Sunday, May 31, 2009

Launching the Boat

Mark and our friend Steve just launched the boat in the Lake and it is sitting at our dock. Yeah !

Mark really couldn't wait to get the boat in the water.
We had a miserable season last year between the weather, his travel schedule and all the gunk in the water after the flood.
We were hesitant about taking the boat out often because of how much stuff was floating in the water and the stuff we couldn't see until it took out the prop.
This year our season will be shorter because of our vacation but we should be able to squeeze in alot of time out there.
I suggested we have dinner on it during the week. Hope the weather is good. It stays lighter longer so maybe we can take it out for a spin after dinner. A romantic cruise on grunge lake. Oh yipee ! It's not called grunge lake it is just an exciting lake.

I'm glad it is sitting in the water. They went to have lunch at a restaurant near the harbor.

I have more than enough to keep me busy til he gets home. I'm still playing catch up with all the laundry he brought home Thursday.

Maybe I'll even watch a movie. Yeah right ! Ripley is sound asleep in the corner of the office. He looks so cute! And Noelle is playing guard dog at the top of the stairs !

I'm making thank you notes and have glue all over my fingers.

Have a great day everybody.


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Friday, May 29, 2009

Walkin the Mall

Today I went for a walk at the Mall. I also had lunch with my friend there and bought a really cute necklace to wear with a dress.

I have been searching for a necklace and this one jumped right out at me. I also bought it at claire's so it was dirt cheap but it looks expensive.

The weather was really beautiful today and I probably could have gotten away with walkin the streets LOL but I already had plans for lunch. It was around 72 today and didn't rain Yeah

Although it felt like it was going to rain at any moment because it was so humid. Just enough to frizz my naturally curly hair.

It was a much shorter walk than I had planned on but it was a walk just the same. I wore my MS Walk team shirt that says Navigating the journey of MS on the front and my team sponsors on the back.
I was surprised at how many people said hello to me today. I have been doing an experiment since the first of the year saying hello to everybody I walk by. It's exhausting but somebody has to do it.
I am rather shocked how many people can't even muster a smile. Today seemed to be different. 9 out of 10 people said Hello back verbally. It made my day and hopefully it made their day.

Don't forget to smile today. It makes people wonder what your up to. hahahaha!

Have a great day everybody! Thanks Libby and Thomas for posting info about my business.
I really appreciate it.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

MSF Ambassador

Yesterday was the first conference call for the newly appointed MSF Ambassadors.

MSF is the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. They are a great organization who focuses on
those of us with Multiple Sclerosis.
They have the MSF Cruise for a Cause which is the event I went on to the Caribbean last February. A great time. Met lots of MSer's and made some wonderful friends.

This is a new program for MSF. There are 10 Ambassadors nationwide and our role is
really still being defined. I am looking forward to this program. I am very active in the
MS community and I believe there are so many things being overlooked for people with MS.

I have an advocacy goal which I will share with you later but I really feel like we can make a difference in the MS community.
I know, for one, my community is so non handicapped accessible so I plan to tackle that project. I will be meeting with support groups and neurologists and people with MS to find out their concerns.

I am honored to be a part of this program and I thank you MSF for giving me this opportunity.

Mark is coming home today. In case you don't have a camera attached to your computer I am dancing around the room with delight. Ooops I almost trampled on a dog !!! LOL
Only I could have a dog with two left feet.
Mark is coming home from Sweden today. I kept asking him to bring me home some swedish fish but we have come to the conclusion that Swedish fish are an American thing and I don't think the Swedes were too happy about this fish.
Yesterday was such a busy day that Mark and I have been emailing each other on our blackberry's just to keep up with each other. I got an email from him at 3 am my time that said he was still looking for a swedish fish. No, honey Swedsih Fish are jelly candies.
Please please please don't bring me home a stinky fish from Sweden.

Have a great day everybody.


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

and the winner is....

My shirt saying contest is officially over and as the poll indicates I Do Shots won.

