Thursday, May 9, 2013

Physical Therapy

I went to physical therapy today...I'm completely worn out but happy to have a partner
to help me get stronger.
Took  2 hr nap when I got home..It felt great

Dinner the other night was wonderful. Thanks Kat...had a rainbow margarita.I want another..
I havent been out to dinner since my birthday in Janury so it was great to get out for a girls night.

I'm looking  for a volunteer opportunity here in town. Not that I have the time but I have the desire to give back...Trying to decide what to do...Any ideas?

Orange is thenew Pink tshirts have been drasticlly reduced. Check them out

Have a great day everybody


Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Recently I bought some physical therapy walking bars. They were expensive but I
had to believe they would be helpful and I have to admit Ive noticedsome changes but the best part was when my friend noticed how much easier I got in and out her car.

So there ! Positive people create positive results.. I can do anything !!

Found a coupon for dinner tonight..Most people know Im always using a coupon for something. I refuse to pay full price for anything. OK, call me cheap..LOL

Been working all morning getting caught up and making some progress. Owning a business is a paperwork nightmare. There is always something to file or update.

Love the business hate the office work

Have a great day everybody



Monday, May 6, 2013


Sunday we did the last of 3 MS Walks in Wisconsin

This one was at Summerfest in Milwaukee

It was outside and the weather was great. I even got a little pink.

They changed the format so we lost out on the after walk sales but all in all we did well.

I,on the other hand, am beyond exhausted. I planned to get up early and enter orders but overslept. A sign my MS body was tired. I am so in need of a massage. Any volunteers?

Bank deposit is done and inventory is done...Now entering orders and getting organized.

I love doing the walks but they wear me out.

Going to dinner with a friend tomorrow and looking forward to it. Time for a social life

Have a great day everybody


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Walk MS

last week we did the Walk MS for Fox Cities, near Appleton.
It was the first time we did that location and it was alot of fun.

The weather was  so cold people gave up on walking. Brrr

Love being around  positive people

Made mac and cheese from scratch last night..Still trying to perfect my recipe..
lots of leftovers though.

Have you got your cooling items for the summer yet?

Email me if you need help or dont see what you want

Been an exhausting day,looking forward to getting some sleep

Have a great day everybody!