Friday, January 30, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness on American Idol

I am a huge fan of American Idol and I was a bigger fan of the Osmonds grownig up.
I come from that generation ( do the math and you can figure out how old I am)

I also had the honor of hearing Alan Osmond speak at a National Multiple Sclerosis Society
lunch here in Wisconsin. There wasn't a dry eye in the room after hearing his story, like, so many of us, is inspiring.

I hope his son, David, does well on the show. Keep fighting David we are all behind you.
I found this article on the subject and wanted to share it.

David Osmond Brings Family's Musical Legacy To 'American Idol'
Donny and Marie's nephew tells touching story of his battle with multiple sclerosis.

This year's "American Idol" has already seen the passing of the torch from Jason to Michael Castro, the first legacy to make it to Hollywood. But during the Utah auditions that aired on Wednesday night, the program got what might be its first bona fide über-ringer, David Osmond.
The Provo, Utah, native is the son of Alan Osmond, the eldest brother of the squeaky-clean Osmond singers, best known for their tight harmonies, wholesome family values and the "Donny & Marie" variety show of the 1970s.
David Osmond, 29, began performing with his family at age 4 in a barbershop quartet and has appeared in the Broadway touring version of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," as his uncle Donny's understudy. According to his Web site, he's recorded albums as part of the Osmonds: 2nd Generation band with brothers Michael, Nathan and Douglas and has been working on his solo debut for several years.
The soul-patch-sporting David, one of Alan Osmond's eight children, won the judges' hearts with his bright smile and a version of Take 6's "Something Within Me." His calm, cool audition impressed the judges, but Simon Cowell worried that "if you think you're contemporary, you're going to make a huge mistake, David ... massive mistake, because that will not work." And Paula Abdul wondered if he would be able to shine as a solo artist after singing multi-part harmonies for so many years. "You need to start thinking of yourself as one solo artist," she said. But, seeing his potential, the judges voted him through.
One of the most dramatic parts of Osmond's story was the revelation that, like his father, he suffers from multiple sclerosis, which had confined him to a wheelchair until just before his audition last summer. In the three years he's had MS, it has sometimes made him unable to sing or play guitar. And while Osmond knows it could strike back at any time, he told host Ryan Seacrest that he was feeling good and strong during the audition process.
"It's like a roller coaster," he said of the disease that attacks the nervous system. "It has a remittance and a relapse. It's very likely that MS ... could flare up, and I could go back to that wheelchair."
Osmond said he feels his dad with him at every step, and father and son shared a touching moment when a weepy Alan Osmond said, "He's got a challenge and he's whipping it, because he's tough ... and he's not doing it because he's an Osmond."
"So genuine," judge Kara DioGuardi said after David celebrated getting his Hollywood pass with his large, adoring family.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis hits the Osmonds Again

David just auditioned for American Idol. This could help raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis
but let's wish him luck on the show and support him !

MS and the Osmonds: The Second Generation
Among his other achievements — like headlining in Branson with The Osmonds: The Second Generation and taking over for his uncle Donny in the U.S. tour of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat — David Osmond may have devised the most evocative descriptions ever of the pain associated with MS.
The 24/7 sensation in his legs, he says, feels like:
Being beaten with a baseball bat
Being crushed in an avalanche
The worst sunburn imaginable
Not that he’s complaining. When we talked in late May 2008, David, 28, was euphoric because he could walk, drive, sing and play guitar. About a year earlier, on the eve of his wedding, he could do nothing. Just as torturous as the physical disability was the fear of condemning his saintly fiancée Valerie to being more of a care partner than wife. (David got steroids so he could walk down the aisle; then it was back to the wheelchair.)
A recent MRI wasn’t pretty, and David knows better than most that functionality can be on-again, off-again: his father Alan was diagnosed more than 20 years ago and has been a stalwart supporter of the MS movement. David’s diagnosis was complicated by the presence of West Nile virus, but after years of symptoms and tests, not to mention his family history, he was ready to say it: he has MS.
So, as Osmonds do, he found a way to move forward with style: by becoming director of business development for a new fundraising outfit called uPlejSM (pronounced “you pledge”) that pairs his commitment to the National MS Society with the multiplying power of social networking. Here’s David explaining how it works.
One of David’s goals for the nonprofit sector is to prove the benefits of cooperation. “Having done a lot of galas and performances and worked with nonprofits before, I have seen this inevitable — and I hate to put it this way — contention and fighting for the donor pool,” he said. “The concept behind uPlej is breaking down the walls between charities to support each other.”
David is grateful that as he has learned more about MS, he has learned more about his father. And when he sees how many clinical trials are underway, he has reason to hope there will never be a third generation of Osmonds with MS.
“I know it’s going to be a bright future,” he said.
“People ask me all the time, ‘How you doing?’ And I sincerely mean this: It’s the best day of my life, because I’m still here, on this planet, still breathing.”

