Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tysabri day

Tomorrow is my Tysabri infusion. Sometimes the last few days right before my next Tysabri infusion I'm really feeling like I need it.
Today is no exception. Maybe I just wore myself out the past few days. If you have read my previous posts with the whole dog thing you'll know why.

I actually look forward to my Tysabri infusion for a couple of reasons. One is now there are a few of us who do it at the same time ( all women) which means we get to sit and talk. We usually order breakfast and to me it's like having breakfast with the girls.
It is a great way to spend a few hours and by the way, get our Tysabri.
The other reason I look forward to Tysabri is it gets me out of the house with positive people. I can't stand being aroundthewhiners and my circle is full of whiners.
The nurses are positive, the other Tysabri patients are positive.

We moved the time forward so I can be there at the same time as the other two ladies so i'll be heading out a bit early.

Have a great day everybody !



herrad said...

Hello Cathy,

Just reading your blog for the first time.
Found you via Lisa, hope tomorrow goes well.
Sounds like you have met up with some good people.
Saw the photo of you and your dogs they look lovely, we have two jack russells who are our delight, they are great fun.
Take care.

Cathy said...

Hi Herrad,
Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog.
My doggies are my kids and they keep my hopping( so to speak).
One just got sick as I was typing today's blog.
The Tysabri infusion went well.

Dennis said...

Hi Cathy,
I am inspired by your comments. My partner of 27 years is about to start this treatment and I am very scared. He was diagnosed 14 yrs ago and has been doing well with monthly steroid infections, but had a terrible flare up in the spring. We are still dealing with the aftermath and his MD feels this is the best option. I work in the health care industry but know no one who has eperience with this treatment. Love the pic of the dogs. We have two Maltese who are our delight. Best regards and good luck to you,