Friday, January 23, 2009


I joined the " in" crowd and became a member of Facebook around Christmas.

So many people were trying to get me to join I finally caved in. I think my cousin was the first to "friend me" and then two people from my support group.
I was really afraid I would be approached by some kook but that hasn't happened.
I really believe it is a safe place if you don't give out too much information.

Since joining I have made some friends and we email each other often and sometimes "chat".
I also reconnected with someone. That in itself, made the facebook process worth all of it.

For my birthday, several people sent me birthday wishes. I hardly got that from my family.

I joined a few multiple sclerosis groups and have met some wonderful people with MS.

So if you haven't joined facebook, ty it you might like it. Look me up and we can chat.


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