Monday, January 26, 2009

My Tysabri Fix

I was really dragging yesterday and I was sooo looking forward to my
Tysabri infusion this morning. I always feel so much better after and during
my infusion.
I lost count but I believe this is # 27 Tysabri infusion. My MRI came back good. I'm not one of those worrying about PML. I figure if there is nothing I can do about it why worry about it?

I pay very close attention to my body. I eat well and exercise. I haven't had a relapse
in over 2 years. That's remarkable considering I pratically lived on steroids before starting
Only one of the regulars showed up today. We had breakfast together and chatted like teenagers.
So 4 weeks from todayI'll be back. I will have been on my cruise so I'll really my fix then. haha!

I stopped by medical imaging while I was at the hospital and requested a copy of MRI.
I was not happy being told" it was stable" what the F does that mean?

Oops ! I gotta go. It sounds like a dog just got sick. Oh yuck !


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