Thursday, July 29, 2010

Orange is the New Pink

This shirt is part of a major fundraiser for the National MS Society. We will  donate $2.50 from each tshirt sold to  NMSS.

Tshirt is available in Orange with Pink and white imprint or in Pink with orange and white imprint.

Shirts are $15.99 ea S-XL
                $17.99 ea 2XL
                $19.99 ea 3XL
               $22.99 ea 4XL

Order yours today and lets find a cure !!!  Order one for every member of your family

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If you name me, you'll win me !!

Today on my facebook page for the business I posted an adorable picture of a bear I just bought for the website.

The bear itself is not for sale yet. It should be here in the next few days.
I am holding a "name me" contest. You can post a suggestion or two or twelve on my blog here or my facebook page.

The winner, in addition to bragging rights, you will recieve a " big white fluffy bear" .

So the bear is our newest addition to our MS Hug Bears. I sell so many bears I am constantly running out of stock and because our MS is always changing I like to also change the bears.
I also buy closeouts in large quantities.

This MS Hug bear is 18 inches, white, fluffy and super soft. But it needs a name.

So, please please please tell your friends and families about this bear's dilemna and help us name it.

My first suggestion was Marshmellow Fluff Bear. Put your thinking caps on and I am sure you can do better than me.

Have a great Day Everybody


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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lunch out, walking the walk !!

Today I went to lunch with my friend Barb. She is one of those people that can always pick you up no matter what kind of mood you are in.

I felt good today so I didn't need too much uplifting. We just both needed a chance to talk.
She has a family and I have a husband who is never in town and both of us never treat ourselves to lunch. 

Mark was in town so he was able to drop me off and then come pick me up. We split lunch so we had some leftovers which we both decided we should give to Mark.
Like I said I am walking pretty good today so I decided to just bring my cane. Asked for help when I needed it ( I couldn't manage the cane, the stairs and the precious box of leftovers for Mark) all at the same time. I was so happy with my progress walking.
As many of you know I gave up ( ok fired) my personal trainer. And physical therapists out here couldn't spell MS let alone know what to do with a person who deals with it. so I decided I would be my own physical therapist and personal trainer.

I have doing alot of research on walking and gait problems and my plan is to walk better.

When I think of how much money I have wasted paying someone it makes me sick.

I am already walking better. Today proved my efforts are working. Im proud of myself and I will keep you updated on my progress.

Have a great day everybody. Storms are coming ourway again for tonight.( surprise surprise)   


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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Still deciding what to do today. Had coffee, breakfast, checked my facebook pages ( one for the business), played some games while I was there.
Still have a long to do list but of items that really wont take a long time.
We will probably head out on the boat for a while. Weather is nice but the dark clouds appear to be looming a short distance away.

The Fair is this weekend so we have been going to sleep with the sounds of free concerts... I think one night was Neal McCoy and last night was defintely Ted Nugent.

Monday starts the EAA. I love when they are are in town. EAA is Experimental Aircraft Association. their headquarters are in Oshkosh, not too far away. Every year it brings the greatest planes and airshows plus tons of vsitors ( good for the economy). The show is probably next weekend but I love to watch the arrival of all the planes.
Unfortunately, every year there is always a crash or two. Often it sounds like a little plane is running out of gas over your home.
I will get a free airshow though and I love planes so I'll be very excited to sit and watch it.
I suppose I should get in the shower and look presentable for the boat. See ya later.

Have a great day everybody.


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Saturday, July 24, 2010

shovel anyone?

I am in the middle of cleaning our home office which also is the office of our business
The past few months have been so busy with the business it seems everything else got put on the back burner.

I am trying to get caught up with tax stuff and general paperwork, inventory, donations, etc.

It seems when you start a cleaning project it gets worse before it gets better. It will get better. I need the office a little more organized. I know where things are I just have to move 8 things to get to them. haha !

So if anybody has a spare shovel and time on their hands I'd love some help. If not I'll crank up my tunes and do it "one step at a time" Now where have I heard that saying before?

Have a great day everybody ! Hug a dog, a friend, your spouse.


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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun things happening at The MS Shoppe

Things here at the business have been crazy. Busy busy busy.

Mark flew home from Australia on Saturday and I was so busy with orders. I always like to stay busy when he travels back from home across the pond and I did.

Mark had to use our big tub ( from the post office) to carry all the orders to the post office on Monday.