To read more go to


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom !

Today is my mother in law's birthday.

She is truly one of the greatest people I have ever met in my life and I am blessed she
is part of my life. I have to admit I feel more like her daughter than her daughter in law.
She is my rock. I would not have made it thru this diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis without her. She has been there for me every step of the way (literally)

She and Dad visited about a week after my diagnosis. It was a planned trip and exactly what I needed before I had to start making all these decisons on therapy, etc.

My husband, Mark and his brother had plans to fly to Pittsburgh today and take her out to dinner. They arranged their schedues, (which was remarkable with them both being so busy)
arranged for a rental car, made reservations for dinner and had flowers to pick up once they got there.
And then came Mother Nature. Hopefully they will be able to reschedule it.

So, Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Mom. I love you.


P.S. Ripley is doing well. He came home one very groggy doggy and didn't even bark
when Mark came home from work. He loves to bark but I think sleep was his top priority !

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Have you read a good book on multiple sclerosis lately?

I am a huge reader and I thought it would be fun for you to share what books you have read on our favorite subject of Multiple Sclerosis.

Within my company I sell alot of books and alot of them have to do with multiple sclerosis.

I have read alot of books myself but I thought you should share your opinions on the books you've read.

I'll start you off...One of the best books on multiple sclerosis I have ever read is :

Facing the Cognitive Challenges of MS by Jeffrey Gingold
Truly one of the best books about MS on the market. It will make you laugh, make your cry but you will finally feel like you not alone. Everybody who has MS in their lives should read this book...especially spouses, family and friends.

This is what I wrote on my website under book reviews.

Not only because I have had the honor of meeting Jeffrey Gingold numerous times ( we both live in Wisconsin and often show up at the same events). He also came to speak to my support group and signed the books for us. Wonderful man. This is such a real book. It's not sugar coated. It's real.
I recommend this book for not only people who have multiple sclerosis but their families, friends and especially spouses. The lightbulb will go on and finally you will not feel alone.

Kudo's to Jeffrey for hitting the nail on the head. As a person with multiple sclerosis I appreciate your honesty.


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Ripley goes to the Vet

This morning we had to take Ripley to the vet to have his teeth
cleaned. We weren't sure how to feed Noelle without feeding Ripley, especially because Ripley
(our rescue dog) has so many food issues.
So we waited til Mark left with Ripley and then I fed Noelle. But not before
an entire chorus of howling and whining by Noelle. She is the most insecure dog I have ever
met. After Goldie died, she was in mourning for a long time. Always sleeping in Goldie's bed
and laying in the downstairs bathroom. Goldie liked how cold the floor was and how dark that
room was. Whenever I couldn't find Goldie, she was always curled up on the floor sound asleep in the bathroom.
Noelle howled after Mark and Ripley left. And I do mean howled. Nose to the sky and howled. I couldn't help myself and laughed but then she started charging the child gate. I called her over and calmed her down. She has been so mopey and is stuck to my leg. I thought she was going to jump in the shower with me.
I had to leave the curtain open so she could see me. I turned on the music in the shower ( we have this funky shower radio) and sang real loud making up lyrics with her name in it.

She is asleep at my heels as I write this, Ripley will be home mid afternoon and they will
run and play and all the stress will be forgotten. At least she is sleeping now. She is beautiful to watch sleep. Whenever I can't sleep at night, I like to watch her and Ripley sleep.
What a life a dog has ! And they give you all that love and really only want love in return.
The house is a little quiet ( Ripey usually snores when he is in the office with me)
Soon the chaos of my little pups will return and things will be back to normal heaven.


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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Race for a MS Pill

German drug maker Merck KGaA became the leading contender in the race to release the first oral medicine for multiple sclerosis, after the company announced promising results from a late-stage clinical trial.
Current drugs for MS, in which the body's immune system attacks nerve cells in the brain, leading to tingling, numbness and eventual paralysis, are all injections or infusions.
But several companies -- including Biogen Idec Inc., Novartis AG and Merck -- are competing to develop pills that could be taken orally. Such drugs could take sales from current injectables from Biogen, Pfizer Inc. and Teva Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Biogen shares fell 6.8% to $47.42 at 4 p.m. Friday in composite trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market. Merck's shares rose 8.6% in European trading to €69.89 ($90.75). The company is majority-owned by the Merck family of Germany.
Merck on Friday said its cladribine pill met the primary goal of a company-run study on 1,326 patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, the most common form of the disease. The drug currently is used in injectable form to treat leukemia.
Based on the data, the company said it would apply for approval from U.S. and European regulators later this year. That puts Merck about six months ahead of Novartis's pill, analysts estimated, and about two years ahead of Biogen's.
In the study, about 440 people received treatment with a placebo for two years. The rate of relapses, or flare-ups of symptoms, was about one every three years. Among 880 patients treated with cladribine, the rate was about one relapse every seven years, a significant improvement.
The study wasn't a straight comparison of Merck's pill versus a placebo. Patients who suffered more than one relapse, or who became more disabled, were given a so-called rescue option of an injectable treatment, which may have skewed the results.
Merck declined to say how many study patients were given the rescue treatment.
In a news release, Merck said cladribine patients had suffered more often than the placebo patients from a side effect known as lymphopenia, when the body lacks enough immune-system cells in the blood. The company didn't discuss the severity of the condition, its consequences or how often it occurred.
The company said it would present the study's full results at a coming medical conference.


