Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wow ! What a day

Yesterday I put my new shirt on my website. That in itself is pretty exhausting for the MS portion of my brain.
I maintain most of my website myself ie adding and deleting products so I have the ability to add it when it is ready to be added and not having to wait until someone else gets around to it.

So I added the new shirt I DO SHOTS ! 6 sizes so I had to cut and paste it six times and change the size info. My brain was frazzled.
Then I posted it on business page on facebook, then my blog. I kid you not, 3 mintues after posting it on facebook I got an order and as the day went on they kept coming in. I was overwhelmed with excitement !

I realized I needed to order more shirts. This on a product I just listed. That must be some kind of record. My screen printers must have thought I was nuts reordering a shirt I had picked up only the night before.
This is a good problem to have. Hopefully the sizes I have left are the sizes people need to order.

I am in good shape on all of the shirts. I need to add them all to inventory. Then fold them and put them all away. Almost all of the orders are ready to go out. Yeah ! I'd like one trip to the Post Office.

In the midst of all this shirt craziness yesterday, I got a phone call from Fed Ex that they had a delivery for me that needed a signature. I have a sign on my door asking UPS, Fed Ex and everybody else to please leave the package. Only ring the bell if you need a signature ( dogs and doorbells, need I say more)
So this guy calls me and I told him I would stay downstairs until he was ready to deliver it. He told me he was outside my front door. LOL I went to the door and signed for my package.
The Fed Ex guy even picked up my other package that UPS delivered so I didn't have to bend over. What a sweetie ! Fed Ex trains them right !

The package, by the way, was my necklace. Mark bought me a necklace last year for our Anniversary because I kept breaking the old ones. This one was thicker and couldn't be broken they told him as he plunked down the cash. Wrong ! I broke it. I have a tendency to lean over, lose my balance and get my hand stuck in between my neck and the necklace and it breaks. This time I was making the bed and ripped it off my neck. Ouch.
After a couple of months of screwing around with the extended warranty I finally got it fixed.

I always wear my locket ( my wedding gift from 21 years ago) on it and I have been lost without it. I opened the box and put it on.
It felt good around my neck.

Have a great Day Everybody! Richie, Herrad I can't find an email address for you so I am not sure what to do about this award.


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