Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ripley goes to the Vet

This morning we had to take Ripley to the vet to have his teeth
cleaned. We weren't sure how to feed Noelle without feeding Ripley, especially because Ripley
(our rescue dog) has so many food issues.
So we waited til Mark left with Ripley and then I fed Noelle. But not before
an entire chorus of howling and whining by Noelle. She is the most insecure dog I have ever
met. After Goldie died, she was in mourning for a long time. Always sleeping in Goldie's bed
and laying in the downstairs bathroom. Goldie liked how cold the floor was and how dark that
room was. Whenever I couldn't find Goldie, she was always curled up on the floor sound asleep in the bathroom.
Noelle howled after Mark and Ripley left. And I do mean howled. Nose to the sky and howled. I couldn't help myself and laughed but then she started charging the child gate. I called her over and calmed her down. She has been so mopey and is stuck to my leg. I thought she was going to jump in the shower with me.
I had to leave the curtain open so she could see me. I turned on the music in the shower ( we have this funky shower radio) and sang real loud making up lyrics with her name in it.

She is asleep at my heels as I write this, Ripley will be home mid afternoon and they will
run and play and all the stress will be forgotten. At least she is sleeping now. She is beautiful to watch sleep. Whenever I can't sleep at night, I like to watch her and Ripley sleep.
What a life a dog has ! And they give you all that love and really only want love in return.
The house is a little quiet ( Ripey usually snores when he is in the office with me)
Soon the chaos of my little pups will return and things will be back to normal heaven.


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