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My Tysabri Fix

I was really dragging yesterday and I was sooo looking forward to my
Tysabri infusion this morning. I always feel so much better after and during
my infusion.
I lost count but I believe this is # 27 Tysabri infusion. My MRI came back good. I'm not one of those worrying about PML. I figure if there is nothing I can do about it why worry about it?

I pay very close attention to my body. I eat well and exercise. I haven't had a relapse
in over 2 years. That's remarkable considering I pratically lived on steroids before starting
Only one of the regulars showed up today. We had breakfast together and chatted like teenagers.
So 4 weeks from todayI'll be back. I will have been on my cruise so I'll really my fix then. haha!

I stopped by medical imaging while I was at the hospital and requested a copy of MRI.
I was not happy being told" it was stable" what the F does that mean?

Oops ! I gotta go. It sounds like a dog just got sick. Oh yuck !


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tysabri day

Tomorrow is my Tysabri infusion. Sometimes the last few days right before my next Tysabri infusion I'm really feeling like I need it.
Today is no exception. Maybe I just wore myself out the past few days. If you have read my previous posts with the whole dog thing you'll know why.

I actually look forward to my Tysabri infusion for a couple of reasons. One is now there are a few of us who do it at the same time ( all women) which means we get to sit and talk. We usually order breakfast and to me it's like having breakfast with the girls.
It is a great way to spend a few hours and by the way, get our Tysabri.
The other reason I look forward to Tysabri is it gets me out of the house with positive people. I can't stand being aroundthewhiners and my circle is full of whiners.
The nurses are positive, the other Tysabri patients are positive.

We moved the time forward so I can be there at the same time as the other two ladies so i'll be heading out a bit early.

Have a great day everybody !


Puppy is home !

I received a phone call last ight about 11 pm. I was sleeping and somewhat out of it so I didn't answer it.
I checked voicemail aout 2:30 in the morning after getting up to go to the bathroom.
I listenend to the message and started to cry.

Here's the shortened story:

Mary found Ebay trying to back into the fence last night. She opened the gate but Ebay ran.
When she took her dog out later Ebay was waiting on the steps and darted in the house.

She is in overall good shape. A couple of scrapes and probably really hungry.

Thank you for all your rpayers. I just knew she would be okay. I had this overwhelming
feeling I couldn't shake that told me she was okay.

What wonderul news to start the day !


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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The search continues

Today Mark and I headed to Sheboyghan Falls to see if we could help
find the missing puppy.
We passed out fliers and searched the farms from our car. I am in no position
to tromp thru the farmlands but we were hoping to cover some ground others hadn't.

That area is almost all farms and tons of open space. It is covered in snow and
it was below zero this morning.

My heart like many others is breaking and there is nothing we can do.

Ebay is a product of a puppy mill. She is terrified of people and she is only
8 months old. She is terrified of cars. She was with other dogs and jumped
a five foot fence.

This is why we need regulations against puppy mills in this country. These dogs
are not easily rehabbed. They come with so many issues and they are so abused
and neglected. A normal dog getting loose is completely different than a puppy mill
dog. She has no instincts and is in a total panic.

If she survives this weather alone, there is no food because everything is snow covered.
She has no instincts to rummage through trash and she is terrified of people.

Please say a prayer for this little girl. I'm hoping someone has her in their home
ignoring the collar on her but I fear that is not the case.

Hug your dogs extra big tonight. Mine won't leave my sight, even for a minute.


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Friday, January 23, 2009


I joined the " in" crowd and became a member of Facebook around Christmas.

So many people were trying to get me to join I finally caved in. I think my cousin was the first to "friend me" and then two people from my support group.
I was really afraid I would be approached by some kook but that hasn't happened.
I really believe it is a safe place if you don't give out too much information.

Since joining I have made some friends and we email each other often and sometimes "chat".
I also reconnected with someone. That in itself, made the facebook process worth all of it.

