Thursday, December 31, 2009

last call

Tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of my New Years Special.

Order any tshirt or sweatshirt and you will recieve a MS Bear FREE.

Limit one bear per order. Offer good thru January 1, 2010.

Order yours today.

Happy New Year

As I sit here on the eve of the New Year I ponder many thoughts.

Resolution or no resolution?

Goals..for myself and my business

What will the New Year have in store for my health?

Will 2010 be the year we find a cure?

I will ponder these questions and get back to you. I'm sharing a glass of champagne with my hubby. Albeit a few hours early, please don't call the New Years police. If you do I will greet them at the door with a glass of bubbly. Probably staggering, oh wait that will be the MS.

If you don't already know it, I love champagne. I almost always have an open bottle of bubbly in my fridge. tonight I am going pink.

Enjoy everybody. Have a wonderful celebration. Be safe. Please don't drive if you have been drinking.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Free MS Bear

Now through January 1 ,2010 all orders for t shirts or sweatshirts will receive a MS Bear FREE.

Limit one bear per order. Order yours today. !!!

Owned and Operated by a person with MS.

A portion of all proceeds goes to MS charities !!

We made it !!!

The Packers made the playoffs !! Here we are decked out in our new Packers shirts. Even the dogs got bandanas for Christmas.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Years Special ! !!!

New Years Special....
Order any TShirt or Sweatshirt and you will recieve a MS Bear FREE.

Offer good through January 1 ,2010. Limit one bear per order.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

what a day

Yesterday I felt like if it could go wrong it would.
It was a frustrating day.

When I took the dogs out about 5:15 am I realized the doggie door was
frozen shut. Well, technically Ripley figured it out when he bopped his head on it.
It was beloew zero and it had become so stiff it wouldn't bend. argh !

Then Noelle didn't want breakfast. ( she does this alot only when Mark is gone)
So I fed her Ripleys food. argh !

I had two orders from the day before I was still trying to get out the door.
Of course, the printer decided it was time for for the Christmas holiday.
It wouldn't print anything. ( did I mention I have four printers ) argh !

Nobody shoveled me out so my porch, steps and driveway looked like nobody was
home. Great ! I'm home alone, have a disability and it looks like my house is empty.
I had a complete meltdown by this point. argh !

I had to send someone to the Post Office for me to ship some orders. Gave complete
instructions and money. So they decided to send it priority ! Well, there goes my profit.
I had a special price for shipping tshirts of 99 cents each but I paid $8.00. Ouch ! Argh !

I have this filter on my washing machine. It blinks blue when it needs to be changed.
Of course, it always needs to be changed when Mark is gone. I had to figure how to get it
to stop blinking before I went to bed or upstairs would blink blue all night. As if the very colorful
lights across the street weren't enough. (they look great but please turn them off when you go to bed) argh !

Went to the run the dishwasher last night and found the Cascade liquid detergent had frozen
solid. Sat on the floor holding the bottle close to me to warm it up so it would soften and I could get it in the machine.
Now thats a Utube video. Warming up the dish soap. argh !

Took the dogs out last night for final pee of night when I found a box on my trashcan.
Guess the mailman thought it was an appropiate place to leave it.
So I came back in the house, shoved my recovering broken toe in a boot and walked down
the snow packed stairs to retrieve the box. I guess the sign on the front porch telling
all delivery people to please leave the package on the front porch didn't register with this mailman. Its always better to have a woman with a disability to retrieve a box at 9:00 pm.
aargh ! double aargh !

I was ready to open some wine, forgo the glass and drink directly from the bottle.

I also realized I forgot my nieces birthday. guess what I'm doing this morning?

Have a great day everybody.


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Monday, December 14, 2009

Our holiday card 2009

This is our holiday card we sent out this year !

Wow ! What a crazy year !

As you can tell from our cover picture we spent two weeks in Europe

enjoying Italy, Greece, Croatia and Germany. It was alot of fun and

we made some wonderful friends. We both developed a love for Chianti.

Cathy had her first relapse in 2 1/2 years a month before our trip but

we decided to go anyway. The dogs went to the best kennel ever and

had a wonderful time playing with 25 other shelties.

We also had the opportunity to see first hand why unions don't work in

this country when Mark's employer had major union problems. We

thought we would end moving to Oklahoma.

Everything in the end worked out.

Mark also became Chairman of an International Engine Organization. This is the

first time an American has held this position.

Mark has been traveling alot. Ask him about the food in Shanghai. Ugh !

I'm sure he prefers the pizza we discovered in Venice. Yummo !

Cathy also went on a cruise to the Caribbean in February by herself with

an MS organization. Ask her about her psycho roomy. Mark was at the Miami

Boat Show and we met up in the Miami airport to fly home together.

Cathy became an Ambassador with a Multiple Sclerosis Organization.

She also wrote numerous articles for various magazines and was interviewed

twice. Many joked she needed to hire a publicist.

We both became Crackberry addicts and love/hate our Blackberry's.

Our small online business in going well and

we are enjoying being business owners.

Here's to a great 2010 full of Chianti, a better boating season, and the

Packers winning the Superbowl. Go Pack

Cathy & Mark

& our fur kids-Noelle and Ripley

Happy Holiday Everybody !

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A very talented MSer

Here is a picture of Tim submitted by his wife Janet.
Tim has MS and was diagnosed in 2000.
Janet submitted this photo to me to put on my website under
"Community Page" but I am having some difficulties with that so until I figure it out ( it must be an MS thing, haha) I thought I would also share it with my readers.
Ya know how much I love these kind of stories.
Tim built this bookrack for his local MS Support group.
He recently switched to Tysabri and since doing so he has been able to resume past activites like carpentry. He is in the process of remodeling their basement. Wow ! come to my house !
Janet, thanks so much for sending this to me. I will figure out to get it on my website eventually. My brain hurts to much to figure it out right now.
By the way, Tim and Janet are fellow cheeseheads and reside a short distance from me.
Nice to meet you. Next time I am in the neighborhood ( Mr. Rodger's neighborhood)
I will buy you a cup of coffee.
Thanks again. Tim, great work. Love the color red but especially love the T shirt.
Tell a Friend !

Don't buy overpriced MS products

Today I got a google alert for MS Walk and to my surprise
when I opened it there was an ad for my shirt saying listed at CafePress.

Wow ! Now that takes balls. For all I know you could be a friend of mine.

Cafepress sells shirts one at a time. People can submit their slogan in this case
my slogan) and Cafepress will produce one shirt at a time for a whopping
price of $28.00. no ifs ands or buts. Always a
whopping $28.00.

Ok so my shirts ( the original "I do the MS Walk Every Day") start at $14.99
and has a two color imprint. A cost I don't pass on to my customers.

Ladies styles shirts are available but I have found that most women prefer a
standard cut. ( info based on me being in the screen printing business for 8 years. )

Their ad reads like mine. How creative. A portion of the proceeds goes to NMSS.
Yeah right.

So if you want overpriced shirts go to cafepress. Obviously I have intimidated someone
because they chose to copy my business.

I figured it would start at some point but it really hurts to see my ideas being
marketed by soeone else. is a small business owned by someone with MS. Cafepress
is not. You choose.

I donate a portion of all my proceeds to my local chapter of NMSS and to MSF. Check my bank records for proof of that. This year alone we have donated close to $500 and year end we will be making another donation.
And that doesn't count for the money donated to MSF.

I thought I should clear things up. I created "I do the MS Walk Every Day"
and I at least want credit for it. Or maybe a cut of the profits for my idea. And that's my final answer. LOL

Have a great day everybody ! Watch out for the imposters.


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Saturday, December 5, 2009

the meaning of the holiday

Tonight Mark and I got the feeling of what the holiday should mean and not what it has turned into today.

I'm so tired of these kids who start every sentence with "I want" and then they get it.

They are ungrateful and rude. You could write some of these kids a check for a million dollars and it still wouldn't be enough.

I have a 45 year old brother who is one of those.

Tonight after months of planning Mark & I made a little girls dream come true.

She fell in love with playing the flute and was really good at it. Her teacher loaned her her personal flute over the summer so she could play. Recently this family fell on rough times. Both of them losing their jobs and ultimately losing their home to foreclosure.
It got us thinking we really didn't need any gizmo for the holidays so I suggested we buy her a flute of her own. It would have broken my heart if she had had to give it up because something happened to the teacher or the borrowed flute and she was unable to play.

Ok, so I know nothing about buying a flute but thanks to my friend Lisa at Brass and Ivory she was able to answer all of our stupid questions and point us in the right direction. Thank you so much Lisa for all your help. We really appreciate it.