I have to say that I love that saying ( even if I thought of it myself) and ordered shirts to
be designed and made before the voting was over. Okay, so I'm a Type A.

I might do a second one also. As the budget allows.

But because it was my saying that won I will putting all the names of people who submitted ideas and all the other MS Bloggers who helped get the word out about the contest into a hat
and will be drawing a name to give a shirt to.

So stay tuned I will get to it shortly.

And the winning shirt will be available shortly on my site.

Thanks to all of you who emailed me, twittered me, and posted it on your blogs.
You guys are the best and I so much appreciate your help.

I've been crazy busy lately, Mark is in Sweden still and of course, I always end up with a sick dog when Mark is gone. Thanks to my neighbors for making the Post Office runs for me. I guess that means I have my first employee. LOL !

Haven't slept well and the heat just about killed me the other day. Thank god for my cooling vest.
It is cumbersome but it saved my butt when I needed it to.
When Mark is away there is no time off for good behavior. When the dog is sick I stay up with her all night just like any other Mom would do with their baby.

I think a sick dog is hard for me right now because the anniversary of Goldie Bear's death is right around the corner. Noelle is feeling better but honestly I think she just misses Mark.

Have a great day everybody.


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Cosmo and Latte are looking for a home ! ( The MS Bears)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bears, Bears and more Bears. Oh My !

Today I added all the new MS Hug Bears.

They all have wonderful names ( this is what happens when Mark travels on a Holiday weekend)
and are ready to go home with you. There are some great new colors.

There is a pink one. I can't even tell you how many people wanted a pink one. I wanted to name it after the Rocker Pink but chose a different name.

And there are more Blue ones. I only got one blue one last time so it went fast.

They come assorted so I never know what I will recieve. It's more fun that way.

I have other products to add but my brain can only do so much in one day.

I have a bunch of orders to go out so Tuesday so I'll be bumming a ride to the Post Office.

Have a great Holiday weekend everybody. I just talked to Mark. It was 9:30 pm and still somewhat daylight. Still no swedish fish !! LOL !!


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Saturday, May 23, 2009

A pie in the face for MS

You know how I love to share stories like this.
The thing with this one is the person with multiple sclerosis is only in the
sixth grade. Yes, the sixth grade.

The students at Manhattan's Amanda Arnold Elementary School had a special end-of-the-year assembly today.
The school has been collecting "Bucks for Breckin" to help a sixth grader with Multiple Sclerosis buy a new wheelchair.
And to sweeten the deal, the more money the grade schoolers collected-the more teachers they got to throw pies at.
The school raised $2,860, and donations are still coming in.
McDonald's is matching the donations, and so far the total collected is $6,120, a good way to end the school year.

When I was first diagnosed I remember saying " there is always someone worse
off than me" . Folks, this is a sixth grader with multiple sclerosis.

Damn we need to find a cure !


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Friday, May 22, 2009

Chatty Cathy

Tonight I joined Joan's chat room. Had a good time with the girls.

They are funny and by Friday I need a good laugh.

Only stayed for a little bit because Mark is packing for Sweden and I
wanted to spend sometime with him before he left.
It'll be a quiet holiday but maybe I'll get caught up on some things. Like

I got an order of stuffed bears in today so I was counting bears, sorting
them to see what colors I got ( they come assorted) and then taking their
pictures. It was if they were posing.
I had to brush the hair ot of their eyes, wrap a ribbon around their necks
and snap their picture before they all fell down.
It took alot longer than I thoght it would.

Then I had to start dinner. I started the baby backs early in the day and smell
them all afternoon. They were yummy though.

Mark came home a little early after going to the business PO Box. And low and behold
an order. So we scrambled to get it put together and off Mark went back to
the Post Office. Otherwise it wouldn't have gone out til Tuesday.

I have a couple of movies lined up for the weekend ( if I can find two hours to sit still)
and watch them. The dogs and I will curl up together on the couch and just chill.
It should be fun.

