Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tysabri gram

I just got all this stuff in the mail from Tysabri. Lots and lots of Tysabri info and lots and
lots of multiple sclerosis info.
As an advocate for Tysabri I get all kinds of literature and reading material on the
pro's and con's ( mostly pro's) of the use of Tysabri for multiple sclerosis.
Today I got a box of stuff and several large envelopes of stuff.

I guess I'll start reading it to see if there are changes in Tysabri that as an advocate
I should be aware of.
I also got a tote bag ( which I many of but I really these ones) and a cool blanket with
the Tysabri logo on it ( of course)

Ok, so I'm going to go read all this fun stuff on Tysabri under my new blanket.

It is below zero outside so the blanket sounds really good right now.
In just a few weeks I will not need any blankets. I'm dreaming of sunshine and sand
and oh my god I can't wait ! I talked to my roommate last night and I am so excited to meet her.


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