I got a call last week that my worst fear had happened. The teacher needed her flute back.
So I wrapped up the flute we had bought her and popped it in the mail.
We couldn't decided if we wanted to wait until Christmas but I think we got a message loud and clear from above.

The flute arrived today to a joyful and grateful little girl. We got a phone call tonight and I kid you not I had to fight back the tears.
Thanks for being a caring, grateful wonderful little girl.
Thanks for restoring my faith that not all kids are spoiled but thanks most of all
for making this our best holiday ever.
It is true what they say" It is better to give than receive"

Have a great day everybody


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Thursday, December 3, 2009

super duper sale

Shipping on all tshirts has been reduced to just 99 cents a shirt for limited time.

We have a great selection of holiday items and now it will cost less to ship it. Yeah !

Have a great day everybody.


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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The for the holidays

Looking for that special gift? Check out the site for the holidays.

Remember a portion of every sale goes to MSF and NMSS.

brrr. Its cold outside

It's starting to feel like winter outside. Yeah ! I really do like the colder weather.

We took our holiday photot the other day and then re took it a few days later.
I have this unusal bruise on my thigh and I couldn't figure it out. It is in a strange pattern.
I told someone abot our holiday picture and she thought the bruise was from the dog. Oh great ! I have a bruise on my thigh in the shape of a dog paw. Stop laughing. It's not that funny.

I changed the times I am taking my muscle relaxers to see if I feel less sore all thru the day.
The only problem, and it is a major problem, is I have to take a nap i nthe afternoon becausethe pills make me so fuzzy and tired.
So I will get less stuff done around here. I have to mute my phone so it doesn't ring and I answer sounding drunk.
will let you know in a few days how the change is working out.

Have a great day everbody.


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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a big thank you

Thank you so much Tracy for being there for me yesterday. Rarely does anyone ever ask if I need to talk or if I am doing okay.
Usually the phone rings or I get an email and people just start dumping their problems on me.

I guess I have just learned to keep everything inside and deal with it on my own.
I also realize that usually doesn't solve the problem.

So thank you my dear friend for recognizing I needed to talk. I'm sorry I started to cry.
Thank you for your generous offer. I know it was sincere.

Last year I made a wish on my birthday and Mark asked me what I wished for. I told him I wished for a friend like me.
I guess I had one all along, right under my nose, but I was busy being a friend to everybody else I didn't see it clearly.
You made my day yesterday and everyday. This year Iwill have an extra special Thanksgiving because of you. ( and Mark of course)

Love ya. Thank you for being my friend.

Have a great day everybody


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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Lately I have been experiencing some rather rude behavior that seems to bethe norm these days.

Maybe someone can explain to me.. why someone would friend someone who is a friend on my facebook page when you don't know this person?
If they are not on your friend page, they are NOT your friend. They are my friend and etiquette would say back the heck off. How rude!

If you want to know how to set up a business, buy a book and learn like I did. And please stop selling the same products I do. This is my business and please respect it. Us MS er's should support each other and be proud of our accomplishments. I built this business from scratch and I am very proud of it's success.

If you want my advice on a subject and you call me at an odd hour. I spend a hour on the phone with you so you can go out and do the wrong thing anyway, please lose my phone number.

Please don't drink and get pissy with me when I won't get in your vehicle after you have been drinking.

If you want my life, my friends, my business, then work hard like I did. Things don't come easy for all. I don't have a money tree growing out back. I pay my taxes ( because my husband has a job), my own mortgage ( I didn't get a bailout). I have my own health care coverage and I pinch every penny to make it happen. I use every coupon I can find and I always will. Thats how I could afford a trip to Europe.

If I donate to your cause, please say Thank You. Even a stinkin email form letter would be great.

If you want to sell something on my site, make it a well made product, ship it when you should or you will be gone in a flash.

Thank you to the two women who ran to the door at the gym the other day. I don't know you but I thank you. It is a refreshing change to have someone do a random act of kindness, especially when I feel like I am constantly being used in other aspects of my life.
People like you keep me going. I'm sure I will see you again at the gym. Thanks again for reminding me that people don't always have a hidden agenda.

Have a great day everyboy.


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

go away negativity

I recently noticed how many people in my life are so negative. Surely there is something in your life that makes you even a little happy?
If not, please just go away.
I, like all of you other MSer's, have our times when we just want to be left alone. Times when we feel awful but forced to put that smile on our faces. Times when our workload is too much we want to pull our hair out.
But even during these times we can muster a smile, a giggle, maybe even a hearty belly laugh.

Things have been crazy busy in my life lately. I don't have time to give up. I turn on my Ipod and sing. Of course, the dogs think I am nuts because only I hear the music. Which is the perfect example of something that makes me laugh. haha !

Dogs, cats, other animals, even husbands can serve this purpose of making a person laugh.

My dogs always make me laugh. The other day I was so happy I was almost caught up on laundry. I came into our bedroom to find one of my dogs licking the pillows on the beds. eeeew !
Double eeew !
Although it was gross, and it meant washing the linens, it was funny. It was downright hysterical to see a dog licking a pillow. Maybe his tongue itched?

Anyway, I always want to be there for my friends as I want them to be there for me but please call me when and if you are ever in a good mood.
I always am and I know that pisses several of you off. Cause as one of you put it "I am too perky"

Have a great day everybody ! Hug a dog, a pillow, a husband, a friend.
Don't worry , Be happy !It makes people wonder what you are up to. hahahahahaha !


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bring back customer service...please

Last night we attempted to go out for dinner. Something we rarely do because we both like to cook and we like to eat healthy.
Our first attempt was a favorite hangout for us both. Great food and just an overall fun atmosphere. Well we couldn't find an open parking space and we even tried on street parking so we decided to try restaurant #2.
This next place is in a hotel. We walked in and we waited for the hostess. and we waited and we waited. She could see us but for some reason decided to pretend she couldn't. You know the situation where the employee will oversell the people she is with instead of politely excusing herself to seat the new customers. So I decided to knock loudly on the podium to get someone/ anyones attention. This same employee turned around and gave me a hand gesture like I was bothering her. So needless to say we left there. Ramada you should be ashamed of yourself.

Restaurant # 3 was not only closed but appeared to be out of business. Not surprising.

We were ready to just give up when we decided on a place across town but on the way I remembered a new place.
We ended up at a great BBQ place. We had eaten there before and it was really good. I like to support the little guy. A new business started by a young couple. They are really down to earth and understand good food, great atmosphere but most of all CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I don't eat meat that often but I enjoyed a brisket plate. So much food I had so much leftovers for tonight.
Thanks guys. Branson's BBQ. You won the golden award for everything last night. A perfect 10 dining experience and I think you have become our new favorite restaurant.

Have a great day everybody.


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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

another credit card nightmare

Yesterday we received a letter from our credit card company that our card had "been compromised" and for security they were cancelling the card and reissuing one.

We also received the new cards. So I have spent all morning changing the credit card # on our accounts that bill autmoatically each month. The newspaper, MSN, a few other accounts.

I got to the last one and would not update online. I called customer service and they couldn't figure it out and they told me to call the bank.

I called the bank and they called the one account with me to resolve it only to find out the security code was invalid sequence and would not go in their system.

So now the bank will be issuing new cards, same number, but different security code and then I have to change the account information all over again.

We still have access to our credit card ( which is good cause Mark is headed out of town)
and I have wasted an entire morning.

Thanks for catching the security issue bank/credit card company. This is the third itme this year we have gone thru this.
Tell me whose system got hacked and I will call in my orders and not do it online.

I am so frustrated. I get to do this all over again next week. Can't people find something else to do besides hacking into retailers systems.

Have a great day everybody.


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Monday, November 9, 2009

Our weekend

Saturday we ran a bunch of errands including going to the grocery store. Mark also fixed a bunch of stuff around the house. Yippee !

Sunday morning we decided to do the power shop thing and went to the outlet mall before the Packers game ( which I could have missed )
I was feeling good so I brought the walker but only used it in one store. Otherwise I just used my cane. Which was quite a site wth my broken toe. haha !
I was proud of myself. I tend to analyze things so much that my fear of falling exists when I am sitting. I didn't fall, I hardly wobbled. Other than the good leg and its broken toe causing some pain.

I am such a bargain shopper. It is usually hard for me to find pants so when I do I will buy what I find. Walking into a store and finding an 8 Tall is hard but there is a store in the outlet mall I can usually find a pair. Sunday I found three pairs and the total came to under $20.00. woohoo ! Under $7.00 each. I was so excited.

