Monday, June 29, 2009

The Rumor mill

Last week our local newspaper ran a story that the largest employer in town is moving to Oklahoma.
The rumor mill is running on overtime. Everybody is in a panic.

Mark works there and it is more than a little stressful there right now.
I don't even work there and everywhere I go people keep asking me if they are moving out of town. This move would kill this town. A lot of buisnesses rely on this company.
All I can and will say is this. Maybe I know a few things others might not. That info is locked in my MS brain. Good place to keep a secret haha !

Seriously folks, just stay calm. I realized along time ago when I married Mark, I did more than marry him but I married his career. Maybe the thought of moving doesn't terrify me like others. I have done it so many times.

The economy sucks. Instead of panicing do something to increase sales. How's that for an answer if I know anything.
I hope an announcement comes shortly. It's driving alot of people crazy.

Please please please stop asking me. I'm stressed too and quite frankly I feel stuck in the middle.


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Libby said...

aw, crap, cathy! rumors having to do with anyone's jobs is bad anytime, but worst at times like this...sorry, you are in a hard place...but don't let anyone 'guilt' you into saying anything...

Mike said...

I know the feeling. I was diagnosed in January of this year. The local Cooper Tire plant is shutting down so I was laid off at the end of March. Then on top of that to fight with the insurance company over my Copaxone... wheeeeeeee!!!! yaaaaaaay! i am a stress monkey let me tell you. Just keep focused. Oh, and a dark room, a few scented candles and some relaxing music (I use Enya) sooooo helps. Well, it doesn't hurt but I assume they are one and the same anymore. :)

Lisa Emrich said...

Well, whatever happens I'm sure that it will work out for you and Mark. If you do move to Oklahoma, it's not the end of the world. I grew up there and depending upon where you are in the state there is some really good boating. Apparently the only MS center is in OKC, however, so that might be interesting. Good luck.