Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PT and feeling great

I slept so well last night. My back wasn't tight and my legs felt good.

When I woke up this morning I felt refreshed. Good thing because I had alot to do.

We were suppose to have someone come look at our clothes dryer and of course after

calling numerous times and waiting half the morning we decided it wasn't worth it.

I had so much laundry to do. Mark was almost out of runing shorts which meant he would have to streak if I didn't get it done soon.

He has nice buns but they are my buns. Ya know what I mean.

It seems to be working better anyway. Customer service is horrible in this town.

It's likethey are doing me a favor by coming to my home.

The last I checked the economy sucks and businesses should be grateful they have any business at all. You are not going tell me that an appliance repair person has too much business right now.

Most people aren't even bothering to fix anything. Sometimes I want to hold a class for businesses on what customer service is.

If I have to wait an extra day to mail something I feel terrible. When Mark is out of town and I can't get a ride to the Post Office I feel terrible.

Maybe I am too old school. Maybe I have high morals and values. Maybe I just wantto provide my customers with the customer service they don't get anywhere else. Maybe, justmaybe I like being nice.

All my orders are done and Mark will have his hands full going to the post office tomorrow.

I sold alot of bears so at least they are light packages..

Have a great day everybody.


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