Saturday we bought a Wii for ourselves as a holiday gift. It should arrive shorty. I can't wait.
I have heard there are programs that are wonderful for people with MS.
If you have a Wii, I really want to hear from you. Which programs do you like? Etc.

The Packers game sucked. I can't even talk about it.

I just did my workout from my personal trainer. The more I work with her, the harder the exercises become. This batch is really difficult. I guess I like that it is hard because it gives me a goal and a challenge. My hips are so sore though.
I could use a massage. Oh Mark, hint hint !

I spent so much time combing thru the dogs that I swear when I opened the trash can I swear it barked. I think I created another dog.

Have a great day everybody.


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Friday, November 6, 2009

busy busy busy

I have been so busy lately I have been ignoring my blog.
Thanks for the emails reminding me of it. haha !

Business is good so I have been wrapped up in orders and such.

Mark is in town ( for once) so we are trying to get caught up on all the
stuff I need to get done but need assistance with.

We had a pile of brances from a bush Mark cut down and couldn't find anyone
who wanted to earn a few bucks to haul it the dump for us.

All these people out of work, with a truck, and nobody would get off yheir lazy
rear end to earn a few bucks. Yesterday I called everybody I knew begging for help.

Well, I know this is going to sound like a commercial, but our state farm agent ( like a good neighbor, State Farm is there)or really
his office, came thru for us.
Within an hour I got a call and he was there 30 minutes later.
He mde a mess cleaning it up and asked me for a broom to clean it up.
Wow ! I'm glad I have your card, you will be hearing from us again. I was so impressed.
I paid him well.

Gotta renew my ad with MSF, pay some bills for the business. Do a lot of paperwork
and redo inventory. Sheesh ! Alot of work. Just made an online donation to MSF on facebook.

Finished all my orders, made all the bracelets and I am so ready for a nap. haha !

Dinner is calling so I'll start that shortly.The mail just arrived. I heard our graceful
mailman. The dogs got real excited.

Please remember our troops this holiday season. A card or gift would be so appreciated.

Have a great day everybody !


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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sweatshirts are here !!!

I just added warm and cozy sweatshirts to my website

They are available in two styles : I DO SHOTS ! and I do the MS Walk every day !

I also added 4 XL too my stock as I have been asked many times to special orders these. Some colors may be slightly different but I will try and keep those stock for you.
Thank you for asking me for them.

I have lots of new stuff going up shortly. Lots of great tiems made by MSer's that would make fabulous Holiday Gifts.

Let me know if you are looking for something and I will try and hunt it down for you.

Have a great day everybody !


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Sunday, November 1, 2009


I'm so ready for some football !!!! Packers vs Vikings Lambeau Field !!
Yesterday was flip flop day in Green Bay and alot of resaurants are serving waffle fries.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The craziness continues

Yesterday I was finally starting feel better. Went to my personal trainer and tried a bunch of new stuff.
I like learning new things. This cold has created some breathing problems and asthma related issues but we managed to get a good workout and I was walking so well.

I tried to get caught up on a few things around the house without wearing myself out.
I got some laundry done ( so I could be ready for the massive load Mark will be bringing home tonight from France)
Got some orders out so I was caught up with the business. I still have to make a bracelet though.

The sweatshirts will be here next week. yeah !

I was feeding the dogs their dinner when I dropped the tub of dog food. So where did it land?
On my foot or my toes to be exact.
Instant bruising and swelling and I could hardly stand. My strong leg of course.
I struggled thru feeding the furballs and it dawned on me that my toes had indeed broken.

I grabbed an ice pack and made use of my walker by elevating my foot.
I sat there as my foot swelled bigger and became different shades of blue and purple.

By morning I could hardly walk on it but you know I didn't have a choice. They are broken and there is nothing anybody can do.

Shoes should be fun in the next few days. At least I won't be walking at Lambeau Field on Sunday.
I'm almost afraid to leave the desk. Who knows what will happen?
I think now that I am feeling better I will hit the halloween candy. Nothing like a kit kat to make you feel better. LOl

Have a great day everybody


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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cold be gone

So I am finally starting to feel better.

This cold really knocked me off my feet and flat on my back in bed.

It has been a very long time since I have had a cold but as all you MS ers know it doesn't take much to throw your MS into a tizzy.

On bad days my legs feel like they weigh 100 pounds. With a cold they felt like they weighed 1000 pounds each.
I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnnel.

Thank you all for the emails offering encouragment and "cold tips".
some were very funny and I am sure that was the intention to make me laugh.

The dogs have been attached to me. It is awfully cute how a dog knows when you are not feeling well.
I would lay down for a nap and wake up with two fur balls cuddled up with me.

Thanks kiddo's. I wish Mark was home but maybe it is a good thing he is not. No risk of him getting sick also.

I had an appetite yesterday but not so much today. Oh well, I needed to lose a few pounds anyway. LOL

Have a great day everybody. If you don't feel well, please stay home.


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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm so sick

I have the worst cold ever. My head hurts all over, even my hair.

I bought a new pillow yesterday( a tempurpedic) I have been saving for and slept about 10 hours.
Worth every penny.

I am hoping this cold will end tomorrow and I can get some stuff done.

It's really throwing my MS into a tizzy. Thank God for Nyquil. I'm walking like Frankenstein.

I just needed to vent, whine, whatever.

If I am not around for a few days its because I am sleeping this thing off.


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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a Cane free day

Today I am challenging myself to go Cane Free.
Of course, I have to use it on the stairs but so far so good.

I have done alot of housework this morning so I'm not sure how much longer I can go before I am completely exhausted.

Just enjoyed a nice cappuccino so I have my energy boost or caffeine punch.

This past weekend inspired me to do the cane free day. See what Biogen Idec and Tysabri do for me.

What a woman can do when she sets her mind to it.

Have a great day eerybody.


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Monday, October 19, 2009

Tysabri conference

This past weekend I attended the Biogen Idec Patient Advocates conference in Chicago.

To say it was an experience would be an understatement. It was the MOST amazing MS event I have ever attended. To be surrounded by so many positive people and recieve so much support was a thrill.

We had training in perfecting our speeches and presentation skills. Everything was put on video so we could play it back and learn from it. And boy did we learn. Thanks Jeff, you are spectacular.
When someone professional is critiquing your presentation it is so nice to be among people who are equally supportive.
I learned so much and my presentation will be better than ever now.

This was the frst time I gave my speech by memory, no script just a few notes scribbled on a paper. I spoke from the heart and it was amazing.
My confidence level soared thru the roof and I can't wait to give another speech.

We learned how to stand, where to put our arms and what to do with our hands and voices to get our message across.

Thank You Biogen Idec for this amazing event. for your patience and support. For me personally, Sunday morning when I wasn't feeling well and you were all so concerned.
And for everybody trying to fix my cane, which developed MS, while I was there. haha !
The cane lost a foot and nobody in Chicago could find one so we fixed how every man would fix it. Duct Tape !

Made alot of new friends and can't wait til next year.

I am so proud to be affiliated with such a magnificent company, Biogen Idec and especially blessed to be taking Tysabri.

Have an amazing day everybody !


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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation ( MSF)

Saturday I gave my speech at a program sponsored by the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

Also at the event was John Kramer, PA for Dr. Khatri.

Although it was an extremely small turnout the event was really nice. Personally I would rather share my story with people who are there to hear it and not for the free lunch.

I met some great people. We got to participate in an event that made me smile all day.

One of the attendees who drove in from Illinois surprised mer mom who has MS with the arrival of her other daughter.
I had to fight back tears. It was an incredible moment. I often forget that some families know how to support each other and this was a great reminder. Just because my family doesn't care doesn't mean that all families are like that.

I put together a powerpoint presentation and really just had notes, no script. I think it went well and the few people who were there thanked me for sharing it. I think it was wonderful we got to all talk. It was almost like an impromtu support group.

John Kramer, of course, was wonderful to listen to and very entertaining.

I got to meet Kasey from MSF. She has been just a voice up to this point so it was nice to meet her in person. I hope I will be forgiven for the snow flurries she had to encounter. She is from Florida, ya know. LOL

A huge thank you goes out to Teva , the mfg of copaxone, who sponsored the event.

I am planning a next event in my role as an Ambassador for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.
Stay tuned. I am only in the beginning stages.

Have a great day everybody.


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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bike to fiinsh MS

This weekend is the Bike to finish MS event.

My friend will be participating in the bike to bay event on the west coast.
3 different lengths to choose from but for those of us with MS, we all say thank you.

