Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brain MRI

Today I made the final arrangements for my brain MRI that I will
have next week.
I am extremely claustrophobic and have to be completely out. I even
freaked out in an open MRI.
It's odd because I have flown on tiny tiny airplanes, been in small elevators
and a bunch of very claustrophobic settings and I am fine. I just can't
lay there listening to that pinging noise of the MRI and not let my imagination
run away with me.
I also have a spastic leg that doesn't always lay still for very long and being
completely out helps not ruin the scan.
My doctor had me reallyfreaked out about this MRI. I know they don't like to
put people completely under who have multiple sclerosis. I know there are risks.
There are risks involved in everyday life.
I was a pedestrian hit by car crossing the street. The guy just left me lying in the
street. My husband was running one morning and got hit by a car. There are
risks everywhere.
What I don't need is a neuro putting ideas into my head that I won't wake up
if they put me under. I talked with the MRI nurse and she calmed me down.
I really feel this is necessary. I haven't had an MRI for two years.

Maybe I should be looking for a new doctor. We live in a small town and choices
are limited or non existent so I would have to go to Milwaukee or Madison.
I don't drive so transportation could be a problem if Mark had an unexpected
business trip.

Anyway, it is next Monday. I am trying hard to not think of it. I am such a positive
person so I am going to rely on my inner strength. As I have learned many times, my
support system thru this Multiple Sclerosis nightmare is non existent.
It seems to be a one way street. I check on everybody else and nobody
checks on me. Must be nice !


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