Not much else going on just taking it easy. Dinner tomorrow is defrosting in
the fridge. Leftover spinach pasta with artichokes. A little champagne and I'm
all set.

Have a great weekend everybody.


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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Started Physical Therapy today

Today I started physical therapy and it went well. It was about 85 degrees and my body was not working well.
It probably was a good thing because they got to see me at my worst. I really want to do the MS Walk next year and although I am walking more and more each day I don't think I am walking

My hip seems to burn alot and my lower back is always sore.
We worked alot on my abs and she gave me some exercises to do. Similar to what I am already doing she was able to correct my position so I wasn't causing any damage to my body.
I have been to this facility before and they are truly wonderful to deal with.

I want to push my body as far as I can before I lose the ability to use it at all.

I appreciate the support I have recieved in my attempt to do the walk next year. People who have believed in me. People who have the same goal as I do to never give up. Thank you Jeff for believing in me. I know I have told you this but I really needed someone to think I can do this walk. It means alot to me. You are truly a special guy.

I will not go down without a fight. I just don't want to go down. Face plants aren't my thing.

I have so many people who want to line the MS Walk route for me and cheer me on. That in itself means so much. Hopefully it won't be 85 degrees or I'll be on my hubby's shoulders as we cross the finish line. LOL
I am goingto take it one step at a time. I'm still very excited about this and I promise to give it my best. After all that's all I can do.

On a sad note, The world lost a very special person this past week. I really wanted to dedicate an entire blog to her but I want to respect her family's privacy.
We will miss you Amy. Your were a beautiful person inside and out. Although we jokingly referred to ourselves as " stalkers" only you and I know what that really meant.
I will miss you, my friend. Rest in Peace.
Amy was only 51 and died after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.

Have a great day everybody.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Attn: Melissa Bowling at Macy's customer Service
This is my response to your email


Tysabri conference call

Today is the Tysabri advocates conference call. We have them every so often.

I thought it was quarterly but it seems to be whenever. May isn't exactly in any quarterly
program I have been part of.
So I will jump on the call and see what is going on.

I am trying to add some links to my website this morning so I'll be listening to some tunes and trying to figure it out. Sometimes a link takes a minute and sometimes I can pull my hair out.
I guess it's a good thing I have alot of hair. LOL
I started to clean the office the other day and now it is back to being a mess. A new shirt order came in ( which has to be folded and put away.) I am expecting another merchandise order later this week. Soon it will look like that I Love Lucy episode when they moved and all you saw was a maze of boxes.
I have to get this place cleaned up soon or my house guests will be sleeping in the backyard.
Mark uses the guest room when he packs for a trip so his suitcase is always on the bed.

He leaves for Sweden on Saturday so I am going to get all the laundry done by Wednesday so he can think his way thru packing for this trip. It's hard to travel to other countries and know what to pack.
His cell phone rang first thing this morning. I was sleeping. One of these days I'm going to answer it. He has an obnoxious ring so I jumped out of bed. We need to get him a catchy tune. Can you see it now? He is in a meeting with the EU and it starts playing So What. LOL

Mine played So What but he asked me to change it. He said my ring tone hould reflect my personality. He suggested Walking on sunshine and so the change was made.
I can't imagine what people think about his ringtone if he thinks it's reflects their personality. His is boring. And he's not boring.

Have a good day everybody.


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Monday, May 18, 2009


Today was my Tysabri infusion. I always go in the mornings and today I had to go at 11:00 am. It totally screwed up my day. Although it was nice to not have to rush out the house early this morning I feel like I wasted a day. Mark was a little bit late to work though if you know what I mean.

Can't seem to get my groove going. Came home and had to empty the trash, laundry, make dinner, the bed, etc. The list goes on.

Had a bunch of stuff I wanted to add to my website but I can't think my way thru that now. That is a morning project. I'm much clearer in the mornings.