For my birthday, several people sent me birthday wishes. I hardly got that from my family.

I joined a few multiple sclerosis groups and have met some wonderful people with MS.

So if you haven't joined facebook, ty it you might like it. Look me up and we can chat.


Lost Puppy-Sheboyghan Falls, WI

We need your help !

**1-19-09 -- Missing Sheltie in Sheboygan Falls, WI -- $500 Reward**

EBay, 8 month old Sable and White Sheltie Last Seen near Hwy 28 and County PP

Ebay is very shy and will not come to people at all. If you spot her, please call Lisa at 920-439-1849, or Mary at 920-467-4409. $500 Reward.

Temps are dropping and we need to get this little girl back to her fanily.


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Thursday, January 22, 2009

MS Walk

Today I added three new members of my MS Walk team amazingly named
We will be wearing shirts from the business named after my blog Navigating the journey of MS.

The logos for the two are basically the same. My team members will have a choice of blue or orange. I know NMSS color is orange but some of us are not orange fans. My logo is a boat so the blue works for me.
Under the t-shirts we will be wearing long sleeves so hopefully we won't have to wear coats. It is Wisconsin so you never knOw. ( pronunciation on the O's, it is Wisconsin)
Sorry I'm not from here, I just live here so everybody makes fun of the fact I have picked up their O's.
When I lived in North Carolina I picked up a lot of sayings like Y'All and holler. Oh well,
I could have picked up worse habits.

So my team is growing and we are very excited. Now we have to raise money.

I'm also on the MS Walk committee so I am a little burned out on Walk stuff.

The big boat is leaving Feb. 8 and I'm so ready.

I just joined Facebook so if anybody is on it also "Friend me" and we can chat.

Have a good day. I'm sleeping til noon tomorrow. Yeah right !


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I've got Ants in my Pants

I'm starting to get very excited about my cruise. I can hardly sit still.

I got the travel docs in the mail and suddenly it is really just around the
corner. The weather here is getting colder and I'm really needing a little sunshine
from something other than my dogs. I call them " my little patch of sunshine "because
they always find the littlest patch of sunshine, usually right in the middle of the floor, and
lay in the sun". I have learned to just walk around them.

I am trying to put together a list of what to bring. I have a tendency to always forget
something. Mark managed to get on the same flight coming home so we'll meet up
in Miami and fly home together. I wish he was coming with me but honestly I think I will meet
more people if I go without him. We have been to the Caribbean so many times and I spent so
much time in Puerto Rico on business.
I am just looking forward to getting away from it all. Except that my new Blackberry will
keep me informed on what is going on.

I told my support group that I will not be available that week and will not be checking my
home messages. Mark probably will and then email me if I need to get involved.

Have a good day everybody ! I'm going to stare out the window and look at the "frozen fog"
as they called it this morning on the news.


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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MS Walk Meeting and Support Group

Last night was our MS Walk committee meeting. Things are moving right along.
I, of course, came home with a giant to do list. We changed locations for the walk this year
for a variety of reasons I won't get into to.
We are a small group of members this year for the same variety of reasons
I won't get into to. We seem to be right on schedule. I was so exhausted from going out earlier in the day. I was afraid I would put my head down and fall asleep. But there was enough junk food
in the room to make it oh so nauseating sleep wasn't as option.

Today was the my MS Support group meeting. It was our "Christmas Party" that got snowed out last month so we called it a " New Years Party" We held it at a restaurant Mark and I go to alot. It's a sports bar but it has been non smoking from day 1. Very easy to breathe and the food is good. Everybody who RSVP'd showed up except one and we had several that didn't RSVP but showed up anyway. What part of RSVP's mandatory do people not get.
Fortunately the restaurant just kept adding tables to accomadate us.

We laughed alot and got caught up. It was fun but there is always one you want to take out back and slap the shit out of. Except, this time I wasn't sure if they were going to make it out back before someone slapped him silly. I was in no mood so I stood up for myself, believe it or not,
and almost tossed the idiot out the door. I'm sorry I will not tolerate that in a support group or any other environment. He was very disrepectful and disgusting with his remarks.

What was even worse was we had a 10 year old kid there. I think by the time the event was over there was a line of who wanted to kick his butt.

We had a gift exchange so I brought one of my MS Bears. One of the women really wanted it so I made sure she got that gift. I got this cool mug and gingerbread hot chocolate. I really wanted it tonight but I will have to wait til tomorrow.

I came home and got caught up on my emails. I probably sent ot 25 emails. Some about the MS walk, some were friends, some were business.

