Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hit the Mile Marker

We bought each other an exercise bike for Christmas
and I have been slowly working up my strength.

Today I hit the mile marker. One mile ! Wow !
I'm very excited and very proud of this MS body.
I slowly worked myself up to one mile because I didn't
want to wear myself out.
So there are probably a few of you laughing right
now saying "big deal a mile". Well, to someone with
multiple sclerosis it is a big deal, even a huge
When I first got on the bike Mark had to help my
legs move. They just didn't get it.
Today, I finally hit the mile marker and I'm proud
of myself.
Exercise is a crucial part of staying in shape for people with
multiple sclerosis but I want to do more than just stay
in shape.I want to get better. I know people think that
all peope with multiple sclerosis are sitting on the couch
watching TV I'm here to tell you diffrerently.
Some of us are not quitters, some of us will get better.
I'm living proof of that.
So hitting a one mile marker is a big deal.
Go back to laughing. I'm sure you didn't do any exercise
today or even this week.
For me, I am the only one laughing now. LOL ( for those of
you who don't know lingo that means laughing out loud)


1 comment:

Libby said...

great news!! i'm starting PT at the hospital next week, i DO need it!