Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yikes I'm having a relapse

I havent been here for awhile because I had back to back relapses.

My husband was in Europe both times and I had to rely on my wonderful
friends and neighbors to get me thru it. We all know my family could care
less or even offer a kind word.

I woke up one day unable to stand up. I fell a few times and my neighbor had to
come pick me up off the floor.

By Monday morning I had fallen alot and was unable to get up the stairs. I slept
on the couch for 5 days.

I called my neuro office at 8:30 am and by 9:15 I had steroids in hand. My neighbor
dropped everything for me.

During that week people stopped by and brought me clean clothes,toiletries and even put together orders for our business

Thank You to everybody for their love and support during this time.

4 days after my last steroid pill I couldnt stand again so I started all over.

At this time I'm on Day 6 of 15 (second round of steroids). Feeling stronger
everyday and yes NO sign of my F'd family.

At least Mark is in town for a while. He's cooking Thanksgiving dinner and I get to watch football. hahahaha!

Really, all my holiday shopping is done. Custom holiday cards are done. Business is crazy busy. Teaching myself Sign language which is helping my hands alot.

I even gave Mark one of his gifts because he needed it now.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everybody. Spend it with people you love and people who love you.