So, tomorrow is our wrap up meeting for the MS Walk. We FINALLY got a reminder email from the person who headed up the committee. Last week I didn't even know about. Nobody got an original email so a reminder was pretty lame.

Next year, we need some change in leadership. Someone who gives a damn and isn't a lazy ass.
We all know how I feel about Lazy people. Someone who doesn't take credit for stuff they didn't do.
I was raised by the laziest people on the face of the earth. And I am glad I didn't get that gene.

Mark has been going to the post office almost everyday with orders for me. Things have been really busy. Yeah ! Next week should be interesting when he is in Sweden. I'll be calling everyone I know for a ride. LOL

Thanks everybody for voting for the shirt saying. And Thanks to everybody who joined my business page on Facebook.
This is all a new experience for us and it is exciting. The Facebook for dummies book I bought has definitely paid off.

Have a great day everybody.


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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dinner at the Country Club

We have a zillion errands to run, as usual. on this Saturday morning. I don't want to
overdo it because we also plans for dinner out tonight.

Our favorite restaurant in town closed about a month ago. The landlord wouldn't renew his lease
so the best place to eat in town has now moved to another town. Good job Fondy !
The chef/owner has moved to the Oshkosh Country Club. This is a private club but they have opened it to the public this Saturday and next Saturday. When I got this email announcing this I called Mark and told him we have got to go. I miss his food so much.
We don't eat out much but Chef Mark ( I know too many Mark's in the world ) has a flair for doing everything right. His food is creative and nutritious and I have never had a bad meal there.
So off we go to the Country Club tonight. I haven't eaten at a country Club since we lived in Pinehurst, NC. ( Where we lived before moving to Wisconsin ) I am curious to see what a Wisconsin Country Club really is. We invited some friends to join us. That will be nice. These are extra special people. You can tell the "locals" from the "transplants" here in town.
We " Transplants" have a tendency to stick together because we often don't understand the
lifestyle here. Fondy isn't a bad town just a backwards kind of 1950's town.
I can't begin to tell you how many people I have met here who have never been on a plane
or in another State.
I, for the record, have been to 38 States. Practically lived in airports when I was in sales and have been to Mexico, Canada , The Caribbean, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.
This summer we are going to Italy, Greece, Croatia and Germany.
I don't understand the concept of " making do". There is a big world out there and I want to see every square inch of it.
My first goal is and always has been to visit all 50 States. Something I will do. Mark my words.
Something every American should do. Our country is first and foremost the most beautiful place on earth.
Tonight though I am going to the Country Club for dinner. Mark and I were married at a Country Club in California. ( The best dam day of my life ) We have lived on numerous golf courses and although I traded in my golf clubs for my MS ( is that a fair trade? ) I still enjoy the golf atmosphere.
My golfing days are over. I wasn't much good at it but the outfits were cute. LOL

Have a great day everybody. Go golfing !! LOL


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Added a new product today !

Earlier in the week I recieved a phone call from a guy who got my name off a
MS related site, MS World.
He had a product he thought I might be interested in. Tough week for me because it has been so busy but I thought I would listen to what he had to say.
Of course, once he mentioned dogs I was all ears. ( like a corgi) I love corgi's because I love their ears.
This product is a custom photo night light and it a great idea.

It was added today with the help of my webdesigner because my brain was mush this week and I couldn't think my way thru it. As always, a portion of the proceeds will go to NMSS and MSF.

This is such a great idea not just for us MSer's but what a wonderful gift to give. It could have baby's picture, a wedding picture, a motivational picture,and of course the doggy. and we all could use a night light.

The product went live today so check it out if you have a chance.

Just a reminder about the shirt contest on the blog ( right column)
and the all the funky cooling items I also just added. I can't wait to start
wearing my cooling vest. ( once the sun comes out, of course) The sun is still sleeping here in the midwest. LOL

Have a great day everybody !


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It has to be noon somewhere !

Is it okay to drink in the afternoon? This coming from the world's cheapest date and
a lightweight when it comes to having a drink.

