Friday, August 24, 2012

Packers won !

Last night the Packers finally won a game.

Yeah I know its only pre-season but still we really needed a win.

When we went to the game last week they handed us a roster..We were so
grateful because they played all the rookies, 2 and 3rd stringers.

We didnt recognize anyone. LOL

We left 3rd qtr. It was cold and rainy and my MS right leg would NOT bend anymore.
I have 8 steps into my home and full of flight of stairsto our bedroom.
It was also an hour and half ride home so we had some concerns.

It was pre-season but it was our fist game as season ticket holders so we were

Ate all kinds of crappy food and paid the price on Friday. Why do I do things like that?/

Have a great Friday everybody


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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Iam SO blogging about this

This tshirt is for my fellow bloggers

It reads"I amSO blogging about this"

We have all said it and it is so true..We live to blog about stuff.

Here is the link to my website

Remember we donate a portion of all sales to MS organizations.

This shirt is going to sell fast so get yours early

Have a great day everybody !


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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Politics ??

Well Wisconsin has been in the news lately when Romney selected Ryan
as his VP running mate.

The TV and phone calls havent stopped with all the mud slinging plus yesterday  was
the primary for an upcoming opening in the Senate.

I tape everything anything so we can skip the commercials and the I hardly answer the
phone anymore.

Im not sure if its like this everywhere or just because Ryan is from Wisconsin but Im not sure Im going to make it November. Yikes I've already had enough.

Have a great day


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Friday, August 10, 2012

Back in the saddle

After 6 long weeks I was able to ride my horse again last week.

I call him my horse but he is just the horse I always ride and well, I'm totally in love with him.

Smokey has been acting up and feelin put out is what they told me when I returned to the barn after being sick and unable to ride for so long.

I joked maybe he missed me. I asked if I could go see him before class and they said yes. Didnt have to say it twice I was on my way to his stall.

He was being prepped groomed and fit for me riding.

His ears perked up when he saw me and I have to say I almost started to cry.

It was obvious not a good time to visit so we left.

When I got on him I gave him a big hug. Did you miss me? And my Smokey was back.

Had a great time riding but I was sore afterward.

Told him about my book and that he was a star. Cant wait til next week. Giddy up !

Have a great day everybody


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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Anybody watching the Olympics? Which events are you enjoying the most?

For me I am in love with the Equestrian events. Are you surprised?

Enjoyed watching the jumping events. The jumps were beautiful and very appropiate
to the Olympics. There was a diamond shape with the Olympic rings on top that the
horse and rider had to jump thru. The diamond shape was in celebration of the Queens
Diamond Jubilee.

And then I fell in love with the dressage events. I found myself trying to guess the gait.
Maybe because I'm learning to ride. I was so engrossed in it. It was the highlight of the
Olympics for me.
I've been calling it horse dancing. It was so beautiful.

I've also been taping the equestrian events so I can go past the commericals

Have a great day everybody


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm published !!

Recently I was asked to take part in a book project featuring inspirational stories
of people with MS

Well the book was published in early July and is now available at my website

It is not available at Amazon or any other bookseller, only the publlisher and my website.

It is a beatiful compilation of inspiring stories including mine.
I wrote it and I still cry when I read it. It means alot ofto me. I have
enjoyed reading theother stories andthe emails I have recieved from people who read it. Many thanks.

It is not a secret I am going thru arough patch now with my MS but as most of you know I'm too damn
stubborn to go down without a fight.

Thanks to Liz for including me in your project. I am truly honored to be a part of such fabulous book.

PS Several people have asked me to sign it. Do I just sign my name or some nifty saying?

Have a great day everybody



Thursday, August 2, 2012

my porch

For the past 6 weeks I've been trying to get my front porch more handicap accessible.

We have an old Victorian built in 1895 and our front porch is about 5 feet across.

I have found that I really need a rail on both sides ( my arms arent that long)
and having a really hard time getting a contractor to help us.

I have called over 12, got 2 to show up for appts, and one quote. Sheesh ! Is the economy really that good for you guys ??

Last Monday we got a call from our contractor at 7 am asking if they could do the rail
that day..heck yeah, come on over.

By 11 am they were done and I got to test it that night when I had a meeting to go to.
First time in a long time, Mark didnt have to help me going up or down.

Very empowering. Now I can leave the house by myself again.

The rail still needs to be painted and as soon as it stops raining Mark & I are going to do it together. 

Have a great day everybody !


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