Thursday, January 22, 2009

MS Walk

Today I added three new members of my MS Walk team amazingly named
We will be wearing shirts from the business named after my blog Navigating the journey of MS.

The logos for the two are basically the same. My team members will have a choice of blue or orange. I know NMSS color is orange but some of us are not orange fans. My logo is a boat so the blue works for me.
Under the t-shirts we will be wearing long sleeves so hopefully we won't have to wear coats. It is Wisconsin so you never knOw. ( pronunciation on the O's, it is Wisconsin)
Sorry I'm not from here, I just live here so everybody makes fun of the fact I have picked up their O's.
When I lived in North Carolina I picked up a lot of sayings like Y'All and holler. Oh well,
I could have picked up worse habits.

So my team is growing and we are very excited. Now we have to raise money.

I'm also on the MS Walk committee so I am a little burned out on Walk stuff.

The big boat is leaving Feb. 8 and I'm so ready.

I just joined Facebook so if anybody is on it also "Friend me" and we can chat.

Have a good day. I'm sleeping til noon tomorrow. Yeah right !


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