Sunday, January 4, 2009

MS Brain is Fried

Today we attempted to set up the new Blackberry. It was fun and frustrating
all in one.
My voice mail message transfered from my old phone so we didn't have to mess with
that. We added one email account, ran into a few problems, but hopefully straightened
it out. I have 4 email addresses including the business emails.

We set up part of my address book and part of my calendar.
I can add all of this info on my desktop computer which is much more user friendly
for my MS fingers. I am getting used to the symbols on the blackberry and the
size of those very small keys and screen.
Still haven't decided on a ringtone. I am thinking of adding a poll to my blog. LOL
so you guys can help me decide. I can't even come up with four to put on a poll though.

Good grief sometimes I can be so female. I was just happy the Blackberry was Red.

It is starting to get very cold again. Our high is only suppose to be 10 degrees tomorrow.

Mark goes back to work tomorrow and I have two appts so I get to go out in the cold.

I have a few projects going on in the Multiple Sclerosis world I am always involved in.
Sometimes I think I can be a full time volunteer. If you organization has Multiple Sclerosis
somewhere in the name of it call me. I'll do it. NOT ! I need to learn to say no once in a while.
I do have alot support for my business from many multiple sclerosis organizations
and I am grateful for that.
I've been putting my MSWalk stuff on hold til after the holidays so I guess I get to
start that project. We are having a team this year. Team
(very original) but I really want to build that business.


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