I just followed up on my broken necklace. The store Mark bought it from sold him an
extended warranty. When he brought it to them he was advised they no longer honor this warranty so he was suppose to take care of it himself. The paperwork we were given is plastered all over it with instructions on how to file a claim. BRING IT TO THE STORE.
Now I realize I have MS but that seems pretty easy to understand.
We made the store take care of it as there literature promises they will.
Now over a month later I decided to call to follow up on my necklace and they have
no record of it. I called the store and sure enough it has been sitting on her desk for all this time.
Now again, I do have MS but how the bleeeeeep is it going to get fixed if it is sitting on your desk.

I told her I am coming by tomorrow to pick up my $500 necklace that has been sitting on her desk. I should have reminded her that while I do have MS I also have a big mouth and healthy lungs. She may not want me in her store. Nothing worse than a disabled chick in tears.
I am so fed up. Why don't people do their jobs? Have we really become that lazy of a society that we just can't do our jobs? Can anybody even spell customer service anymore?
Some of us would love to still be employed. With the half ass job most people I could do a better job and oh yeah, I have MS.

So now I am at square one and guess who gets to tell Mark that my anniversary present has been sitting on her desk for over a month.

Good grief ! Maybe I'll hand him a glass of wine when he gets home.


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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

busy, busy, busy

The past few days have been so busy. I seem to move
two steps forward ( no pun intended) and one step back.

Yesterday the business went beserk ( which actually is a good thing).
I had so many orders and phone calls. By early afternoon I was feeling
a little overwhelmed.
I sat myself down and had a good long talk about relaxing and doing things one
by one and then they will all get done. Put some music on and tackled the
evergrowing pile.
Meanwhile I couldn't get my own website to print properly. I had friends all over
the place trying to get it to print properly. We quickly realized it wasn't my
printer but something going coo coo internally in the website. Problem resolved
with the help of my web hosting/ designing company. Thanks for all your help.

I slowly worked my way thru all my orders. Mark is shipping them today. He
makes a great shipping clerk. LOL
I am trying to get back to blogging everyday. It is raining and I have plans to
have lunch/ mid afternoon snack with a friend today.

Don't forget to vote on the shirt saying you like best. Contest to the right. Thanks

And don't forget about my new line of cooling products. As the weather gets warmer, please don't overheat.
I'm geared up and ready to go. I've got my cooling vest here ready to pt on. All I need is sunshine. Oh wait, it's Wisconsin !!

Have a great day everybody.


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Monday, May 11, 2009

Teaching an old dog new tricks

I hope everybody had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday.

My kids ( aka dogs) gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses on Saturday and Sunday a card arrived in my bed. Who would have thought that two hairy creatures could be so talented that they were able to pull this off by themselves.

My guess the third hairy creature ( aka my husband) was responsible for this feat.
It was a little sad because the card which was meant to honor me as their mom was noticeably missing one name. Goldie. It's been almost a year since her death and yet it seems like yesterday. I miss my little golden bear.
I have been wanting to teach the dogs how to jump thru hoops for a long time. One to help burn up some sheltie energy but because I thought they might really enjoy it.

Mark bought a hula hoop. I wasn't going to buy an agility hoop until I knew they would be interested in it. We started off slow but they seem to enjoy it and not be startled by it.

We all had a great time and laughed alot. The dogs barked and ran themselves silly and when they were tired I gave the hula hoop a try.

It was alot easier to do when I was six and didn't have MS but it was fun all the same and I didn't fall. yeah !
We called mom (aka mother in law) and wished her a happy mother's day although we had just spoken to her on Friday. I personally can't have too much time with her. She is a wonderful person and honestly the only Mom I have ever had. I feel more like her daughter than her daughter in law.
Have a great day everybody.
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Friday, May 8, 2009

Shirt Sayings contest

I'll start by saying a huge thank you to all of you who emailed me, twittered me, called me
and facebooked me your wonderful ideas.

