Sunday, January 25, 2009

Puppy is home !

I received a phone call last ight about 11 pm. I was sleeping and somewhat out of it so I didn't answer it.
I checked voicemail aout 2:30 in the morning after getting up to go to the bathroom.
I listenend to the message and started to cry.

Here's the shortened story:

Mary found Ebay trying to back into the fence last night. She opened the gate but Ebay ran.
When she took her dog out later Ebay was waiting on the steps and darted in the house.

She is in overall good shape. A couple of scrapes and probably really hungry.

Thank you for all your rpayers. I just knew she would be okay. I had this overwhelming
feeling I couldn't shake that told me she was okay.

What wonderul news to start the day !


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