Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Amazon Buyers

So from time to time I like to write something thanking my customers
who visited my site and then went on to and placed an order.

Once you enter sites you are no longer my customer so I have
no way of knowing who you are. I appreciate you visiting my site and then
going to because with every order you place I donate money to
the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

I am extremely grateful for your continued loyalty and thank you very much.

I wish their was a way I could say thank you differently but I am hoping you
are reading my blog so you will know how I feel.
So big thanks from Mark and I to all you for supporting us with our new business.
It means alot.
Every time someone goes from my site to and places an order it
triggers a donation. something I am committed to do.
You don't have to buy something specific I list on my site, any order will trigger
the donation as long as you go to my site first.
I personally shop alot on so I am happy to do business with them.


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