Sunday, June 14, 2009

My body hurts

I'm not ready to say I am having a relapse but I definitely feel like crap.

A week and half ago some of you might remember my Dr's all fighting with each other about a possible drug interaction on two meds that I currently take ( and have taken for years)

It was agreed to cut one dose in half. What the #$%^ was I thinking? Half dose?

So as the days grew longer it was apparant this formula was not working. My legs were so heavy and hurt so badly.
Mark and I tried a different formula and we thought that was working until I physically couldn't get out of bed. After spending most of the day wasted in bed I decided I
was going to increase my dose and wean myself off this drug slower.

Increasing the meds has helped although my legs still hurt. My pain scale 1-10 which I usually say I am 1 was at 15 yesterday. I chugged a couple of Advil's just to cope with the pain.

This morning I feel better. Not great but better. I'm sure some of you out there ( and you know who you are) are thrilled to death that I am having problems like this.
Why you shouldn't be happy if you have MS said one of them. So your wish has come true.
My body is shutting down like you prayed for.
But let me say this. I am a fighter and I will not go down without a fight. I will get my body working again. So my training for the MS Walk is on hold for now.
Right now I need to get my body working again.

Thanks to all my Dr's for their advice. As you can see it worked real well. With your advice I might be back using my wheelchair again soon. That kind of help I don't need.

To think I pay all of you for this advice. Thanks but no thanks.

This is something I have advocated for a long time. Take control of your life and don't let anybody, even your Dr's, give you bad advice.

I am going to work out now and push my body like it's never been pushed before. I have a very busy week coming up and I won't let this MS thing bring me down.
Stay tuned for my progress. I have a walk to walk in 2010. My year. I have a dream vacation next month and I'm not walking like this.

Have a great day everybody. A special Thanks to the little girls in the park on Saturday who saw me struggling to get out of the car. They ran over to me and gave me a piece of origami they had made and wanted me to have it. It is on my dresser and gave me the inspiration to move this morning. That made my day. !



Jen said...

Oh Cathy....UGH. Seems like a few of us might be relapsing. I read that Lisa is not so well. I too have been exhausted and my left leg is like a lead pipe. Lots of tingling/burning in my pelvis (?!) and right hand. All old symptoms, but usually in remission, so I might have to visit my neuro as well. I'm hoping it's a UTI. I've been walking like a duck now for 4 days.

Please be kind to yourself now and do whatever it takes to get on that cruise ship in the near future. Get plenty of rest...



Libby said...

oh, how nice were those little girls? [hugs cathy]!