Thank You to my wonderful fellow MS bloggers who helped me get the word out.

I couldn't list everybody's ideas so I listed the ones I thought would fit best on a t shirt ( space concerns) and the ones I received numerous times.

Vote as often as you would like. Share this with a friend or two. Let's have some fun
with this.
And of course, the winner will receive a shirt with the saying on it and of course, the more
popular, bragging rights.

I love this one saying but I think it is too long for a shirt so I thought I would at least share it with you...
"feet are made for walkin' & that's just what they'll do, walk all over MS & stomp it out too"

Thanks Anne for submitting this ( sorry I don't twitter, I'm a techno dork) and thanks
Lisa for passing it along.

Have fun with this everybody and have a great day.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

getting organized !!! LOL

I am finally getting on top of all this stuff going on.
I finished my last bracelet order ( until we pick up the mail tomorrow)

My fingers weren't being very cooperative for bracelet making so I was feeling a
little overwhlemed. But it is done and all packaged up.

Mark is back in town but went into the office for the afternoon. He called and asked
me what I had planned to have for dinner and I said what can you pick up?

That's one less thing to do this afternoon. I think he is going to this new pizza place.
We have had other food from there but a pizza sounds really good. ( sorry Cindy)
I think we both have Italy on our minds so we were looking for something more authentic.
I'll make it up to you during football season. LOL

I got a call the other day that I was chsen to be an MSF Ambassador. MSF ( Multiple Sclerosis
Foundation) is a wonderful organization that has been so supportive of me and my MS, my business, etc. That is the organization that puts on the cruise every year. Check it out so
you can join me next year. We are going to Alaska.
So, I'm not real sure what my role will be but I am certainly excited about this opportunity.
Our little town could use someone like me to help change things.

I ordered a cheesecake for my mother in law for Mother's Day. She loves cheesecake and sweets and is way to thin so we thought this would be perfect. It is chocolate decadence and I
was drooling while ordering it. I have bought many things from them. It should be there tomorrow. Sssh Don't tell her, I know she hates the computer so I can safely say she is not reading my blog.
For my DNA mother, well, I sent nothing. She won't acknowledge me as her daughter
because I have cooties or MS or cancer or something. Oh well.

I am working on putting together all my wonderful shirt sayings that people sent to me.
They will be posted shortly. I promise.

Have a great day everybody. The sun is shining again and my phone reminds me how
happy I am when it rings. I changed the ringtone to "walking on sunshine"
Mark said that song was more reflective of me than " So what". Good answer, Mark.
He actually picked it out.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Support Group

I was invited to a support group meeting tonight.

In early March I had the pleasure of meeting two people ( from this group)
at a NMSS function. I gave them both my card ( as anybody would do who is
trying to promote a business ) LOL

I had posted on my business website my next speaking event for Tysabri.

The next thing I knew both had sent me an email that they were coming to
the event. Wow ! I was so excited. They indicated they would be bringing
other people with them. Now I was even more excited and I have to admit more
I don't mind speaking in front of people but now I knew people in the audience. eeek !

At the event in early April I met up with them and noticed about 15 of them had come
there to hear little ol me speak. And thank you for not heckling me ( you know who I am referring to) LOL

I was truly touched. I recieved many invites to their support group meeting and I
thought to myself " am I ready for another support group?"
As many of you know I ws the co-faciliatator to the group here in town for a few years.
I recently ended my role as faciliatator for a variety of reasons.

I thought to myself as I was looking around the room that night. Nobody from the
support group I had put my heart and soul into and yet 15 or so people from a
neighboring support group all their to support me and hear about Tysabri.

That's when the lightbulb went on. I realized how much I needed a support group
that really supported me, with no strings attached.

I will not be able to attend tonight. Late Dr. appt., Mark is out of town, and it would just
be too rushed for me.

