Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life in Action

I recently wrote an article for Life in Action magazine.

It was in their last issue, literally...I guess it is now going
to be an online magazine. That's okay because it is a good
magazine and online is better for me.

The article was about Mark & I swimming with the dolphins
last year and how the cruise line ( Holland America ) went out of
their way to help my dream come true.

The dolphins were a great experience.. We are considering doing it

Look for this magazine online..It is part of United Spinal Association.

I hope I get the opportunity to write for them again.

It is so important for those of with MS to motivate and support
one another.

Have a great day everybody

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Monday, September 26, 2011

blog re focus

I changed my blog description from Tysabri and MS to
starting a business after an MS diagnosis.

Since I no longer take Tysabri ti didn't seem appropiate
to talk about it on my blog.

Love the drug and love Biogen Idec but I think it is
inspiring to share how I started this business after being diagnosed
with MS and fired from my job for having MS.

When you are given lemons make lemonade and
That is what I did.

I'm proud of my accomplishments and would love to
inspire others to not give up.

Have a great day everybody !

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door installation today

We are having a new front door installed today.

And although that sounds like a minor project let me explain
to you why it is not.

First, we have an old home built 1895 with very high ceilings.
The door had to custom made, one to go wtih the architecture of the
Victorian home and two nobody stocks a door that large.

I used to joke our front door was like the one the wizard had in The
Wizard of OZ, except its not green.

Anyway, it was ordered months ago and it finally being installed. yippee

Next step is getting it painted and then remodeling is DONE !
My wallet is empty...

Have a great day everybody

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

sick doggy

Yesterday the dogs were supposed to be groomed by a friend
who just started a mobile pet grooming service.

I had to cancel because A-Rod (our little one) was so sick during
the night and nobody got any sleep.

He ate breakfast in the morning and promptly lost his cookies, so
to speak.

I called the vet and because he is a newbie to us and has had stomach
 in the past, supposedly, they wanted to see him.
He has NEVER gotten sick since we got him with the exception of
the first week he ate his dinner and ran around the house like the nut he is and
lost it. We refer to it as "self induced"

Anyway, he probably just ate something in the yard. We have a squirrel and
 bunny problem. We live next to a park and I guess they haven't figured out the
property line yet.

Today, A-Rod seems to be doing better but is contstantly needing to pee.

He's still clingly, butthat is normal for him

Have a great day everybody


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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

tweet tweet

The MS Shoppe ( our online business) has just joined Twitter.

Needless to say I am a lttile challenged with new technology.

So what was my solution? Yes, Twitter for dummies book.
I downloaded it to my kindle.LOL

I am such a big fan of these "dummies" books and honestly
I am learning alot.

If you are on twitter, please follow us @themsshoppe.

If you are NOT on twitter sign up and we can learn together

Have a great day everybody !


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Monday, September 19, 2011

MS BS tshirts

We are so very sorry for the delay in filling these orders.

No matter how hard we try it is getting difficult to keep these
 tshirts in stock...
We were a little concerned about a purple shirt but honestly the guys are loving it.
It helps that the Colorado Rockies, Arizona Diamondbacks and the Minnesota vikings
all have the color purple...LOL

We will be caught up soon and doubling our inventory so it shouldn't happen again.

Thanks for your support for our 3 year old business ( LLC). We have
been able to make significant donations to the NMSS.

We will find a cure...Hope Believe and inspire.. Words to live by.

Thanks again, love you lots...


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Sunday, September 18, 2011

the end of an era or 4 1/2 years

Last Monday was my last Tysabri infusion.

I am very sad. I really loved this drug and it was an incredibly
difficult decision to change meds.

I have been on it for 4 1/2 years and last year I tested
positive for the JC virus and it increases your risk of PML.

It also increases your risk to have been on it as long as I have.

So we, my neuro, my husband and myself made the decision
to start Gilenya.
I'll be starting it in December..Lots of preliminary tests.

My veins will be very happy. They seem to have crapped out a long
time ago so the thought of a pill everyday was very appealing.

My heartfelt thanks to my wonderful nurses who I will so much.
Also, to Biogen Idec for supporting me and allowing me to be a
patient advocate for so many years. I will miss you also.

So between now and December I am not on any meds. Yikes!
I feel positive about this change.

Have a great day everybody.


twitter anyone?

The MS Shoppe recently joined twitter. Still
learning my way around it but I have followers

so I'm excited.

If you are on twitter, follow us... @TheMSShoppe

See ya there


Saturday, September 3, 2011

normal family ?

As many of you know I have been researching my "family tree" for a wile now.

It is a difficult project as my "family" has chosen to walk away from me
and my MS struggles. :-(

Anyway, during this research I have found many cousins and we have been
getting to know each otherthru facebook and email.

We had talked about getting together in Europe over the summer. Mark and I were
considering a trip over the pond but our house remodel took over much of the summer.

Now one of my cousins wants to visit me in Wisconsin. Maybe they are a Packers fan. LOL

I'll keep you posted if we can pull this off. It would be nice to actually have a normal
family member.
One who is not constantly topping me and one who doesn't want me to pay their rent.

Have a great day everybody.


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