Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Carrie

I just got an email from our good friend who had to put her sheltie dog down.

Carrie was 17 years old and has had numerous surgeries and major medical problems. Most rescue dogs do.

She was such a fighter ( as most shelties are). There were many times we didn't think she would make it and she would come thru fine.

She was my Goldie's little playmate. They were both petite ( runts ). We met her and human parents when we lived in North Carolina. I think that is how we got involved with the rescue.

RIP Carrie and don't cause too much havoc in heaven with my Goldie! LOL

Give your dogs a big hug today. Just for me !


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Libby said...

cathy, i'm sorry to read this...i hugged truman, since he's my "dog", but i only call him a dog if i'm mad at him...