It looks like the longest route is from the Newport Beach area ( my old stomping ground) to the
beautiful town of Carlsbad ( near San Diego).
It weaves thru San Clemente ( say hi to my old home ) and continues thru Camp Pendleton ( the marine base)
Hopefully it won't be over 100 degrees and nobody gets hurt.

Good luck to you all and have fun. But most of all Thanks.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marine injured in Aghanistan

A marine was injured over the weekend from a roadside bombing.
He had been in Afghanistan for only a few months.

Both of his feet had to be amputated 6-8 inches below his knees.
He is being moved to a hospital in Germany.
Josh is only 19 years old and the cousin of a friend of ours.

My heart and prayers go out to the Wege family. And to Sarah and Erik. I
can't imagine going thru this. Be Brave, Josh. you don't know us but there
is an entire community here praying for you.

Please support our men and woman in the military. Regardless of your
opinions of the war, these kids are giving up alot for our freedom.

When I first heard about this on Facebook yesterday I was wearing my
sweatshirt that reads : "Home of the Free, because of the Brave"
as many of you know our military holds a special place in my heart.


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my ER visit

Yesterday afternoon I ended up in the ER.

I was making a lasagna for dinner. After removing it from the oven and checking on it I realized it needed more time so I started to put it back in the oven when I hit my arm on the inside of the oven and proceeded to drop my lasagna all over.

I think, as most MSer's do, I had a delayed reaction to my skin burning.

OMG what a mess. Lasagna everywhere. 1 minute after it happened the phone rang. I picked it up screaming in pain. Thankfully it was my husband.

I couldn't see the burn on my arm but I knew it was because the skin was blistering and hanging there. I really don't remember what I said to him other than I was in soooo much pain.

My pain tolerance most be changing because I couldn't even think with the pain I was experiencing.

He got home a few minutes later. I had attempted to clean up whatever I could because I knew we would end up in the ER.

He cleaned up the remaining stuff so the dogs wouldn't getto it. I put my shoes on and we were off.
Suddenly my MS was affecting my legs because I couldn't walk and of course, I was wearing makeup so I looked like a raccoon with my mascara running.

We were seen be a doctor right away. They determined it was 2nd degrees burn but a rather large one. It is just below my elbow so I can't bend my arm without causing it to hurt.

They cleaned it up,wrapped it and sent me home with all the stuff to do it myself.

I wasn't even in the mood to watch the game last night. Yikes I need to go shower and clean it up but I am really dreading it.

P.S. The lasagna was somewhat salvagable

Have a great day everybody


Monday, October 5, 2009

Tysabri day

Just got home from the hospital from my Tysabri treatment. I think it is number 34. whatever and who cares.

I feel good. Didn't sleep well last night and I am seriously thinking about taking a nap. Have to be awake for the big game tonight.

Every TV station has a pre game show on already and it is only noon.
Good grief. I'll be glad when it is over. Hopefully they will take Favre out in the 1st qtr and then we can all just watch good football without the whining.

I making a lasagna for dinner. Yummy. Mark is picking up a salad.

All the orders went out this morning so I now I can concentrate on getting back to the paperwork nightmare of running a business. LOL

I have a bunch of new product I wanted to add to the website but I'm not sure today is the best day. Maybe tomorrow.

Sweatshirts are selling well. Than kyou for your support. I opened the box and couldn't get over how soft they were. I wanted to find the biggest size and put it on like a snuggie. Today is the perfect day for a sweatshirt. Icky and cold and feels like it is going to rain, again.

Have a great day everybody.


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Friday, October 2, 2009

Our visit to the vet

Well once again Noelle has a bladder infection and possible stones.

She has been going back and forth on this issue for about a month and I have been feeding her antibiotics when I think she needs them.

Last night it was apparent this was serious. She is so prone to problems like this. She has been since the day we got her.
Honestly, a result of bad breeding by "backyard breeders".
The vets put her on a different food and antibiotics. The food is soooo fattening. More than the one she is currently on. It is a canned food and Mark just about threw up prepping her breakfast and then we had to hide a pill in to. sheesh !

This afternoon I spent some one on one time with her and she ended up falling asleep in my arms. I could have cried. It was so cute.

She has to be on this combo for 3 plus weeks. I am going to have to make sure she gets alot of exercise or she will gain so much weight.

Almost finished with the 3rd qtr sales stuff.

Have a great day everybody.


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Thursday, October 1, 2009

3rd Qtr Taxes Grrr

Have been working on 3rd Qtr taxes all morning. My mind feels like it is going to explode.

Too many numbers. I guess that is a good thing but I am exhausted.

Made Mark lunch for an short break and I am going to back the taxes shortly.

The dogs both are going to the vet tonight. Ripley is due for his regular shots. And I would like them to figure out if Noelle has another bladder infection.
They both need their nails trimmed so maybe they can do that for me. Two dogs with nails in a home with all wood floors is getting on my nerves.
I also had to order a bag of food for Noelle. That dog goes thru so much food. Just kidding. She is on a diet. LOL
I figure I will leave a chunk of change at the vet tonight with all the stuff they need.
I still think the least they could have done was name a wing of their new building after us.

I went to my personal trainer yesterday and all my limbs are intact. No falls. Good session.

Gotta go crunch some numbers. Did I really want to be accountant at one time? Sheesh!

Have a great day everybody


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Monday, September 28, 2009

the morning after

Mark arrived home last night about 10:30. The dogs were so excited when they greeted him at the door.

I kept telling them I had a surprise for them. Ripley was so sleepy he could less until he saw Mark walk in the door. He turned into a 6 month old puppy (He's about 11 years old), wagging his tail and jumping on Mark.
Noelle immediately knew surprise meant dad was coming home so she perched herself next to the front door. Who says dogs aren't smart?

Anyway, I have mounds of the stinkiest laundry I have ever dealt with. Does anybody have one of those face masks? Whew !
Mark is so glad to be home. The man has a cast iron stomach and all I heard about was how awful the food was. He was thrilled to find a Tony Romo's and could at least recognize the food.

I will make him a great healthy dinner tonight and by tomorrow he will be okay.

By the time he finished unpacking it was close to midnight and the true trooper he is he was at work first thing in the morning. Don't think I could have or would have done that. Something about he had a meeting. Good giref, he just came back from China.

So I have my work cut out for me today. I figure the faster I get the laundry done the better the house will smell. eeek !

Have a great day everybody.


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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mark is on hhis way home

So after a long 15 hour flight ( something I don't know if I could ever do) Mark is on his way home.

He called from Chicago after trying unsuccessfully to get an earlier flight to Wisconsin.

The weather is turning bad. It is raining like crazy and the winds are really picking up so I am hoping he doesn't get stuck in Chicago.

The Packers won today. A good game to watch. However the Redskins lost to the worst team in NFL history. Detroit hasn't won a game since Dec 2007. That's 19 consecutive losses.
I am happy for Detroit. If there ever was a town that needed a win and a pick me up it is Detroit. So congrats. To the Redskins fans ( most of my family) sorry for the loss. I know it is painful.

I got so much stuff done today and I feel like I am paying the price now because I feel exhausted.
I got all the goodies boxed up for my adopted soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I got my orders ready to go to the post office. Now when the sweatshirts are ready later on this week I will just have to send those orders.
I even transfered money from my Paypal account to my checking account. Always a good feeling when it looks like you are making money. haha !

You can now access the business from my blog. Remember I donate a portion of all sales to NMSS and MSF. Always have and always will.

I am still looking for crafters who want to sell their stuff on my site. Go to crafters corner to see what I have so far. With the holiday season approaching thiscould be an opportunity for us MS ers to show our stuff.

Sweatshirts are selling like hot cakes. Already had to reorder once.
thank you to all of you who have supported our business. We appreciate your support and MS organizations will benefit from your support.

Have a great day everybody.


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Friday, September 25, 2009

my arm is NOT broken

Been a rough couple of days. Thanks to all my Facebook friends who gave me such good advice about whether my arm was broken or not.

On Wedesday I fell while at the gym. I had just finished an exercise and was sitting on a piece of equipment resting before going onto the next exercise. I was chatting with my personal trainer when the room started to spin.
I put my left hand down to steady myself only to realize that their was nothing next to me to put the arm on.
I remember hearing my personal trainer ask if I was okay, reaching out to grab me. By then I was somersaulting thru the air ( or at least thats how it felt) bouncing off equipment like I was stuck in a pinball machine. I landed wedged in a machine, rear first .

