Monday, June 1, 2009

physical therapy

Just got home from Physical therapy and I am exhausted.

I feel my muscles working well together and although I am exhausted I
do like the way they feel.

They are really working on my walk. Correcting it by focusing on my stomach muscles and hip area. These have always been my problem areas and if we can succeed I will be walking a whole lot better. Yippee !

Over the weekend Mark and I registered for the Relay for Life. It is a 24 hour event raaising money and awareness for cancer.

We decided to do it in honor of Dad ( Mark's dad) who died from colon cancer a few years ago after a very long battle with the disease.
I don't know anybody who hasn't has cancer affect their lives. Mine is personal but this
is for Dad. I'm not sure how long I will be able to walk but it wil be wonderful training for the MS Walk next year.

I came home from PT and just finished my orders so I'll think I will get a snack before dinner. Got an email this morning at 9:00 am that Mark's hours have changed whch means a much later dinner.
I didn't even get 24 hours notice. Thanks guys for informing the wives and family of this change.

Have a great day everybody.


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Libby said...

my neuro is sending pt to my house for at least a month, & when i get built up a little, i'll go to the hospital & get it...looking forward to it!

Libby said...

okay, cathy, i have a date to start ty! 6/24/09 at 1:30 pm, & the nurse at the infusion center, & the biogen nurse & me will all be there!! WHEEE!

Cathy said...

I'm am so happy. I know getting the hospital set up was a pain but it will be nice to not have to travel very far. yippee !!