If you haven't checked out the website recently, please stop by and visit us

We added a bunch of new orange ribbon lapel pin, a car magnet, new shirts, the handiplac and bears, bears and more bears.

Have a great day everybody.


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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Relying on people? NOT

I am completely dissapointed in the people who I thought I could rely on.

Two nights ago we had a horrible storm. We were under a thunderstorm/lightening warning, a flash flood warning and a tornado watch.

I was up all night with the dogs. I think I fell asleep about 4:30 am.

I was so terrified during the night I changed into clothes, complete with my shoes on, incase I had to take cover quickly. I can't remember ever feeling that afraid.

By morning I took the dogs out and was so wobbly from no sleep I fell and injured the infamous toe( I think it will be broken for the rest of my life ) I was like a walking zombie I had to cancel my plans.

Before Mark left for Australia I asked him to let a few extra people know I would be home alone for 9 days. In case something broke (my house was built in 1895) and it is confusing sometimes trying to fix something. Or in case I needed something from the grocery store.

So the day after this horrible storm and guess how many people called to see if I was okay? To see if my basement flooded? That would be zero !

People don't say you will be there if you have no intention of doing so. For all you know I fell on the stairs and I'm still laying there.

Take a minute and give a dam about someone other than yourselves you selfish people.

I have a disability and HAVE to rely on people so decide if you are one of those people I can rely.
In the words of my grandmother "shit or get off the pot"

Either your in or your out. We seem to be everybodys best friend when the weather is beautiful and you want to go out on our boat.
Let's see, NOT !

Have a great day everybody.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family search update

I'm having a great time researching the families. There is alot of info out there that is truly mind blowing that someone has kept these records all these years and yet I can't find my own birth records.
If anyone out there has any expereince with I'd love to hear from you. Any pointers or tips that might help.

I seem to stumble across info and not know how to get their again.

I was able to add my grandmothers siblings but it won't let me add my grandfathers.

I have cousins and family emailing me non stop info. sometimes it all confuses me more than helps me. i cant seem to connect the dots yet. It is like a ginat puzzle to me. The kind of thing I crave to keep my brain functioning.
I also want to see just how far back we can and of course I wouldn't mind being relatedot someone famous.

Have a great day everybody


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who's dog is that?

Last night or should I say this morning I was awakenend by the sound of my neighbors dog barking frantically.
This is a low key mellow rottweiller ( a real beauty and a gentle cuddly dog) so to hear all that barking at exactly 2:14 am I was surprised. I rarely hearthis dog bark, even when he plays wit hthe kids and is having tons of fun.
So I attempted to jump out of bed. I don't know about anyone else but jumping out of bed ended when I got MS. I also wake up a little groggy.

I noticed thru the wood min blinds there was a flashing blue light. Thats what got the dog up.

By the time I walked all theway aroundthe bid, tripping over my sleeping dogs and their dog beds I could see a police car drive away.
My guess is they pulled someone over in front of my house AGAIN.

It seems my home is the place to stop in the middle of the night. I guess I should feel comfort knowing the cops are right outside my door. Here's a tip...shut off the flashing blue lights in the middle of the night.

I couldn't get back to sleep after that..
With all the construction going on ours is one of the few streets open. It has turned into a dragstrip. But it appearsthecops are on top of it.

Have some errands to run today. Got a handi van ride so I'm going to get caught up on stuff.

Have a great day everybody.


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Sunday, July 11, 2010

finding the lost family?

Yesterday we joined Both Mark & I have questions and gaps in our family history and we are both anxious to fill in those gaps.
It is not as esy as the commercials indicate but it is truly exciting when you find even a nibble of information.
I put in my married name allowing me to research both my family and Mark's. So far I haven't found any royalty we are related to ( although the queen of England looks alot like some members of my british family) and we have not found out we are related to Brad Pitt (thank god)
but we will continue to search for those missing holes and enjoy the clues we get tossed our way.

It is truly intriguing and we are looking forward to finding some more family.
Wish us luck we don't find an axe murderers. LOL

Have a great dayeverybody.


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Friday, July 9, 2010

ssshhh the dogs are sleeping

I've been tiptoeing around the house this morning because the dogs have been sleeping. They didn't sleep well last night for whatever eason. I know this because they kept me up all night.

So they are sleeping (and snoring rather loudly) and I'm trying to get things done around the house and office.

My goal this week is to try and get the office organized. We have been so busy the past few months things just got dumped anywhere.
In amongst my cleaning I found an envelope of cash so I more inspired to clean. haha !
I'm sure it was from an event where we sold things and never put it back into the bank.
You know what they say..finders keepers.