When I fall I am like a 300lb dead weight. I don't know how my trainer lifted me out of that awkward position. I'm 5-11 and she is probably 5-5. Both of us are thin and obviously she is a very strong woman.
We laughed about it and I felt okay but later that day my arm felt terrible.
Covered in bruises from my shoulder to my fingers I was in so much pain. I liked my MS better when my limbs were numb and I couldn't feel anything. now the slightest bump and I'm overwhelmed with pain. Remember I'm the one who drives my doctors crazy when they
ask " on a scale of 1 to 10 what is your pain level?" I always have to say 1 (just to shut them up ) because I have the highest pain tolerance of anybody I know.

I got off the computer yesterday, took advil, packed my arm in ice, elevated it on a cushy pillow and slept all afternoon.
My friend came over last night ( the RN who has a background in orthopedics) she said she would take me to the ER but she has also said "I can tell a break from a mile away" so I tested her. She did all kinds of stuff to my arm and we both decided it wasn't broken just bruised and sore ( probably from the workout as well as the fall)
This morning it is hardly hurting, the bruising is much less and I can actually type without saying one of those four letter words I love. LOL
I am glad this happenend when Mark was out of town. I can only imagine if we had to go to the ER. He would have been arrested.
So no lifting weights for me today. I am wearing my wrist brace to remind me it is tender.

Sheesh I have a stack of work to do and I'm not pushing it. I think us MS ers will understand.

Thank you all for your diagnosis yesterday. Some were very funy. Some were kind of scary. I feel better. Having never broken a bone before(OMG I probably just jinxed myself) I really didn't know what to look for it.

Have a great day everybody.


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Thursday, September 24, 2009

new product for winter

I just added some sweatshirts to my website by popular demand.

This is the same layout as the T shirts that read I DO THE MS WALK EVERY DAY

Many people asked for them and I have been making them to order when I restock my inventory but I decided to gear up for winter and add them as a new product.

If you need a size other than what I have listed, please let me know.

I listed these on Facebook yesterday afternoon and had to re-order by late afternoon.

They will be available to ship next week.

Have a great day Everybody and don't forget we all do that MS Walk every day. LOL


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what a wonderful start of my day

This morning started off very nice. Had a great nights sleep, somewhere in the 9 hour range.

Mark called from Shanghai on schedule. This is a different time zone then we are used to. He is 13 hours ahead. He bought me a watch that has dual time zones on it and the $25 bucks we spent on it has already proven useful.

Then I went upstairs to shower. Water running, buck naked and the phone rings. Mark installed a phone in the bathroom for me because I had such a problem with falling.
It was his mother, who usually calls me every night Mark is gone but I didn't hear from her last night so I got worried. She is fine, just forgot. She's also 80 years old.
We had a nice chat as we always do.

Took a nice long shower. I usually don't take long showers but today it seemed like a pamper day so did.

After that I gave myself a facial. Wow ! that felt wonderful and my pores are thanking me.

After that I gave myself a pedicure and polished my toe nails. Bright red.

I got dressed, played with the doggies and didn't sign onto the computer til well after 10 am.

The only thing missing, besides Mark being on the same continent was a tiara.

Every once in a while you have to treat yourself extra special. It felt good to do and I have NO guilt.

I might even curl up on the couch with my new book. Oh yeah, I run a business, probably won't happen. LOL

Have a great day everybody. It's raining cats and dogs out here.


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Monday, September 21, 2009

the parts of the puzzle

The past few weeks I have been trying to find all the props we need for our annual holiday picture.

As some of you may know, we always do a "goofy picture" with the dogs with some theme. One year it was the Packers, one was nautical. We all have outfits, including the dogs.

I realized I ordered 5 of one product and it has me really sad and somewhat confused.
Am I not over Goldie's death or do I subconsciously want another dog?
My husband says I am making too much of it but it has me confused and upset.

Am I having cognitive problems or am I just trying to do to many things at once.

While I miss my Goldie Bear alot I was shocked when I ordered an outfit to fit her.

The pictures this year will be adorable and I can't wait to take them.
I know,we are nuts, but these are our kids and I like the " family " photo.

I'll post it after we take it. And no guessing???
The picture is of Goldie ( the black one, she was Gold when we named her) and Noelle as a puppy, almost 6 years ago.

Have a great day everybody


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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quote for the Day

I used my imagination to make the
grass whatever color I wanted it to be ..... Whoopi Goldberg

Have a great day everybody


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Thursday, September 17, 2009

what a workout

Yesterday I met with my personal trainer.

The night before I was watching The Biggest Loser wth my husband and I was complaining I do so much exercise and yet still I walk like crap.
I was really frustrated going into my seesion with my trainer yesterday. It felt like it was going to rain ( and my body tightens up in the rain)
However when I left I was excited and feeling on top of the world.
I was so amazed what my body did and most importantly how it felt.
I am convinced more than ever I can walk better sometime in the near future.
I know this will take alot of hard work but I am so determined to do the MS Walk next year.

For the first time in so very long my lower back was not hurting when I went to bed last night. In fact, my legs and hips felt relaxed and natural.
Wow what a day. I'm feeling sparkly today.

Just got off the exercise bike, already have laundry started and now I get to share it with you on my blog.

Have a great day everybody. :-)


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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Pack Won-yippee

The Packers won their first game of the season last night. Yippee !

And they beat the Bears, doublie yippee !

Ok, all my Chicago friends, ya know I don't get to rub it in very often.

The Packers and The Bears are arch rivals / enemies so this was a big win
for them.
I think with the continuing Brett Favre crap the team really needed a big win and they sure got it.

What started as a boring game with no scores turned into an exciting last minute come
from behind win.

Good going guys.

I'm trying to get caught up on so much stuff today. The business stuff, articles I have to write,
expense reports, a power point presentation, plus laundry, cooking cleaning, husband, two dogs, the trash, exercise, relax. Sheesh I am exhausted just thinking about it.

My to do list is getting shorter so I am making progress, I just keep adding to the list.

Slowly but surely I will get it all done.

Have a great day everybody. Somebody take a nap for me !


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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Da Bears come to Lambeau

Tonight is the season opener for the Packers and they a re playing Da Bears.

It is probably the biggest rival in NFL so it should be a good game.
It is at Lambeau Field ( Green Bay) but Illinois is just across the border
so there will be alot of Bears fans.

We are going out on the boat this morning with some friends. Boating season
has really sucked this year. Between the rain and the wind the season has
really been dissapointing.
I heard the weeks we were in Europe the weather was beautfiul for boating. It figures.

We also need to run by Target. I want to buy an inexpenisve watch that will show two
time zones on it for when Mark goes to Shanghai. It is confusing enough to figure out
when we ca ntalk to each other when he is in Europe but Shanghai is a whole different story.

One of us, probably me, will have to be up at 2 in the morning to talk to the other one.
It is a good thing I don't have much going on during that time.

Have a great day everybody. Go Pack !


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Thursday, September 10, 2009

speech tonight

I'm giving my speech tonight as a patient advocate for Biogen Idec, the makers of Tysabri.

Mark is leaving work early and I have to feed the dogs really early but we'll have a nice
long drive together.

I don't know how he can come from Europe and be up and running ( literally) first thing the next morning.

I just did my workout and I feel better having had a good nights sleep finally.
Although I did have crazy dreams about them arresting this lunatic so that part
was good. haha

It still feels like it is going to rain. My body is aching a bit. Great day to give a speech
on how wonderful the meds are I am on.

Mark will drop everything else at the post office today. It was quite the week and alot of orders went out the door but this is the last batch. Sorry, folks I was moving kind of slow this week and then there was the holiday. sheesh !

The fireworks convention is in town again. I had completely forgotten about it. We are probably the only place in the US who celebrates the worst day in this nations history by setting off fireworks. It is appalling.

Sept. 11 is always a really hard day/ week for me. This is the first time I will be leaving the house on that day since it happened. Big big step for me. Ok, so I going to be with my friend who will be doing my nails. It is a step. But usually I am paralyzed and can't leave the house. I seemed to be glued to the TV.

Have a great day everybody


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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today is Sept. 9 , 2009 or 9-9-09
If you are into numbers I'm sure that means something. I just thought it sounded
funky enough to mention it today.

Mark is coming home today. Yippee ! I cancelled my session with my personal
trainer today. My body really hurts and as many of you know I haven't slept well in
Somebody knocked on my door this morning and I just about jumped throught the roof. He was just selling something. I saw him next door by the time I finally made it downstairs.

Getting caught up on some housework today. I have been neglecting housework this week.
I always try to do the bare minimum when Mark is gone so I don't wear myself out.

