Friday, December 31, 2010

Crazee Burger- San Diego

Mark & I at Crazee Burger in San Diego, California.

We found out about this place on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-insand Dives.

Thye serve unusual ostrich, kangaroo, etc.

Mark had a venison burger with pears ( oh yum) and I had a Santorini Burgers ( gound lamb.beef combo)
 Santorini is the town we both loved when we visited Greece a year and a half ago.

If you headed west check this place out. It was fantastic

Havea great day everybody


our vacation

So our vacation was at the beginning of the month to the middle of the month and I'm just getting around to writing about it. Well,noto so fast. I've been fighting a cold and let's just say the cold won...

so I'll pick up the story where  we left.

My cell phone rang about 8:30 am. It was my cousin. We had plans to meet for lunch but he had
spent most of the night in the ER with an elderly woman he takes care of. What a guy.
Nothing personal cuz but you sounded like shit. Get some sleep and let's do dinner.

Mark and I decided to go visit the ships across the street from our hotel. I used to sell to the military
and they have a special place in my heart. I am also in love with aircraft, espcecially military.
We went to the USSMidway, which is now a musuem. Awesome planes and helicopters.

We also went for a walk along the water. Too beautfiul albeit a bit chilly. We went to Crazee Burger for lunch. Mark and I saw this place on the TV Food network on diners, drive ins and dives and had to try it.
What a crazee place. Great great food.

We met up with my cousin, Jeff about 5 pm. We hadn't seen each other since we were teenagers.
After a nice embrace in the hotel lobby we headed to dinner, sushi. I was so excited I talked and talked.
I really do earn the "chatty Cathy" title sometimes. LOL.
Jeff had never met my husband, Mark. We couldn't find him to invite him to our wedding. Long story but it has to do with my DNA mothers lies.

We had a wonderful dinner. Great choice of restaurants, Jeff.  We had an early night. I think all of us were exhausted.
Thanks for accepting me the way I am now Jeff. It means alot to me. As my parents and all my siblings have chosen to "walk out of my life" (pun intended) it is a blessing that you have remained.
Next time you come to Wisconsin just not in the winter...Summer, or fall is better. We can go out on the boat and not deal with the snow. .See ya soon and love ya.

Have a nice day everybody !


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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our vacation

So depsite United Airlines crashing my wheelchair into the jetway, a practice they don't seem to be bothered with, we had a wonderful vacation.
After the past six months we both really needed time away to think. we still have some major medical situaions to sort out.

We headed to San Diego thru Denver International Airport. Don't use the wheelchair service because they just crash you into walls.

It was a little chilly in San Diego. Our hotel was on the water so I'm sure thats what made it feel chilly.

We checked into our hotel and the valet brought our luggage up to the room. Mark opened the door to
find clothes on the bed and shoes. Oops I think the hotel made a boo boo I think someone else is already there. Thank god they were not doing anything. LOL

Anyway, we switched rooms and then headed out to dinner. They had an English Pub/Restaurant and we both ordered fish and chips. Yummy !
We were pooped so we went to bed early. I was sore and was still having problems breathing after my crash into the wall thanks to United Airlines. 

More later as our vacation continues.

Have a great day everybody !


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Oh United Airlines

OMG United Airlines !!

You tracked me down at Denver International Airport and forced me to file a claim.

Within hours you made me "an offer" to make this situation go away.

I countered. With a very respectable offer I might add. An offer
that would have cost you NOTHING financially. And although I was the one injured and humiliated
I asked you to honor my husband's commitment to your airline and take care of him.

Please do the right thing and contact my husband ( a current 1K member) and myself.

If the media knows what happened it would be a shame. A UTbue Video recreation of
the event would be even more shameful.

United Airlines, Denver International Airport please make this sutation right.

You forced me to file a claim while I was injured, humiliated and in tears.

United Airlines- Do the right thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!