Thursday, June 18, 2009

NMSS Luncheon

Yesterday Mark & I attended the NMSS Promise 2010 Luncheon at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee.

It was as always a great event, (Kudo's to the staff and Dawn) The speakers were inspiring and the people who attended all had the same focus in find a cure for MS.
Channing Barker was diagnosed with MS at age 16. Gasp ! I know I can't even imagine. But she is strong and so inspiring. This was the second time I heard her speak as she also spoke at the NMSS national conference in Chicago last year. The other speaker was Dr. Khatri. He and I speak alot together when I do my patient advocate programs for Biogen Idec ( Tysabri).
After the luncheon we made a special trip over to say hello to him. Although he is not my Dr. I wanted him to see I walked in with just my cane.
We got a chance to see some friends, Jeffrey Gingold, Dan. Allyson, Renee and many more.

We had a long drive and arrived early. But that was okay. It gave my legs ( that were already feeling bad) a chance to regroup. I insisted on just using my cane instead of my walker. And although I regretted it a few times, I am glad I pushed my body.

We had a chance to catch up with several staff members of NMSS as we sat on this exquisite antique sofa, right in front of a picture of a woman and her dog. We couldn't decide if it was a border collie or a sheltie in the picture until I pulled out my phone. Yes, I keep pictures of my dogs on my camera. The picture of Noelle and the picture of this dog could have been the very same dog.
Anyway, as I digress, we had a chance to say hi to Colleen, who is the President of the local chapter. Laurie and Dawn, and Allison, Denise, Kim , Meghan. I finally fot to meet shannon, who was such a help with the Walk MS but I never found Amanda. Were you hiding Amanda?

We bought some raffle tickets for a door prize. Because everybody needs an extra door, right?
We didn't win but it was a donation.

Mark & I try to go this event every year. The tickets for this event are $100 per person but it a fun way to make a donation.
We had a great time. I'm glad our local chapter puts together events like this to highlight those "Faces of MS"
I recently read a post from another MS blogger who was slamming the NMSS about the way they spend their money. These events cost money to put on. Money donated by people like Mark & I.
This blogger went on to mention how they had gone to a NMSS event. A free event to them. But as I mentioned these events cost money to put on. So while you enjoyed your Free event please remember to thank those of us that actually paid for it. Your welcome !

It is my pleasure to be a supporter of my local chapter of NMSS. They know they can always rely on Mark & I as I know I can always rely on them.
Great Event ! Can't wait til next year !


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