Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Have you read a good book on multiple sclerosis lately?

I am a huge reader and I thought it would be fun for you to share what books you have read on our favorite subject of Multiple Sclerosis.

Within my company I sell alot of books and alot of them have to do with multiple sclerosis.

I have read alot of books myself but I thought you should share your opinions on the books you've read.

I'll start you off...One of the best books on multiple sclerosis I have ever read is :

Facing the Cognitive Challenges of MS by Jeffrey Gingold
Truly one of the best books about MS on the market. It will make you laugh, make your cry but you will finally feel like you not alone. Everybody who has MS in their lives should read this book...especially spouses, family and friends.

This is what I wrote on my website under book reviews.

Not only because I have had the honor of meeting Jeffrey Gingold numerous times ( we both live in Wisconsin and often show up at the same events). He also came to speak to my support group and signed the books for us. Wonderful man. This is such a real book. It's not sugar coated. It's real.
I recommend this book for not only people who have multiple sclerosis but their families, friends and especially spouses. The lightbulb will go on and finally you will not feel alone.

Kudo's to Jeffrey for hitting the nail on the head. As a person with multiple sclerosis I appreciate your honesty.


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Libby said...

well, i usually dont read about ms, unless its on the internet..i remember when i was dx'd in 1994, i read every book i cd find abt it! one title i remember is "but you look so well!", by someone who dealt with people saying they didnt think they were really sick because...(book title)! ...there is a website i read & try to keep up with, called "multiple sclerosis sucks", and it's written by a guy who has the same type of sense of humor as me, he even warns not to take this website too seriously!

Cathy said...

There are alot of books out there with the same "you look so well" story line. I hate the saying "I have MS but it doesn't have me" .

Jeffrey's story is real. He shares alot and I felt like these wierd things happening to me were all making sense.

I like real books and not the cliche saying books. This book is real.
I'll check out this other site.
I don't take anything seriously anymore.Thanks for telling me about it.