Monday, June 8, 2009

These feet are made for walkin

Physical therapy went really well today. It was rainy and my body usually doesn't do well in the rain. Plus I had an awful night taking care of Ripley. He is my rescue dog and is terrified of thunder.

I am his mommy so it was my job to see him thru it. I was so tired though.

Well when I got to PT one of the other PT's commented I was walking so well. It made me want to jump for joy, except I can't jump. It is nice to have somebody notice the hard work I have been putting in. I really needed that. It was a real confidence booster.

We are convinced that I have an underlying hip problem not associated with MS. It is aggravating the MS but the problem is deeper than that. I do believe it is fixable especially since we now know what it is.

I have been working so hard but I have along way to go. My goal is to chuck the walker permanently and maybe the cane. Driving will be alot easier if I get my hip working properly.

Wasn't sure if I mentioned my neuro signed off on me applying for a regular driver's license instead of hand controls. Yippee ! That made my day.

My shirt orders have all arrived and the new saying will be posted and available soon on my site, hopefully tomorrow. I have an office full of boxes. I just spent the weekend organizing the office and now it is a mess again.
I actually ran out of a couple of shirt sizes. This is actually a good problem to have. business is going well.

Have a great day everybody. Time for my new med cocktail. I think it is working. yay


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