Tuesday, June 23, 2009

walkin on sunshine

Yesterday I had PT and it went really well despite all the obstacles.

First, it was 87 degrees when I left the house and it was awful. We haven't had much sun
here lately and it seemed like it went from 50 degrees to 85 overnight. Whew !
And we all know what the heat does to us MS er's so I felt lousy.

I started at physical therapy by using a machine where I was laying on my back and pushing a weighted board out. It's hard to describe but it was hard. We then walked laps of the gym and she showed me some more stretches on my side. I was able to partially do one right from the get go. yippee

Then I got to go on the treadmill. I was so excited. This is what I have wanted for a long time.
They put a holster on me ( like having a parachute attached to me). The holster lifted some of the weight off me so it would be easier to walk the right way.

It took a while to get strapped into this gizmo. Then my ride showed up. Crap ! He is such a nice guy. He told me to come get him in the parking lot when we were done. What a sweetie.

The treadmill was the highlight of my day. And although I was completely exhausted I had renewed faith that I would be able to do the MS Walk next year, despite this new hip problem.

I wasn't sure if I mentioned that I have an underlying hip problem they discovered. Nothing to do with the MS but something that is hampering it. They think I have had this problem all my life.
Thanks mom and dad for taking care of it when I was a kid.
We also discovered one leg is longer than the other by a full inch. Wow How did so many doctors miss that one. I am wearing these funky things in one shoe to level me out and it seems to be helping.

I have PT again on Thursday and I have to say I am excited. I felt so much better after I came home then when I left for the appt.

It was 97 degrees today and a heat index of 102. Needless to say I stayed home in the air conditioned house. I only went out to coax the dogs to go to the bathroom. LOL
i never rthought I would say this but I hope the dogs start to blow their coat soon. ( shelties have an undercoat) They must be so uncomfortable. I will get to comb them and comb and comb them.

Have a great day everybody !


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