I am ready to call it a night. If you live in the Sheboyghan Falls area of Wisconsin please be on
the lookout for a young sheltie pup who jumped her fence and is lost and panicked.
She is very skiddish of people ( a product of puppy mills) and we ( the sheltie rescue community ) are desperate to find her before the temps drop again in a few days. We have had a few sightings but we need all the help we can find to bring her home. She has a collar and tag. Please say a prayer that this beauty is safe and will come home soon. Her family( and extended family ) are scared out oftheir minds.


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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank You Kmart Shoppers

Ok, so my customers are much more than K-Mart Shoppers.

Just a reminder that if you place an order thru
from my site I don't know who you are because you become Amazon's
customer so I have no way of Thanking you except in this public forum.

So Thank You from the bottom of my heart. It means alot to be supported.

Also, for those of you who are unfamilar with how it works. If you go to my site and click on any amazon product. That will take
you to and I donate a portion of all proceeds to the Multiple Sclerosis
Foundation and NMSS.
Remember it doesn't have to an MS related item and I don't know who you are so feel free to shop anywhere on
It will still trigger the donation.

Have a great day. Stay Warm ! I'll be running ( well not exactly running) all over town.

I have a million things to do.


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Monday, January 19, 2009

Bill Targets Handicapped Parking Violators

Saw this article and had to post it. Some of you know this is a major
pet peeve of mine. Kudo's to South Carolina. Now if the other States could
do something.

Bill targets handicapped parking violators

People use handicap placards that don't belong to them. Drivers park in the striped access aisles next to designated spaces. And confusion abounds over who is responsible for catching violators.

"There's a continual problem of people abusing handicap placards, parking in spaces without a placard or having a placard they're not entitled to," said Sen. Vincent Sheheen of Camden.
Sheheen and Sen. Dick Elliott of North Myrtle Beach, both Democrats, introduced a bill last week to create more accountability in the process of acquiring a placard. The state Senate already has passed the legislation twice, but the bill stalled in the House both times, Sheheen said.

Angela Jacildone, state advocacy manager for the mid-Atlantic chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, said record keeping is part of the problem.

"There's a disconnect between the forms from the DMV and the physician who writes the prescription (for the placard)," Jacildone said.

A Watchdog report earlier this year found the Department of Motor Vehicles does not record physicians' information, leaving no way to check whether a physician actually filled out the form.
The bill would connect those dots with a form that will stay on file with the DMV.
The proposed law also would redefine a person with a disability.

"The current law may not include a person with Multiple Sclerosis because they may not look like they have a disease," she said. Many people with MS suffer fatigue, which worsens throughout the day.

And finally, the legislation would connect the person and the placard with an identification card, which law enforcement personnel could look at and match.

Although not part of the proposed law, the MS society would like to see more clarification in the law regarding who has jurisdiction for enforcement.

"Some agencies will tell us they will go to business parking lots. Others say it's private property," Jacildone said.

"We would also like to see more language about access aisles," she said.
Cars sometimes park in the striped areas next to designated spaces. That aisle is necessary for a person with a disability to get in and out of their wheelchair or scooter.


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Dad would be Happy

Dad would be really happy this morning because his beloved
Steelers are going game to the Superbowl.
Dad was a huge Steelers fan and had season tickets at one point.
Congrats to the team. They deserve this. They worked hard.
I guess on Feb. 1 we will be watching the Superbowl not for the commercials
but to cheer Dad's team on to victory !

Mark will be in Pittsburgh the end of January so I am sure it will be nuts there.
It's a good thing they are playing in Florida.


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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Experience of a Lifetime

It's was a year ago tomorrow that I had the experience of a lifetime.

Last September I had a medical test that showed some unusual results. After months of testing I got the diagnosis of cancer. Just in case having multiple sclerosis wasn't enough. Two days before Thanksgiving I had surgery. Nice way to ruin a holiday. Mark, my hubby, made the most incredible Thanksgiving Feast while I wallowed in pain.
A week before Christmas I got the all clear, they believe they got it all. Yeah !!

On Christmas Eve day, I received a call from the Adaptive Sports Association in Durango Colorado. With everything I had going on I had completely forgotten I had applied for this scholarship. Well, the phone call, advised me I got it and would I like to come to Durango and learn to snow ski?
Oh my god ! Me on ski's ! They don't call me Cathy the Klutz for nothing.
But after what Ihad just been through my perspective on life changed and I was so ready for a challenge. I accepted and the transformation began.
I had attempted to go skiing with my sister when I was 18. It was pouring rain, I was wearing jeans and we never had any instruction so I just sat there and cried.

