Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today is my birthday !

Today's is my birthday and I feel great !
When I went to take the dogs out at 5:00 am this morning
there were two boxes all wrapped sitting on the kitchen table for me.

It was a nice way to start the morning. not that I was getting a gift
but that Mark put them there for me to find. Very sweet !

When he left for work he said there was a box on the doorstep. UPS has been
delivering so late we must have forgotten to check the porch.
That was from my mother in law. And last night his brother and sister in law
sent me a package directly from Joann. I was a little confused when I saw
the box thinking my MS is acting up if I don't remember ordering something
from Joann.
I received numerous emails all week wishing me a happy birthday.
As you all know I was major league stressed earlier in the week so the
wishes couldn't have come at a better time.

Thank you all for remembering my birthday. Birthdays are hard for me
because as you may have noticed all the gifts were from my husbands family
and not mine. I guess the 99 cent store was closed.
I appreciate all the support and I am going to have a great day regardless
of my screwed up family.
Mark is bringing home Chinese ( so I didn't have to cook) and we can spend
the night huddled or cuddled together. It's below zero here. The dogs can try
and swipe a piece of eggroll (NOT! ) and I'll probably have a glass of champagne.

So raise your glass :Here's to another wonderful year. Great hubby, adorable dogs,
one side of family normal, friends and hopefully a better economy !


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