Thursday, June 4, 2009

What a crazy and wonderful Day

Yesterday started out as a wonderful day. I had an appointment with my neuro.
No big deal just my 6 month check up.
I made the long walk to his office with only my cane and my husbands arm.
I think I surprised my neuro by doing that.

We had paperwork I needed to have him fill out about my driver's license.
As you may know, I have been trying to learn to drive with hand controls. We took the
winter off for obvious reasons and resumed driving a short time ago.
So here's my dilemma. My leg is now overriding my hand and it wants to stop the car.
This is actually a wonderful problem to have. We were quite happy with this situation
except I wasn't sure how my neuro would feel about it. I was all ready for a fight and had all
my arguments lined up and ready to use. He did some different tests and signed the paperwork.

Wow that was an easy fight. LOL My body is changing so I feel better about the driving situation. I really want to go to the grocery store by myself. Surprise Mark with a special dinner.

Then I went to my nail appointment. We always get the giggles over stupid girl stuff.
But I really enjoy it and often need it.

Later that evening I attended the MS support group in Oshkosh. They have invited me several times but there was always a schedule conflict. I really wanted to go but I was exhausted.

Their speaker was a woman who taught yoga so I thought that would be relaxing for me at the end of the night.
What a fun group. Lots of laughter. No negative Nellies or Debbie downers. Just a bunch of people who loved life even with the challenges of MS.
The yoga instruction was great. When I got home the crap hit the fan when my Dr called at 9:30 pm.

It seems there is a problem that all Doctors were informed about by my insurance company but I wasn't.
So they all got a letter sharing my medical info and I was completely in the dark.
They were acting like it was a fire drill to get this situation resolved. While it is serious it is not life threatening and I can't make make decisions like this on a whim.

After all that craziness I slept like a log.
I spoke with Doctors all day long about my 'options" and at one point had to remind them it was my decision and my decision only. Then Mark's and then theirs.
Everybody of course had a different course of treatment. Good grief. Why did I put together a MS Team anyway if everybody is working separately.
We have alot of thinking to do and we will weigh the options. I am not jumping into anything.
We are going on this vacation and we will spend some time thinking about it but not long.

I wish my mother would give a damn. These are times when I could really use a mother. My friends are there but a mom is something I could use right now.
Everything in life happens for a reason. We'll work it out.
I'm trying to stay positive and think my way thru this without going ballistic on the what if's.

Have a great day everybody


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Libby said...

oh, shit, cathy! i ORDER you to not think about your mom, or anything to bring you down before this vacation! you need this, you both deserve it, so no "crabby cathy" allowed here, either!! but i know how it would be painful if you thought about it too much...ergo...don't think about anything but your cruise till you get home, okay? [hugs]!