Saturday, January 3, 2009

Getting Organized

Yesterday in a somewhat feeble attempt at getting my MS brain organized
we bought a blackberry for me.
I really just wanted a PDA to keep myself organized but after doing some research
we realized that a smart phone might be the answer we are looking for.
My cell phone is about 5 years old and I try to carry it with me around the
house but I tend to drop it alot. The belt loop thing doesn't really work well
for me because it is often in way if I have to go to the bathroom quickly. And
that never happens right, MSer's.
We did alot of research on phones/pda's and decided on a Blackberry. It has a full
keyboard so it will be easier for my MS fingers to type. It also has a more usable
attachment to my waist so it probably won't fall off so easily.
A need for a PDA has become a must in my life. I have double booked myself
numerous times and while people are patient with me it is quite embarassing
having to reschedule.
It will also put all my phone numbers I might need in one place so I don't have
to have all those little pieces of paper in my purse.
I am looking forward to learning how to use it. The good thing is it will do alot for
me to stay organized but the bad news is I have to learn all this new stuff.
I like to learn stuff so I'm kind of looking forward to it but then again we couldn't
figure out how to sync our Ipods. There are enough computer geeks in the family
so we will have alot of help.

So, a sidenote to Robert @ Conquer MS. My new resolution ( I hate that word too)
so my new years goal is to be the organized person I always was and often feel is
slipping away. If an electronic device will do it for me, I'll be happy. Goal achieved!

Now the really big question...what do I choose for a ringtone?


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