Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just came home

Mark & I ( or maybe just I did) decided I really needed to get out of the house.

We went by Walleye Weekend and although they had spaces allocated for the boaters who have a dock it was a really long walk. Even the handicapped parking was a long walk.

We decided to forgo that idea. I wasn't really in the mood to clean the boat anyway. LOL

I really wanted to do some walking even though my body felt like crap. For me, not doing anything is worse than doing it. So we decided to go to the outlet mall. It's an outside mall and it is so beautiful I wanted to be outside. There is really only a few stores there I like and we really only went to one.
Just enough walking to get that hip moving again. I could wince in pain and nobody would hear me because the mall was empty. I practiced all my PT techniques without overdoing it.

It was a good attitude adjustment some ( or maybe one husband) would say that I needed.

Bought a cute pair of capri's ( new clothes always help my mood) and we left.
Met a really helpful woman there who came to my rescue as I got tangled up with my walker and the bra's. It was pretty funny and a well needed laugh.

Mark was craving Mexican food so we drove all the way back home to hit our favorite place.

Now I'm doing laundry and getting caught up on life. It is getting hotter outside so I will stay inside the rest of the day. Mark is cooking tonight ( he gets to cook on weekends and I get the week) We actually had to come up with a schedule so we both could cook. We both love to

Maybe I'll watch a movie or just read. It's so hard for me to sit still sometimes. I probably should have had a margarita or two!

Does anybody read Joyce Nelson's ( president of NMSS) blog ? She is walking as many of the challenge walks as possible. Anyway, after her first walk two weeks ago I sent her one of the MS Hug Bears I have on my website. So in her last blog she thanked me.
I just wanted her to know that there are bunch of us who are grateful for the NMSS and what she and her husband John are doing. I can hardly do three mile s and she is doing 50 every couple of weeks.
This is inspiring me to keep plugging along no matter how badly I hurt. we all have to work together to find a cure.


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