Sunday, June 28, 2009

mother nature and her own agenda

We had plans to go ot on the boat today. We had invited some friends to join us but the weather was not looking great the past few days. On and off rain but today they were predicting high winds.
For those of you who are not boaters, wind is a four letter word ( unless you own sailboat, they love it)

We took a drive out to the boat this morning and the lake was white capping and rolling just from the wind. The harbor was empty which means we weren't the only ones who took a pass on the weather. 30 mile an hour winds can cause all kinds of problems for a boat. Even a boat as big as ours. Hopefully Mother Nature will be kinder next weekend.

Before we went to the harbor Mark made an incredible breakfast. Eggs Benedict with salmon instead of bacon, complete with holladaise sauce, egg and we didn't have any english muffins so he used a crumpet. LOL I would have married him all over again after that breakfast.
There is just something so sexy about a man who can cook!

After the harbor we went grocery shopping. I have been trying to shop the ads lately which means dividing the shopping into two trips at two different stores.
We saved almost $50.00 in coupons.
Ok, you can call me cheap. I prefer to call myself frugal. I can't stand paying full price for something I know I can get for less. Besides it's fun. I walked out of the store laughing.

Hope everybody is having a great day ! My tummy is full so I'm happy.


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