I was flown to Durango Colorado by myself for four days of snow skiing.
When I got there I was welcomed by my "Host Family". Two of the most wonderful people
I have ever met.
Their dog greeted me the way my dog greets people and I was covered with slobber. I immediately felt at home.
The next morning we arrived at the ski hut and I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed.
A crew of 5 plus were assigned to me to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses.
I was pretty adamant that I didn't want the sit ski, that I wanted to do this standing.
We proceeded to get on a ski lift ( something I had never done before and I am a bit terrified of heights).
When the ski lift reached the top I got off and skied with help to our designated spot. I had
to stop in my tracks, so to speak, and fight back the tears. I couldn't believe I was doing this.
My instructor turned to me and said " It's okay, everybody has that reaction".
In the days that followed I learned so much about my body and how strong I really was.
I learned to focus, bend my knees, look straight ahead. The only thing I kept forgetting to do was BREATHE ! I tried all different types of apparatus including a walker type of device and a very cool ski bike. I beleive I got as high as 11,000 feet ( a whole new version of rocky mountain high)
My legs really held up. My body surprised me. I got winded one day and had to use my asthma spray. Probably the altitude. I came home from this adventure feeling like I can do anything.

Never in a million years did I think my multiple sclerosis body would be skiing down a mountain standing. My hubby and I had planned to go skiing this season but the economy put an end to those plans. I am so hooked. My body stepped up to the plate and excelled.
To think just a few years ago I was using a wheelchair everywhere I went and now I was skiing standing..
It still brings tears to eyes.
It was an expereince of a lifetime. I have never met so many compassionate people, who get it and they don't even have multipe sclerosis.
I would encourage all of you to apply for this program. I am going to link my website with thiers.
Here is their website:
Tell them I sent you. It is an experience you deserve.

I want to go back. Maybe they will have a reunion or maybe I can do their river rafting program. Please please please check it out. You won't regret it.


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A bunch of nothing

It snowed yesterday so we decided to forgo our plans and we just stayed home.

The temps are finally moving to a tolderable number ( above zero) so we ventured
out today to do all of our errands. After that I did the usual housework, laundry,etc.
Multiple Sclerosis, as we all know, doesn't like these brutally cold temps.

Sometimes my life can be so boring. I just rode my exercise bike however my right leg was not
feeling a part of the team. It started dancing around mid way thru it and I banged my knee
on the controls. Oh that felt good ! Life with multiple sclerosis. Every limb seems to have its own agenda.

Added some new items to the website. Got all my emails added to my Blackberry and updated my calendar. Once I get the hang of this I think it will really help me stay organized. And God knows, I could use my Multiple Sclerosis brain to be at least a little organized. haha!

Put together a few proposals for the upcoming MS Walk ( which I am on the committee for).I figured if I have to have multiple sclerosis I might as well try to find a cure by raising money for research.

It should be a busy week so I am pacing my body so I don't have any problems.

I should get the results of my MRI soon. Hopefully there are not too many new lesions.
Although my multiple sclerosis is really under control I don't want to really hear any
potentially negative news. It's just not me. Get away from me if you have any negativity
on you. I grew up with more than my share of that.


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Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Birthday

I had a great birthday yesterday. I might even go so far to say it was close to perfect.

The weather is brutally cold and my multiple sclerosis is struggling. Like most people
cold weather hurts your bones but with multiple sclerosis it can really stop you from

This morning the wind chill was 35 below zero. No that is not a typo it really was that cold.
Needless to say, my MS body is staying home today. The only time I am going outside is to take the dogs out.

Thanks everybody for making my birthday special. The chinese food was great and we have lots of leftovers. The dogs did not get anything to eat but their own doggie food. The champagne was great and the company was awesome. We didn't sit on the floor and eat because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get back up. We toasted to a cure for multiple sclerosis.
Have a good day everybody, stay warm! Brrr !!!


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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today is my birthday !

Today's is my birthday and I feel great !
When I went to take the dogs out at 5:00 am this morning
there were two boxes all wrapped sitting on the kitchen table for me.

It was a nice way to start the morning. not that I was getting a gift
but that Mark put them there for me to find. Very sweet !

When he left for work he said there was a box on the doorstep. UPS has been
delivering so late we must have forgotten to check the porch.
That was from my mother in law. And last night his brother and sister in law
sent me a package directly from Joann. I was a little confused when I saw
the box thinking my MS is acting up if I don't remember ordering something
from Joann.
I received numerous emails all week wishing me a happy birthday.
As you all know I was major league stressed earlier in the week so the
wishes couldn't have come at a better time.

Thank you all for remembering my birthday. Birthdays are hard for me
because as you may have noticed all the gifts were from my husbands family
and not mine. I guess the 99 cent store was closed.
I appreciate all the support and I am going to have a great day regardless
of my screwed up family.
Mark is bringing home Chinese ( so I didn't have to cook) and we can spend
the night huddled or cuddled together. It's below zero here. The dogs can try
and swipe a piece of eggroll (NOT! ) and I'll probably have a glass of champagne.