Thanks for the invite, support group, I will try to make it in June. i'm looking forward to
getting to know all of you better.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Don't Overheat- New cooling vests

As we all approach the warmer weather some of us are grateful it is not snowing anymore.
But some of us are dreading that heat.

We all know too well what heat does to MS.
I just added a new line of cooling items including vests, hats, caps and neck bands.

Please check it out. I did alot of research in this area because the last thing I want to happen is to be somewhere and have my cooling est not provide the comfort I need.
Mark and I are going to Italy this summer so I just bought one for myself.

And to make it more exciting I just lowered the price. Please check them out.

Thanks everybody and have a great day !


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Monday, May 4, 2009

relaxing over the weekend

We had a nice relaxing weekend. Cram packed with a zillion things we needed to do but
nice just the same.

On Saturday we went to the grocery store and a " funny" thing happened. Mark usually heads to the parking lot first so he can load the groceries in the car.
I was walking thru the parking lot when I heard him calling frantically to me. I immediately
thought I was about to get hit by a car ( again). I looked up and looked all over the parking lot
searching for him.
Way across the parking lot, I see Mark waving his arms and yelling my name. I don't know where my MS brain was but obviously it wasn't attached to my MS body. I was walking to the wrong truck. ooops ! When you don't drive all black SUV's look alike.
Earlier in the day we had a mini driving lesson without the hand controls so maybe my mind was overloaded. I think Mark was having second thoughts about me driving again.

As much as I don't want to admit it, I think cognitive problems come and go in everybody's MS life. For the most part, I feel alot clearer these days then in the past. I too was concerned I was walking to the wrong vehicle.
I guess with the driving lessons I should re learn what my vehicle looks like. I won't be driving that one anyway. I'll be driving the Audi and I have only seen one of those here in town and it was white, mine is green. Color is not a problem for me. LOL

Sunday we went to the boat storage and started to wax and buff the boat. It is a big boat and stands about 8 ft tall from the trailer to the deck. I had to raise my arms up over my head with a cane in one hand and a towel in the other.
We made a dent in the prep work but Mark will probably have to do much of it himself. I really can't wait to get it in the water. Last summer was a disaster boat season. Between the lousy weather and the crap floating in the water from the town flooding it was just way too short.

Mark left for DC this morning. Ripley got sick about 12:30 in the morning. It wasn't exactly a great sleep night so I am feeling tired. I just finished reading "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. I started it so long ago but got sidetracked with the business and the MS Walk so today it was my time to sit and read. Great book. Pick it up if you get the chance.

Have a great day everybody. The sun is shining here.


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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Reminder about my shirt saying contest

Thank you everybody who has emailed me shirt sayings for my MS business.

I knew there were alot of very creative people out there.

I have actually recieved no duplications. I have recieved very similar ones.

So I'll get organized soon and post them on the blog for the contest probably in about a week or so.

Again, I want to add some new shirts to my webiste and I am asking
for your help.
You can email your ideas to Please don't post them as a comment.

I want my readers to vote on them and the winner or winners will recieve a shirt and bragging rights.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Amazing Race for MS

I don't know how many of you are following Phil Keoghan's ( from the Amazing Race TV show)
ride across America but it has truly been inspiring.
He is riding from LA to NY to raise money and awareness for MS.

He is on day 32 with it scheduled to end early May.
I have been following it on facebook but I am sure it is available on many places on the internet.
He does a video diary at the end of the day. He is starting to look really tired but as he said today he is even more determined to finish this ride.

He had a bad spill the other day. The video was hard to watch. His face bleeding, someone tending to his knee. He was riding with a bike tech so they were able to get the bike fixed up.

In one town, probably the most touching video, he noticed a young girl riding without a helmet. He stopped and gave her one from the vehicle following them . It was a very touching moment.

He has people cheering him on all along the route. I wish he had come thru here.

It's been great keeping tabs on the ride. Thanks, Phil, for doing this for those of us with MS.
With people like you we will find a cure.

Be safe. Try to dodge the railroad tracks next time.

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