Doing tons of laundry, including the sheets off our bed.

Noelle has a bladder infection. do you think the other dog gave it to her?
Anyway, my vet ( who is wonderful) keeps me stocked with the meds to help her so I am not constantly bringing her in, espectially when Mark travels alot. Life with a puppy mill dog !!
So in a few days I'm sure she will be as good as new. Lots of extra mommy hugs will help.

I don't have much of an appetite today. I did eat something but it felt forced. Maybe I'm too
tired to care.

I had a mini workout this morning because I didn't want to overdo it.

I think I will sleep well tonight with Mark being home. Maybe he'll feed the dogs by himself tomorrow morning so I can sleep. Oh a girl can dream can't she? LOL

It feels like it is going to rain today. No sun. I'll have to take an extra vitamin D to bring my own sunshine to my body.

Have a great day Everybody !


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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today was my 33rd infusion. yippee !

Uusally I go in on Monday but because it was a holiday I went in today.
My usual nurses weren't there but I got to see nurses I haven't seen in a while so it
was fun catching up.
That's the fun of living in a small town, everybody knows everybody.

I was in the community room today and I got to meet some new people.
One of the regulars showed up so we just yakked. I ordered a cup of hot tea (because
it was so cold in there) and a bran muffin. They make wonderful bran muffins.

My friend took me there this morning and then picked me up afterwards.
We have already recieved the mail so I am thinking a nap sounds wonderful.

As we know sleep hasn't been good lately.


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Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

Hope everyone is enjoying the Labor Day holiday.

It is perfect boating weather. The temps are nice for us MS er's, the wind is virtually non existent.
So I have the keys to the boat and no captain. Oh well. I have alot to do anyway.

I thought this was a legal holiday but the orders just keep coming in. Not a complaint at all.

So I'll be working this Labor Day to pump this stuff out the door.
After I'm finished I think the dogs and I will go sit on the back porch.

Hopefully my crazy guest from yesterday won't return. My neighbors are all returning home so I feel better knowing I have back up ( just in case)

I have often joked about having a weirdo magnet but now I am convinced of it.

I have been practicing my speech for Thursday. I rewrote a few things and my voice is cracking everytime I get to one line. It is emotional but maybe too emotional for me to give in public.
I'll practice it more and then make a decision whether I should change it.

Have a great day everybody. And thanks for all the emails, phone calls about this weekends
disruption. I'm sorry if you couldn't understand me thru my tears but I do feel better and Im not going to let this weirdo scare me anymore than he already has.


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Sunday, September 6, 2009

When will it stop?

Today a 300 lb thug showed up at my house banging down my front door threatening me.

I immediately called the police and was able to give them a good description and a possible name/ ID.

The dogs are in overprotective mode after they saw me crying.

I'm going to try and get some sleep tonight or maybe I'll just watch the MDA telethon.
As if I haven't cried enough today.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

dream big

Dream big- Because dreams really can come true !

it's finally over

Last night the union finally voted yes on round three.

It looks lke we are staying in Wisconsin and not moving to Oklahoma.
I have been to Oklahoma before and I would not have minded the move but I wanted it under better circumstances.

I really just didn't want to move.

MS + Tysabri+ finding a neurologist+ stress + more stress + trying to sell my home, etc etc etc

I had the first good nights sleep in about a month. I had to actually wake up the dogs to take them out.

I have a zillion things I want to do the next few days so I'm going to hunker down and see what I can accomplish.
I might squeeze in a movie or two. LOl

Have a great day everybody !


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Friday, September 4, 2009

last of the summer hours

Today is the last day Mark will work half days on Friday but that also means he will be getting home at at better hour for dinner.

We are going grocery shopping this afternoon, run a few other errands.
I have had alot of orders this week so I know we have a post office run.

I asked to have takeout tonight so I don't have to cook. We are going to pick up ribs at a place near our home. Yum ! They are noway close to the ribs Mark makes but it means I don't have to cook.

After the cable tv and phone problem the other day I am really behind on everything around the house. Plus I had a bunch of orders to get out and that takes priority.

So ribs it is for dinner and I should have some leftovers for tomorrow.

The dogs are so tired today. All I hear is snoring from the other room. Even when I was on my exercise bike Noelle just laid there and slept.
Too funny ! My singing didn't even wake her.

The second revote or the third vote ( however you want to think about it) is going on today.
It was also held yesterday and from what I understand alot of intimidation inside the union lodge is going on.
I'm not getting a good feeling about this. I feel bad for the union members who are scared into voting the wrong way.
I have to believe it will be a secret ballot this time.
Last time the members were given a red card or a green card depending on whether you were voting yes or no. Bubba handed out the cards.
They were all afraid to ask for the green card to vote yes. Can we all say organized crime?

There was alot of intimidation going on at the plant also.

There was a funny rumor floating around yesterday that a naked union member was running around town wearing nothing but a sign. LOL I laughed so hard.

Let's hope it was one of them with a good body or a big sign .

Have a great day everybody ! We should get the results of the union vote this evening. Thanks for all your support during this tough time.


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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

personal trainer

Just came home from my first session with my personal trainer.

It went well. I think I am going to learn alot working with her.

I left feeling a little deflated. I think my body is in the worst shape it has ever been.

I do believe I can get better but we have alot of work to do. We'll probablt start slow but a step forward is all I need. If I take one step forward every day I'll bewalking miles in no time.

The stress we are going thru is not helping my MS any in fact it is really tipping the scales in the over the top catagory.

I need this whole union stuff to stop. Just tell me what time the movers will be here and let's move on people.

They voted no. It's time to put the past behind you and live with the consequences.

I think I'll get on my exercise bike now. I'm feeling energized. I think I can. I think I can.

And maybe I'll practice my speech on the bike.

Have a great day everybody.


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Monday, August 31, 2009

design your own cooling vest

This is a question for all of you ladies out there.

If you had the opportunity to design your own cooling vest what would you like it to be?

Do you want a better fit to cover those part us all ladies have? hips, butt, chest ?

Do you want a prettier color? What color? NMSS Orange? Pink? Floral?

lighter weight? Less expensive?

I'm being asked so I'm passing this on to you.

This is our chance so let's take this opportunity.

Thanks for your help.

Have a great day everybody !


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Sunday, August 30, 2009

upcoming speaking event

I will be speaking as a patient advocate on behalf of Biogen Idec on Thurday Sept. 10
at the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

Featured speakers: Dr. Stanya Smith and Pam Hebbring

Registration is at 5:00 pm and program will begin at 6:00 till 9:00 pm

Complementary Dinner will be served.

The topic is Organize your thoughts, organize your life, managing your memory.

To register call 1-866-955-9999.

Hope to see you there.

It's Over !

850 Union idiots pissed away their jobs and the company announced it is moving the factory to Oklahoma.
not sure wherethat leaves the salaried people. Are we staying in town or moving to Oklahoma also.
I'm okay ( or should I say Okie) with moving to Oklahoma I just don't want to lose my house in the process.
The rollercoaster ride continues.
Things to do list : Prep house to sell. I think I'll paint some today.

Sad, sad day here in town. If I were the union negoiators I would buy a new pair of running shoes because you have 850 angry union members you misrepresented.
If one of these guys shows up dead, there would alot of suspects and I'll bet no witnesses.

I'm okay, we'll get through this. I think the union members anger will be directed to their leadership and not the company so I am feeling safer.

Have a great day everybody.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

buyers remorse?

Good grief will this ever end?

Now the union is starting to have "buyer's remorse". That is what the union leaders called it. They are starting to think they made the WRONG decision. Ya think ?

The problem is that unless the contract changes they can't re vote on the exact contract. The company is sticking to their position and not making changes.
If the union pushes it I am sure the company will make them another offer but they won't like it.

These union leaders have made a big mistake for their union members. to think these people actually paid them to screw them.

The town is still so tense.
Today several union members got into a fist fight at one of the plants.
Police were called but everybody is keeping it hush hush.

You might note I never mention the company name. It's irrelevant at this point.

Have a great everybody.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inside a pressure cooker

It feels like living in a pressure cooker out here. The tension is so thick I am not sure a knife
could make it through.
It is definately getting to me. I had major meltdown today. Not one thing in particular
I am just tired of it all. The union. The company. Are we moving? Are we staying?

Do I really want to live in an area where 850 union people are pissed off and unemployed.

What is that going to do my property values?

I guess you can say I'm really having a hard time dealing with all of this.

I feel like we are getting ( oh wait I can't say that online). I feel like we are
getting screwed.
I really don't want to move again but I really don't want to live in a town that is on the
brink of going under.

