Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great timing !

Hope all of you voted for my ringtone.

We are supposed to go out to dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday.

I didn't sleep very well. I wasn't feeling well when we took the dogs out
and without getting into too many details, I got sick.

It's snowing again and really cold and I am thinking we may not make it
out tonight. Mark went to the grocery store alone so I could rest a bit.

Not sure if this multiple sclerosis related or if I ate something that didn't
agree with me. I rarely get sick so I am somewhat concerned.
I know that multiple sclerosis affects everybody differently and I could just
be having some symptom I have never experienced. Great timing body!

I am going to take it easy today. My goal is to clean up the office.
Between all the year end stuff and the new year starting off nicely with
orders, the office looks like a tornado landed on it.

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