Saturday, June 6, 2009

I don't have Cooties, I have MS

Special Price on one of the T-shirts

This one reads : I don't have Cooties, I have MS .

This shirt came about because I went to get my eyes checked and their dumb ass staff wouldn't touch me so my bifocals were always crooked. It's not like I already had a problem walking.

Anyway, I should mention the name of this hokey establishment here in town because businesses like this should have all rights taken away to owning a business.

They violated every one of my rights not to mention their lack of morals.

If you here in town, you should know they are the only eye place associated with Vision Service Plan and therefore anybody who works at the largest company in town is required to use these bozo's. Vision Service Plan was no help in resolving this matter.

I went to Walmart ( and we all know how much I don't like Walmart) but it was a wonderful expereince. The way I should have been treated in the first place.

We have all been treated badly as a result of MS and this is my way of fighting back.

Reg Price $14.99 (M-XL) Sale Price $11.99

Reg Price $16.99 (2XL) Sale Price $13.99

Other sizes available, just email me.

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