Been getting alot of emails from people we met on the cruise. That is always alot of fun. I figure you can never have too many friends.

Its already so hot outside so I am going to hang out in the a/c except when I have to take the dogs out.
If you live in an area thatsgettingthis awful heat, please try to stay indoors. Go to a mall, the library, even a grocery store. As a person with MS we need to remind each other not to overheat.
And drinks lots of water.

Have a great day everybody.


Saturday, July 3, 2010


My new kindle arrived the other day.

I couldn't decided between a kindle or a nook. Kindle is by Amazon and Nook is by Barnes and Noble ( I Believe)
I am a huge reader and paperbacks are hard for me to read. I have a hard time with newsprint so I always opt for a hardback book because it is usually whiter paper and much easier on my eyes.

I met a few people on the cruise that had one or the other. Most people had a kindle. I met a woman who was using a nook and she showed me all the features. She was sitting in the quiet corner reading when I walked over and intrduced myself. She was very sweet.

Mark set up the whole thing. Registering it and then showing me the short version how to operate it.

I was so excited to download my first book when he announced he accidentally downloaded one. I guess the one click download option really worked because I got a book I know nothing about. I am enjoying the book and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kindle.
I just ordered a pretty pink case for it.

Reading again. I am so excited. Now I can't wait to download my second book. This time I think I will do my own downloads.but I think I will do it online and not on the kindle. God only knows what I'll get next time if Mark helps me. LOL


urgent care trip

Yesterday afternoon Mark & I spent hours at urgent care and for once it wasn't for me.

Mark went running yesterday morning and twisted his ankle on our wonderful city streets that are always under construction.

He came home limping trying to deny it hurt but a wife can tell these things. Besides the fact his foot was several colors. I finally talked him into going to urgent care.

He was with the doctor for a long time. Finally the nurse came out said he wouldn't be much longer. When he came out of the room he was wearing a ankle brace. He refused the boot.

You know one could make alot of jokes here about getting hurt exercising. I prefer the sit on the couch exercise plan .Just kidding.

He will be all right and is already saying the ankle feels better. We went shopping this afternoon so he got a workout.

Geez our lives have been full of so much drama lately.

Have a great 4th of July everybody


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Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Spill in Alaska

This story has gone viral so I thought I'd clear up a few things...

On our cruise last week I had spill while in Alaska.

It was our first port of call. We had just gone to the most fabulous Salmon Bake set in the hills with a beautiful waterfall and music and tons of great salmon.
We met up with some friends from the cruise and enjoyed the perfect weather.

We were stuffed with salmon and other wonderful food when we left. We took the bus back to town and decided to go shopping.
As many of you are aware my legs don't work well on the ship ( the vibration turns my legs to jello) so we opted to "be safe" and use my manual wheelchair.

We were at the far end of town beginning our shopping journey. Mark was pushing me in the chair when all of a sudden we hit a crack in the sidewalk. At least we thought it was a crack but it turned out to have a 2 in drop on the other side of the crack that neither of us saw.

The wheelchair's wheels got stuck, locked up and stopped. Well I didn't stop. I shot like a cannonball thru the air and landed several feet away.
I laid on the sidewalk looking up at Mark who was in total shock. All these people staring at me and I was struggling to fight back tears.
I couldn't believe how many people watched me lay there and nobody came to our aid. Finally a woman appeared and asked "what can I do to help?" The perfect thing to say to someone who just fell out of a wheelchair. I was glad she didn't say" do you need help? duh !"

Anyway Mark went to one side of the chair and she went to the other. I got on my knees and was propping myself up with the help of the chair (Keep in mind I knew my knees were bleeding.) when all of a sudden the Juneau fire department showed up. I was so embarassed. They were great. It took 3 of them to lift me. I am like dead weight when I fall. Two of them propped me up and the third literally forced my foot into a standing position.

Thank you so very much to the Juneau, Alaska fire department. You guys are the best. And thanks for not making me go to the hospital.

It was not the way I wanted to meet you but I am grateful you came. Now, please have someone fix the sidewalk.

I must have landed on my four prong cane because I have a strange group of bruises on my leg. My knees are healing. I wouldn't wear the little black dress I brought for formal night.

We had fun shopping in Juneau, spent lots of money and took lots of pictures.

Hope everybody has a great day and watch those cracks.


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