I'm so cunfused and i'm so upset. This whole thing is stressing me out.
And yes, I hit the ice cream today.
Tomorrow I am meeting with a personal trainer to be. I am consider hiring one but now
everything is so unsteady I'm not sure I want to spend any money.
Mark is going with me. I am glad because I tend to trust people more than I should and he
will be able to tell if we are going to connect.
I think a personal trainer is someone you really have to bond with, especially when
you throw MS into the picture.

Thanks for letting me vent. Thank s for all the supportive posts, emails and calls. My
phone has been ringing off the hook.

Have a great day everybody.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Ready, set,,go

I'm ready to face the day. Just got off my exercise bike and I feel good.

It's gonna be a stressful one so I'll be turning to bike to help me unwind.

Got a phone call last as I was crawling in bed from a collector looking for my brother.
Did my whole family put my name down on applications and not pay for anything?

I am tired of people calling me. Try paying my bills for a month. I live on social Security ! Everything is on time,every month. always has been, always will be.

Folks, stop calling me I'm not going to pay their bills too.

Have a great day everybody. Although the sun is shining the people in town are making it rain
with all the tears. Very Sad place to be


Sunday, August 23, 2009

They voted NO

Today was the union vote and they voted NO to the proposed contract changes.

The company announced they will begin moving the plant in October and it will take 2 to 3 years to complete.
Wow ! 850 people made a decision that will basically take down a town. Sad Very Very sad

They haven't said what will happen to the salary employees. Will we also be moving to Oklahoma?
I am not crazy about living in a town about to go under with 850 unemployed and angry union employees.
What is going to happen to my home? Am, I going to end up bankrupt because of these 850 people who made the wrong decision?

They should announce the status or the salaried employees by Saturday.
Like my stomach isn't already tied up in knots.

I'm really having a bad day. Mark is in shock.

Have a great day everybody. Have one for me because I'm pretty sure I'm not going to have one anytime soon.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Favre Funny Shirt

Today I bought this shirt. Thought I would share it
with my blog family. And we all know I needed a good laugh !

Read it very carefully !
In case you can't read it, it says : We'll never forget you BRENT !
Name is misspelled !
I laughed so hard in the store I had to buy it.
Have a great funny day everybody !

You can cut the stress with a knife here

I didn't sleep very well last night. Can't imagine I have alot on my mind???

No decision has been made. Everything is resting on 850 union members to do the right thing and say yes to the proposed contract changes.
Sad that just a few people have that power and even sadder I am afraid they will use it to
and say no.
We have all had to make sacrafices during this economic challenges. We didn't buy a house beyond our means. I still use coupons and every penny that comes into this house is accounted for.
I can stretch a buck so far. I should write a book.

There is alot of community support and a rally scheduled for Sunday morning. It breaks my heart that this little town could go belly up because of this.

Lisa, there other location is in Stillwater. Not sure where in the state it is.

At least Oklahoma has great college football !! And of course, I know the lyrics to every song from the musical. hehe !

I've been to Oklahoma just once when we were driving thru. It was raining so hard and I had my little dog, my cockapoo ( this was a long time ago) who had to go to the bathroom. I turned and looked behind us and there was a tornado. eeek !
Needless to say we floored it.

Everybody please send some positive vibes my way. That this whole nightmare ends the right way.

I am a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason. and yes, Diane I agree. I have had some dark times and from it came wonderful times.

So only a few more days and this will over or not.

Have a great day everybody. It's raining again and it's not helping my mood.
Off to the grocery store. I think I'll treat myself to sushi !
Do they sell sushi in Oklahoma?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

my bags are packed and i'm ready to go

For all of you locals you know what I'm talking about.

The company held a press conference, made some changes to the proposal and the union is still not happy. good grief !
what more do you people want? The shirt off their backs ! done. Their boxers ! It can be arranged.

Just do the right thing. Your decision affects this entire town.
And Thank You Scott for your commentary. Although some people are slamming it, please know you did the right thing.
Hold on tight, Fondy, keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.
Wear your seatbelt. The next few days will be a bumpy ride.

I plan to spend my weekend sorting thru the house and going to goodwill to donate it.

Have to be ready for when the movers arrive !! Okie dokey !

Have a great day everybody. It's raining here in more ways than one.


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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

not in the mood

Thank you everybody for your emails and kind words.

Yesterday I didn't really feel much like doing anything. I did however get my hair done.
Always a great way to relax. My friend who does my hair, was a little stressed out yesterday so we could unload on each other.

Her husband works at the same place as my husband and while our circumstances are different the stress level is the same.
I have naturally curly hair that she blow dries straight. Except yesterday she started to curl it after straightening it. too funny. I asked her if it relaxed her to di it and she said yes. So I came home with a head full of curls. Kinda like shirley temple. It looked adorable if I do say so myself.

Too bad Mark wasn't home to enjoy it. The curls lasted til today which was great because I went to visit my old support group.

Got to catch up with a few people which was nice. The one who cvalled me today and offered me a ride wasn't there so I'll have to call and check on her later.

I had the opportunity to share with the group my new role as MSF Ambassador.

It feels like it is going to rain so my legs are heavy. Hopefully it won't come at 2:00 am with thunder. Ya know my rescue dog hates thunder.

I think I'll write some later. sometimes it helps me think on paper or maybe I'll watch a movie

Have a great day everybody


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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Very sad day here in town

Yesterday the Union leaders didn't accept the proposal made by the company my husband works for.

These Union guys are idiots. Do they really think the company is going to keep the factory here in town now?
2000 jobs lost because of a few idiots, who by the way have a job in another state.

2000 lost jobs in this town will make Detroit look like a boom town. This town will go under.

They estimates 3000 homes will go into foreclosure as a result of the trickle down to other businesses.

The proposal will go to the Union members on Sunday and they can vote to override their union leaders, who aren't looking out for anybody but themselves.

This is a very sad day here in town. I had to choose my words very carefully writing this today.

First, because my husband is one of the "salaried" guys getting all the flack from the union guys.
Secondly, I am so pissed at the union that the only thing that wants to come out of my mouth are four letter words.
Unemployment in this area is close to 11 % already. A lower paying job is better than no job.
How hard is that to figure out.

I hope the union members do the right thing on Sunday. If you are local and reading this, help spread the word. Doomsday hits Sunday. Monday I'll be packing for Oklahoma ( because my husband will still have a job). Which by the way sounds like a great place to live. The union guys will be looking at the pink piece of paper in their hands and wishing they had made the right decision. Wondering how long they can survive on unemployment. i'll send you a postcard when we get settled in !!

I can't live amongst so many idiots.

Have a great Day everybody !


Sunday, August 16, 2009

These are for you "S"

These pictures are for someone special, S. You know who you are. LOL
Also look at July 29
Love ya lots, C

Packers won !!!

Last night was the first preseason game for the Packers.
It was against the Cleveland Browns and it is the time the coaches give all the players a chance to show their stuff.

Lots of players really stepped up and some well really didn't. I'm not the coach and I don't play one on TV but some of these guys on both teams stunk.

Of course the stars were my fav # 80 Donald Driver. And of course, Aaron Rodgers.
For those of you who don't know it I have the hots for Driver. I guess I have this thing for bald men. LOL He has the greatest smile and his backside is pretty fine too. He just seems to be a great guy. His wife is beautiful and their kids are adorable. A truly great role model !

Don't get me started on Favre and his whining. Personally I have never been a fan of his and after all the crap he pulled with so many teams it is really hard to like the man.

One player really showed his stuff last night. Desmond Bishop will be a rising star on the Packers. Please keep him.

I posted a picture that we used as our holiday card in 2007. We always do a theme card and we decided to do the Packers theme. This picture was taken 2 days after surgery on Thanksgiving Day. I could hardly sit I was in sooo much pain.
This is a special picture for me because it was the last holiday picture with Goldie before she died.

The dogs and I used to play a game of friendly football in the house on cold days. The big dogs vs. Goldie and me.
Goldie & I always had the advantage because Goldie's role was the football and when I carried her across the room tucked in my arms we always scored a touchdown. !!!
Oh memories ! Goldie was truly the team player and watching the Packers will never be the same without her.
Have a great day everybody

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Conference Call Day

Yesterday I had 2 conference calls and a sore throat. Great combination !

