Saturday, June 20, 2009

A day on the boat !

Today Mark & I spent the day on the boat. It was in the mid 80's ( now it is 89 ) and I did okay in the heat.

I really have to say my cooling vest saved me. In fact Mark joked he wanted one because I looked more comfortable than him.
Depsite what my body has been going thru lately, I did okay. Mark kept some of the canvas up so I wasn't in direct sunlight.

We had a good time and got some of the "to do" list done.

A couple of things I have to point out though. First, Guys ( and you know who you are) . If you have a gut and look like you are ready to give birth at any moment, PLEASE don't take your shirt off. It's not a pretty sight. And the funny thing is it's the Joe Cool guys that think they have the body.

And Ladies, please email me your address so I can send you a mirror. Have you thought of a one piece? Let's try age appropiate clothing. If you don't have the body for a bikini please don't put one on. Little kids get scared when they see things like that.

And finally, Life Jackets. Hello ? There are laws in this country for a reason dumbass.

If you have a child on board 12 years of age or younger they are required to wear one.

I have made small 13 year olds wear one.
I have also asked people who are nervous about boating or don't know how to swim to wear one.

I often will wear one because I am not sure I could float by myself in an emergency.
If my guests don't like the rules, they can sit on deck and wait for us to return.

All parents are advised beforehand that there are no exemptions to this rule.

And in this neck of the woods where the largest employer, ( my husband's employer) is a boat related company, please don't think that this stunt would not get back to your employer.
This is a small town and people love to gossip.
Our boat is Coast Guard registered and we are members of the auxiliary which means if there is an emergency on our lake ( and most likely there would never be) we are trained to help with rescue.
Mark and I have both completed boating safety classes. In fact at the last one Mark knew more than the instructor.
Boating is a fun thing to do but please remember you are not alone out there. Learn the basics of boating, etiquette and rules of who has the right away. At the very least please know which side is port and which side is starboard, which end is aft and which end is the bow.

We also never serve alcohol. We have a selection of water, sodas, and juice.
So to quote one of my favorite old shows " Let's be careful out there"
Have a great Father'sDay everybody. Do something fun and never feel like you can't do something. Don't let your MS rule your life!
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Jen said...

LOL about the bikini comment. I wouldn't be caught dead in one now. Too much jelly belly....

Looks like you had fun despite the heat. Good!

Diane said...

Sometimes people just do not know how to dress age appropriate. No need to see beer bellys!

Looks like a fun time! :)