So raise your glass :Here's to another wonderful year. Great hubby, adorable dogs,
one side of family normal, friends and hopefully a better economy !


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tysabri gram

I just got all this stuff in the mail from Tysabri. Lots and lots of Tysabri info and lots and
lots of multiple sclerosis info.
As an advocate for Tysabri I get all kinds of literature and reading material on the
pro's and con's ( mostly pro's) of the use of Tysabri for multiple sclerosis.
Today I got a box of stuff and several large envelopes of stuff.

I guess I'll start reading it to see if there are changes in Tysabri that as an advocate
I should be aware of.
I also got a tote bag ( which I many of but I really these ones) and a cool blanket with
the Tysabri logo on it ( of course)

Ok, so I'm going to go read all this fun stuff on Tysabri under my new blanket.

It is below zero outside so the blanket sounds really good right now.
In just a few weeks I will not need any blankets. I'm dreaming of sunshine and sand
and oh my god I can't wait ! I talked to my roommate last night and I am so excited to meet her.


Brain MRI

Yesterday I had my brain MRI that I was dreading. The staff at
the hospital is so unbelievably wonderful.
I am extremely claustrophobic so we did under anethesia.
I met with an anesthesiologist first who was very calming
and reassuring. All the nurses kept walking by saying "you look
familiar, Where do I know you from?".
Okay, so that is the problem with living in a small town. Everybody
knows you and most everybody cares about you.
I grew up in California and there was always an ulterior motive
if someone did soemthing for you. Out here, not so much. Oh don't
get me wrong. I have run into the creme del a creme of crum bums
out here but for the nost part everybody goes above and beyond
what you would ever expect.
I have done so much for the MS community for the 5 years I have lived
in Wisconsin I am pretty well known out here.
So I feel better about having done the MRI and I don't even care
abou the results. I know how I feel and that is the most important
Spent the morning working on the MS Walk trying to get sponsors,
sneakers sales, team members, etc.
I'm pooped and I have three months to go before the walk. Good grief
am I going to make it. Oh yeah ! And I have been getting orders all
morning ! yeah !!!

I can do anything. So this is where I should start singing I am woman
by Helen Reddy. haha!

Don't forget to vote for my ringtone. Voting ends tomorrow !!
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great timing !

Hope all of you voted for my ringtone.

We are supposed to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday.

I didn't sleep very well. I wasn't feeling well when we took the dogs out
and without getting into too many details, I got sick.

It's snowing again and really cold and I am thinking we may not make it
out tonight. Mark went to the grocery store alone so I could rest a bit.

Not sure if this multiple sclerosis related or if I ate something that didn't
agree with me. I rarely get sick so I am somewhat concerned.
I know that multiple sclerosis affects everybody differently and I could just
be having some symptom I have never experienced. Great timing body!

I am going to take it easy today. My goal is to clean up the office.
Between all the year end stuff and the new year starting off nicely with
orders, the office looks like a tornado landed on it.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hit the Mile Marker

We bought each other an exercise bike for Christmas
and I have been slowly working up my strength.

Today I hit the mile marker. One mile ! Wow !
I'm very excited and very proud of this MS body.
I slowly worked myself up to one mile because I didn't
want to wear myself out.
So there are probably a few of you laughing right
now saying "big deal a mile". Well, to someone with
multiple sclerosis it is a big deal, even a huge
When I first got on the bike Mark had to help my
legs move. They just didn't get it.
Today, I finally hit the mile marker and I'm proud
of myself.
Exercise is a crucial part of staying in shape for people with
multiple sclerosis but I want to do more than just stay
in shape.I want to get better. I know people think that
all peope with multiple sclerosis are sitting on the couch
watching TV I'm here to tell you diffrerently.
Some of us are not quitters, some of us will get better.
I'm living proof of that.
So hitting a one mile marker is a big deal.
Go back to laughing. I'm sure you didn't do any exercise
today or even this week.
For me, I am the only one laughing now. LOL ( for those of
you who don't know lingo that means laughing out loud)


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm not Drunk, I have MS

Product of the Week...Special price thru 1-13-09

I'm sure we have all had people think we were drunk
when it was really that signature MS walk.

Shirts are available in sizes Medium-2XL.
They are a soft grey with red imprint.

s-XL $9.99 Reg. price $14.99 ea
2XL-$11.99 Reg. price $16.99
Orders your today at this special price !!

Amazon Buyers

So from time to time I like to write something thanking my customers
who visited my site and then went on to and placed an order.

Once you enter sites you are no longer my customer so I have
no way of knowing who you are. I appreciate you visiting my site and then
going to because with every order you place I donate money to
the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

I am extremely grateful for your continued loyalty and thank you very much.