The first call was with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation as part of my role as an Ambassador with them.
We talked about speaking, writing speeches, delivering speeches, etc. I stayed pretty quiet during the call because my throat was on fire. I was chugging water and cough drops just to
stay on the call.
I learned alot ( although I give speeches alot) Thanks Kasey and the rest of the group for all your ideas. This will be a fun experience being an Ambassador for them .
They are a great organization. If you haven't checked them out please go to
If you want to read the article about the ambassador program or any other article go to MS Publications, newletters and magazines.
I am honored to be a part of this program.

The second call was for my role as a Tysabri patient advocate. Biogen Idec, the makers of Tysabri, has redesigned a website for MS er's and they wanted our opinion.
Wow ! a drug company that really wants to help their patients. I'm not sure you can say that about alot of drug companies.
I guess thats why when I was asked to share my story within their advocate program I agreed.
I am also honored to be a part of this program.
to check out their site go to
I think their are changes to follow but I like what they have done so far.

Have a great day everybody !


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let sleeping dogs lie

I'm sitting here in the office trying to get caught up on the mountain of paperwork to be done when you own a business.

I have a mound of stuff that will take about 15 minutes each but it seems I finish a pile and a new one forms.
I could get really stressed but I look over in the corner and there is my beautiful Ripley, snoring and breathing so softly.
I want to lay down beside him and close my eyes.

Hug your dogs every chance you get. You can never hug them often enough.

For my friend Marianne, My heart goes out to you. I wish I could be there for you.
Grieving for a dog is difficult, but grieving for 4 is beyond comprehension. I know
you house is sheltie less now but you gave these rescue guys the best possible life and I for one am glad to call you my friend. Love ya !

Have a great day everybody.

Cathy ( dog mom)

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Block party

This morning we woke up to find a flyer about an impromtu neighborhood block party for tonight.

I was at the hospital half the day for my Tysabri infusion and had nothing in the house to throw together so I asked Mark to pick up cupcakes from the grocery store.

We headed out to their house ( I walked the whole way there with just my cane yipee yippee yipee )
We figured they wouldn't get much of a turnout because it was so last minute but many people showed up.
It touched my heart ,especially after the ignorant man I ran into this morning that so many people commented on me walking around the block with my walker. Cheering me on !
I heard you go girl alot.
We met so many people, you know the ones you usually just wave to.
We have such a wonderful mix of people in this neighborhood.
After the flood last year we all jumped in and helped each other and we didn't even know each others names.
Now we do.

Many of us are now unemployed so I think this was the doctor ordered.

I'm shopping for a personal trainer so if you live in Wisconsin and want to be a part of my success story, please contact me. I have one lined up to meet in two weeks. Keep your fingers crossed that we are a good match and she gets the MS thing.

Have a great day everybody !


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I just got back from my Tysabri infusion. # whatever I stopped keeping track.

It's working so who really cares what number infusion it is. It's in the 30's.

We had to change my time for today so everything is a little disoriented. I got real hungry during it so I ordered some food to tide me over til I got home.
A couple of very nice ladies joined me in the community room.
After they unplugged me from the IV I had to use the restroom. Imagine that, a person with MS, having all that fluids pumped into me and I had to use the restroom.

So I headed out to the restroom. This morning I chose to just use my cane instead of my walker.
I am half way to the restroom when I hear an ignorant old man say " she is too young to be walking with a cane".
Ok, so if you don't already know I am really self conscious about the way I walk. And although I was really proud of myself for just doing the cane this morning I didn't need to hear someone making fun of the way I walk.
Ok, you ignorant SOB. This is what I really wanted to say to you. FU FU FU . How dare you make a comment about something like that. HOW DARE YOU you ingorant old man.

There I said it, I feel much better. Thanks to the other ladies in the community room for reminding me of his ignorance and supporting my walking efforts and Thank you to Annette, my nurse, who gave me a hug. I think she could tell I was doing everything I could to fight back the tears.

I'm going to let it roll off my shoulders and get on with my day. At least the dogs won't care that I walk "funny"

Have a great day everybody !


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Friday, August 7, 2009

SALE !!! Price reduced

We just reduced the price of Healthy Toes. Reg. price is $34.99 and sale price is $29.00
If you have never heard of these, you must go to my website and read about them.
My feet have never been the same since I tried these.
We never stretch our toes but yet we stretch every other part of our bodies.
Think about it, especially with MS and our balance issues how these nifty little devices can help.
A word of caution, They will hurt the first few times you put them on. Depending how tight your muscles are.
Now I use them as part of my relaxation program. It's almost like a pedicure without the polish.
They even went to Europe with me.
So relax, put your feet up and enjoy having healthy toes.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wisconsin news update

I was watching the Today show this morning when they gave an update on
this love triangle gone wrong here in Wisconsin.
I guess the guy who is "victim" is now in jail in our town.
He is accused of not paying child support, of abusing a child, abusing his spouse, theft ( of his wife's father's urn) f abusing his wife, making harassing hpone calls .good giref!
I think this area is full of nuts and weirdo's.

When Mark and I saw a picture of the guy who was the "victim" we both
looked at each other in amazement. As a women I guess I figured the guy several
women were fighting over would be dropdead gorgeous. And then I remembered
where we live. We don't grow them gorgous out here or even in good shape.

You can pick out the transplants like us from the locals a mile away.
I don't think I'll ever fit in here. Maybe we should move to Oklahoma.

It is sad that our town will be forever known for this demented group of

Have a great day everybody. It should be a beautiful one here.


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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wisconsin in the news

If for some reason you haven't heard about Wisconsin in the news this week well
let me fill you in.

It seems there were several women dating the same guy, who was also married with kids,
and they all found out about each other.
Well they were determined to teach this guy a lesson so they lured to him a hotel and tied him
to the bed. They then tormented him verbally but it got worse when they super glued
his private parts to his leg. Ouch !
Now I know all the men reading this just let out a huge groan but rest assured
the man is okay.
This hotel and this event are quite close to where I live. In fact we drove by the htoel the other day.
Ok, ladies I know each and every one of us has had at least one guy in our lives we
would like to teach a lesson or two too but this is not the answer.
My guy would be the one I was dating prior to my wonderful husband Mark.
It seems this guy "forgot" to tell me he was married and his wife was 8 months pregnant.
But I strongly believe everything in life happens for a reason and as it turns out I met Mark the night I went drinking after finding out about this guys "forgetfull memory problem".
It a good thing Mark gave me his business card. I had alot to drink that night. LOL

Good giref what will it be next?

Have a great day everybody and don't cheat on your spouse guys !


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Monday, August 3, 2009


I finally received my copy of MSFocus in the mail today. It's not that it was late but I was incredibly anxious to see it.
The article announcing the MSF Ambassadors was in it so it was fun to see it in print.
I did proof it and my name is spelled correctly ( inside joke, nobody ever spells my name correctly)
In addition to the announcement I am now an Ambassador for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation my ad for my business also came out today.
In my platform for the Ambassador I reminded people to not go thru this journey of MS alone. I encouraged them to look me up on facebook (and I do mean that) so I have been friended like crazy this week.
I know first hand what it is like to go thru this alone without my family. My husband, his family and the strong friends I have all stood by me. The wimps all ran for the hills.
The biggest dissapointment was obviously my parents. How do you give birth to someone and walk away from them.
I am not a parent to anything but my adorable pups but that doesn't make sense to me.

I have come to terms with it over the years that it is their loss. I am one hell of a great person. Fun and happy and positive. A bit nuts, a bit OCD. I have a real serious side and a "I can't stop giggling side" but I am a human being with living DNA parents who want nothing to do with me and my MS.
To them I say BITE ME. DNA does not make a family. I have plenty of friends who offer me the nurturing I need. My husband and of course, his mom, who I would not have made it this far without.
Thanks mom, I love you so much !

My ad also came out today. Orders ( a good thing), catalog requests, info calls. Just had to plug in my cell because the battery was low.

Mark called earlier from work. All the news stations are hovering at this company. If you are not familiar with what is going on the company he works for is threatening to move the operations to Oklahoma. A non union shop, etc. It's been more than a little stressful here in town. They are the biggest employer here.
Personally, I am okay with the OK state. Don't get me started I'll burst into all the songs from the musical Oklahoma. It's selling my house that concerns me. It's also coordinating my Tysabri infusion so I don't miss a dose. I am extremely organized person so I think I can pull it off. Moving the business would be easy as well.

Oh, one more thing. I was also in this month's issue of New Mobility. You can read the article Written by my friend Jen ( thanks a bunch) it talks about my Tysabri advocacy.
My sister in law suggested I get a publicist to handle all this publicity. LOL
Autographs are free, however donations will be accepted and donated to MSF.

Have a great sunny Vitamin D filled day !


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