business. Your donation is forthcoming.

We decided to spend the night in Milwaukee Satruday so we could set up at 7:30 am. We went to a great sushi restaurant, Sake Tumi. Say it fast and you'll get it. Stayed at a great Hilton that must have been over a 100 years old. The room was enormous and beautiful. I love old historic buildings.

We had the best taxi driver on the way back. He insisted I sit up front with him because it would be easier for me to get in and out. What? A person that gets a disability??? Thanks.
We all had the giggles for some reason. Me, because I had some crazy alcholic drink and I'm a cheap date. haha !

Somehow we started talking about the volkwagon commercial and I said "red one" and lightly punched the driver. All three of us burst into hysterical laughter.
Something so silly and we would have great memroies everytime we recalled that night.

Hope everybody who particpated in a MS Walk had a wonderful time. We, the people with MS, their friends and families, will find a cure someday and we will all join together in the largest group hug ever. Someone call the guiness world records I feel a cure in our horizon.

Have a fabulous day everybody.


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