I wish their was a way I could say thank you differently but I am hoping you
are reading my blog so you will know how I feel.
So big thanks from Mark and I to all you for supporting us with our new business.
It means alot.
Every time someone goes from my site to and places an order it
triggers a donation. something I am committed to do.
You don't have to buy something specific I list on my site, any order will trigger
the donation as long as you go to my site first.
I personally shop alot on so I am happy to do business with them.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brain MRI

Today I made the final arrangements for my brain MRI that I will
have next week.
I am extremely claustrophobic and have to be completely out. I even
freaked out in an open MRI.
It's odd because I have flown on tiny tiny airplanes, been in small elevators
and a bunch of very claustrophobic settings and I am fine. I just can't
lay there listening to that pinging noise of the MRI and not let my imagination
run away with me.
I also have a spastic leg that doesn't always lay still for very long and being
completely out helps not ruin the scan.
My doctor had me reallyfreaked out about this MRI. I know they don't like to
put people completely under who have multiple sclerosis. I know there are risks.
There are risks involved in everyday life.
I was a pedestrian hit by car crossing the street. The guy just left me lying in the
street. My husband was running one morning and got hit by a car. There are
risks everywhere.
What I don't need is a neuro putting ideas into my head that I won't wake up
if they put me under. I talked with the MRI nurse and she calmed me down.
I really feel this is necessary. I haven't had an MRI for two years.

Maybe I should be looking for a new doctor. We live in a small town and choices
are limited or non existent so I would have to go to Milwaukee or Madison.
I don't drive so transportation could be a problem if Mark had an unexpected
business trip.

Anyway, it is next Monday. I am trying hard to not think of it. I am such a positive
person so I am going to rely on my inner strength. As I have learned many times, my
support system thru this Multiple Sclerosis nightmare is non existent.
It seems to be a one way street. I check on everybody else and nobody
checks on me. Must be nice !


Sunday, January 4, 2009

MS Brain is Fried

Today we attempted to set up the new Blackberry. It was fun and frustrating
all in one.
My voice mail message transfered from my old phone so we didn't have to mess with
that. We added one email account, ran into a few problems, but hopefully straightened
it out. I have 4 email addresses including the business emails.

We set up part of my address book and part of my calendar.
I can add all of this info on my desktop computer which is much more user friendly
for my MS fingers. I am getting used to the symbols on the blackberry and the
size of those very small keys and screen.
Still haven't decided on a ringtone. I am thinking of adding a poll to my blog. LOL
so you guys can help me decide. I can't even come up with four to put on a poll though.

Good grief sometimes I can be so female. I was just happy the Blackberry was Red.

It is starting to get very cold again. Our high is only suppose to be 10 degrees tomorrow.

Mark goes back to work tomorrow and I have two appts so I get to go out in the cold.

I have a few projects going on in the Multiple Sclerosis world I am always involved in.
Sometimes I think I can be a full time volunteer. If you organization has Multiple Sclerosis
somewhere in the name of it call me. I'll do it. NOT ! I need to learn to say no once in a while.
I do have alot support for my business from many multiple sclerosis organizations
and I am grateful for that.
I've been putting my MSWalk stuff on hold til after the holidays so I guess I get to
start that project. We are having a team this year. Team
(very original) but I really want to build that business.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Getting Organized

Yesterday in a somewhat feeble attempt at getting my MS brain organized
we bought a blackberry for me.
I really just wanted a PDA to keep myself organized but after doing some research
we realized that a smart phone might be the answer we are looking for.
My cell phone is about 5 years old and I try to carry it with me around the
house but I tend to drop it alot. The belt loop thing doesn't really work well
for me because it is often in way if I have to go to the bathroom quickly. And
that never happens right, MSer's.
We did alot of research on phones/pda's and decided on a Blackberry. It has a full
keyboard so it will be easier for my MS fingers to type. It also has a more usable
attachment to my waist so it probably won't fall off so easily.
A need for a PDA has become a must in my life. I have double booked myself
numerous times and while people are patient with me it is quite embarassing
having to reschedule.
It will also put all my phone numbers I might need in one place so I don't have
to have all those little pieces of paper in my purse.
I am looking forward to learning how to use it. The good thing is it will do alot for
me to stay organized but the bad news is I have to learn all this new stuff.
I like to learn stuff so I'm kind of looking forward to it but then again we couldn't
figure out how to sync our Ipods. There are enough computer geeks in the family
so we will have alot of help.

So, a sidenote to Robert @ Conquer MS. My new resolution ( I hate that word too)
so my new years goal is to be the organized person I always was and often feel is
slipping away. If an electronic device will do it for me, I'll be happy. Goal achieved!

Now the really big question...what do I choose for a ringtone?